Comfortable And Classic Coco

Tilly And The Buttons Coco Dress

I will never stop loving the Tilly And The Buttons Coco Dress for a quick fix of creativity and a startlingly comfortable dress that can still look smart. I lost the instructions a long time ago, but I know this pattern off by heart by now.

This time, I scooped out the neckline and added a facing. It’s incredibly easy to draft your own neckline facing. Trace the neckline shape from the main pattern pieces, add a good two inches of depth and jobs a good’un. Attach right sides together, trim, staystitch and, as I have, add an extra row of stabilising stitching an inch in. You’ll have a neckline that won’t bag, ripple or flip out.

Coco Dress Facing

The fabric was £3 a metre from The Man Outside Sainsburys. I thought it was perfect for the spring, though as soon as I cut out the pattern pieces I felt as though I was in danger of channelling 70s dowdy. So I added some pleather pockets! (Pleather bought on a visit to Ditto Fabrics; sadly I can’t see it on their website.)

Pinning Pleather

Pleather Pocket

Teamed with a pair of Converse, I felt I successfully skirted dowdy. I had a recent Instagram conversation about Converse, where several people asserted there is NO outfit that doesn’t benefit from the addition of Converse. Do you agree? I love them. Comfortable and classic. A bit like the Coco.

Coco Dress With Pleather Pockets

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23 Responses to Comfortable And Classic Coco

  1. angelikagrhn says:

    ….gefällt mir, sieht richtig toll aus.

  2. Gill says:

    I love that fabric (must make another trip to Walthamstow) – and if there was any danger of dowdy (which I doubt) you have definitely un-frumped it! And you’re right about Converse – I went on a cruise about ten years ago, and my friend’s teenage son wore his with his tux – he was the coolest kid at dinner!

  3. Claudia says:

    Great dress; I love the addition of the pleather pockets. Regarding the Converse (or Chucks as I call them), I think what’s great about them is that it’s not so much that they “go” with things but they work with everything. Does that make sense? Thanks for reminding me, though. I was having a footwear issue today and think you might’ve solved it. Cheers!

  4. Bobbi says:

    Cute Coco! The big print is so fun.
    I have the opposite opinion of converse – they’re so boring and have been done for decades so the “it” factor is over…at least to me. The world is full of plenty of other shoes.

  5. susew says:

    Not a fan of Chucks- they will never be in my closet.

  6. heather says:

    i love it! & the pockets rock! 🙂

  7. Caroline says:

    Cool Coco with cute converse!
    I love the fact you have found the perfect coloured backdrop for your outfit.
    I’m more of a Vans classic slip-on girl myself which I also think pretty much goes with anything too.

  8. I am all out of converse right now but I feel a new purchase coming on. I had great turquoise ones and then red – off to shop because I totally agree. Jo x

  9. Needleswift says:

    Looks fab – I’m a big fan of comfy knit sewing! Have yet to try this pattern. And as for classic canvas footwear: I’m living in my Keds and they have to go with everything I make for Spring 😉

  10. Oooh, I love that dress and the fabric on the pockets is just lovely. Definitely not dowdy. Converse rock! I was on a business trip to Spain last summer and just travelled in my scruffy denim cut-offs and chucks as it was about 40C. I wore a pair of heels for day one of meetings and ended up walking for miles during a site visit. My feet were so sore the next morning that I had to wear my Chucks as they were my only other pair of shoes. With that in mind don’t know if I would agree that they go with anything but at least my feet were comfy. 🙂 Xx

  11. lisa g says:

    Can’t go wrong with a pair on Cons! Cute dress, love the pocket detail!

  12. Katie M says:

    Totally agree on the Converse. They look fabulous with everything.

  13. Nathalie says:

    The dress looks great on you. The pleather pockets really finish it of. To be honest I don’t like convers, probably the only one. They just don’t fit me well

  14. Very cute, liked it anyway, but those pockets do jazz it up a treat.

  15. Carolyn says:

    You are right the pleather pockets really make this sing! Lovely dress!

  16. sewandsnip says:

    The coco is so comfortable. I’ve only made tops but love your dress version, especially with the converse. My converse have worn out so living in my Skechers at the mo!
    I ve heard so much about how the fabric stall in Walthamstow that I’m going to have to arrange a visit

  17. Cute as! That laser cut pleather is a nice touch too. I have mustard leather Chucks by a Portuguese company called Eject and I love them. I even wore them to my friend’s wedding,cos she was wearing yellow ones and rainbow stripey socks under her gorgeously elegant pale grey dress. Very cute!

  18. Joen says:

    Love this look!

  19. Hebejeeby says:

    Ah I love Converse (4 pairs in the go) but just been told I have to stop wearing them – too flat according to my orthopaedic surgeon 🙁 . What can I replace them with – feel slightly bereft!

  20. Gail says:

    Laser cut faux leather pockets – a gem of an idea!

  21. I’ve started to wear Converse with most of my dresses too! Commuting in the heat in NYC is always really uncomfortable in heels and I find it gives my outfits an edgier more modern look.

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