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Giving Thanks

Lots and lots of inspiration this week!

The Made Up Initiative

I’m so grateful to Sew Essential who recently held a #SewEssentialMeet at which they raised nearly £90 for The Made Up Initiative. We’ve now hit £3240.51. It’s worth knowing that the Just Giving page stays open until 2020 (!) so if you’re looking for a good sewing cause, pile in. I remain staggered and humbled at how people have connected with this cause, using their creativity to help others. Thank you from the bottom of my literacy-loving heart.

Mystery Sewing Pattern

The Big Vintage Sew Along

Did I mention that I’m taking part in The Big Vintage Sew Along in support of The Eve Appeal? Because I am! My make is due to go live on 29 July. So if I’m being a good girl, I should start planning and toiling about, um, now. Can you guess what I’m making from the above sneak peak? I’ll be amazed and impressed if your vintage detective skills come up with the answer!

Other Bloggers

Reading Blogs

Finally, bloggers new and old remain my biggest inspiration. Particularly the new. No voice beats a fresh voice. Here, in no particular order, are some of my favourite reads and new finds:

The DIY Fox

Great hair, great makes and a silhouette I would kill for.

Noble And Daughter

I love Charlie’s honesty, style and the fact that she’s an alien in New York! In my imaginary other life, I’d have at least a year of living in The Big Apple. I was lucky enough to meet Charlie on a recent trip to the city. I’m yet to be disappointed by a real-life blogger meet up.

Lady Sewalot

Why aren’t there more teenage or young adult sewing bloggers? At least we have Lady Sewalot, whose sewing journeys encompass going to university, attending musicals and dressing up for conventions. Youth! I vaguely remember it and live vicariously.

That’s Not My Age

At the other end of the scale, and not sewing focussed, this blogger tackles a grown up guide to style. And – THANK GOD – her latest blog post is on the menopause. Can we please have more open conversation about this topic? We all talk adolescence and puberty; why not the other end of the scale? What are we so frightened of?

Okay, climbing down off my soap box. That’s me done. What and who are your inspirations?

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11 Responses to Inspiration Bites

  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I have been listening to the Seamwork podcasts lately and they are so inspiring!

  2. Bunny says:

    Maybe its a cultural thing but I have never found a lack of discussions among women about menopause. While I won’t get into on a sewing blog, I have found women to be more than open about the subject and have to wonder why not? I’ve lived in a varied places over the years and as I approached, arrived, and passed the big M, never felt anyone was afraid to honestly discuss the subject, whether it be changes in sex drive, body, memory, or whatever. Perhaps my friends and associates are a different bunch or perhaps its something you find only on this side of the pond but I find it being faced as a natural and normal phase of life and accepted as such.

  3. Liliana says:

    Museums! There is a fashion exhibition at the MAK (museum for applied arts) in Vienna and I plan to visit it this weekend – looking forward to it! Here is a link (if someone happens to be close and wants to go as well):

  4. JennyS says:

    Is it Butterick 5880? Looks like a challenge but I’m sure you’re up to it! I’m looking forward to seeing your fabric choice.

    • Oh, come on now! How did you even guess that?!

      • JennyS says:

        My middle name is Jane Marple. No, not really. It was a quick search because I was intrigued by the mention of a video on a clearly 1950s pattern; found the image and there they were – the shoes I aspired to when I was about 11.

  5. Jude says:

    Great choice for the sew-along! I’m just finishing a make of 5880 myself and look forward to seeing your result and choice of fabric.

  6. So glad we could contribute to the Made Up Initiative again, with two young boys learning to read the National Literacy Trust is a charity close to my heart! Thanks for the feel good factor post too – combined with this lovely sunshine it has me smiling from ear to ear!

  7. Rosseroo says:

    I think I’m roughly the same age as you and definitely feeling like the menopause is something I should be slightly ashamed about, that if I let anyone know that I might then be judged in all sorts of other areas of my life about it, but maybe that’s just my own insecurity, but also based on memories of when I was younger and derogatory ‘bunch of miserable/barmy menopausal women’ comments were commonplace. Most of my friends are about 5-10 years younger than me so they don’t know yet and I don’t want to depress them! I’ve spent a lot of time googling lately!

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