Three Essential Greases For Sewing

Sewing Machine Oil

When your sewing machine starts making loud noises, it’s time to pop open the bobbin cover, take out the bobbin and hook race and add a few spots of sewing machine oil to the outer rim of the hook race. You would not believe how this makes your machine purr like a kitten. Make sure you sew a scrap of fabric to remove any excess grease from the machine before returning to your sewing project. My oil came with my machine but you can buy some here.

Thread Heaven

Have you heard of Thread Heaven? I discovered this product recently and LOVE it. Often used for embroidery, it’s one step easier than beeswax, because you don’t need to iron the wax into your thread. It makes any thread super slippery and far less likely to knot when hand sewing. Just pinch a globule between thumb and forefinger and run your thread through it.

Thread Heaven ii

And the most important sewing grease of all? Elbow grease! Photo taken whilst wearing my home sewn flannel pyjamas, because everyone sews in their jim jams. Right?!

Elbow Grease

One last question, inspired by the above. Anyone out there who’s a fan of gingham? You might want to keep reading…

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22 Responses to Three Essential Greases For Sewing

  1. lauriesannie says:

    Now, don’t tell me you wait for the noises? You mean there is someone else who does this?

  2. Your not the only one! I have never had my machine serviced, Im not even sure there’s a place to go in my area!
    If it makes a funny noise i take a look, if it still makes a noise fella takes a look , if its still being dodgy my grandad takes a look! there is nothing that man can;t fix!!!

    Loving the pjs HUGE fan of gigham right here!!!


  3. Toria says:

    This post made me realise I haven’t oiled my machine at all, but it’s only 5 months old, so that’s not too bad?! Ordered some now though 🙂

  4. Fiona says:

    I’ve had my machine just over a year now, but during the first six months it kept making that funny noise very regularly and I kept oiling it and cleaning out the fluff until it purred again, feeling all very pleased with my technical skills and with the love and attention I was bestowing on my lovely machine. Now, it seems to be running more smoothly. I think it is like a new car engine where you have to change the oil a lot in the first year.

    Thanks for the tip about thread heaven – I’m definitely ordering some of that, because although I always use beeswax for hand sewing, I can’t always be bothered to set up the ironing board, or turn on the iron, or just wait for it to heat up.

  5. Kathy Britten says:

    My Bernina tells me when it needs an oil(caption appears on screen), love gingham.

  6. Irene says:

    Planning a gingham smocked dress for my granddaughter…. I’m thinking black gingham with red smocking. She’s 3.

  7. esewing says:

    Great post – off the oil my machine now !

  8. Hannah Ellis says:

    Ah… that might explain the clunking noise. What a bad seamstress I am! Will oil it first thing on Saturday ready for a day of sewing 🙂

  9. Kelly Mannino says:

    The manual to my machine says it’s self-lubricating. I don’t understand it, and I worry about it sometimes, but I’m going to trust it

  10. Jane says:

    I had mine serviced last year for the first time ever (only because it stopped dead and wouldn’t sew). The man I took it to showed me exactly where to put the oil for my machine (a Janome), which I immediately forgot. So this post has prompted me to find out where. And actually oil it! x
    PS. You don’t need me to tell you I’m a fan of gingham…

  11. suzy roberts says:

    Great post! Must get some thread heaven.

  12. Oiling my sewing machine this weekend. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Miah Grace says:

    I keep a little blob of red cheese wax on pressed into my machine, so that its at hand when I thread my needle. And it’s decorative as well 🙂 I keep it formed to look like a heart most of the time.

  14. Nelba says:

    My sewing machine is noisier than others I’ve heard, but oiling it does help! I’ll never forget the time that I handed in my sewing machine for a service and got it back with a note saying: ” No service needed. Needle was blunt, machine was VERY dirty and needed oil.” They charged me for doing that too… I felt like the worst mother in the world… Oh yes, I love gingham!

  15. Julie says:

    Love gingham, often sew in my PJ’s and am going to oil my machine right now (thank you for the prompt, my poor machine, I ask so much and give it so little)

  16. Tash says:

    I frequently sew in my PJs, you want to be comfortable!

  17. Linda says:

    I do a lot of hand sewing and embroidery but did not know about Thread Heaven until you mentioned it in your blog I tried it and it is awesome! It makes hand sewing even more pleasurable. Thanks for the tip .

  18. Sam says:

    My overlocker was not sewing properly – rang up to book a service – asked “When was the last service?” Aah well its never had one, just cleaned and oiled it! After 29 years – had it’s first service – just tension adjusted…. think it will never need another in my lifetime – LOL. Hope I can buy Thread Heaven in Australia. Sam

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