Replacing My Silk Organza Press Cloth

Replacing Press Cloth

One of my most popular blog posts is on How To Make A Press Cloth. Four years (four years!) later, my silk organza press cloth was sorely in need of replacement. Scorched by the iron, torn, and with the little button broken it was time to cut out a new piece of silk organza.

So, here is my updated guide with a couple of lessons I have learnt for improvement.

Oblong, not square

My original press cloth was square; my new one is a rectangle – 11 x 21 inches (28 x 53cm). It’s a much better shape for pressing key details such as waistbands and hems without having to constantly reposition my press cloth.

Hem or overlock your edges

I originally pinked the edges of my press cloth. No good. They quickly began to fray.

Silk Organza Press Cloth

I then took the original velvet ribbon hanging loop from my first press cloth and sewed it to the new silk, along with a button that allows me to remember what is the right side of the press cloth. Every press cloth needs a right and wrong side, because the glue from fusible interfacings really sticks. Not convinced? You should see my ironing board cover.

Pressing Equipment Sewing

My new press cloth becomes part of my essential triumvirate of pressing tools, that always live within reach of my ironing board. A press cloth, a tailor’s ham and a wooden clapper.

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22 Responses to Replacing My Silk Organza Press Cloth

  1. Chloe says:

    I’ve been meaning to make an organza press cloth forever – I’ve been using a scrap of old sheet. Thanks for the size tip, I should just go for it and get it done!

  2. bayeaston says:

    I’ve been using a thin sheet of something like Teflon, but it’s also starting to wear out. Nice to know I can make something! Thanks.

  3. Must admit I always use a clean tea towel. Where do you get your silk organza from?

  4. norma says:

    I always use a thin piece of white cotton sheeting – I should probably upgrade…

  5. ellegeemakes says:

    A timely post as I was just looking at mine and thinking it needed to be tossed!

  6. amcclure2014 says:

    Interesting post. I use silk organza which is not edged in any way, doesn’t have a button or a ribbon (it was an offcut – somewhat triangular shaped) and therefore doesn’t have a right or a wrong side. I didn’t think of that but can see how important it is. I’m cutting out wedding dress fabric in the next couple of weeks so will follow your instructions and replace my press cloth. Thank you!

  7. I use some very thin and well worn by age muslin. Silk sounds so much nicer!

  8. Amy says:

    Funny, I was just looking for mine this morning. I seem to have misplaced it! I should add a hanging loop like you did so that I’ll make sure to always put it back in the same spot!

  9. Oh…brilliant timing! I am working with a flocked fabric right now and I MUST use a press cloth. Mine is an embarrassment…an old tea towel. I’ve been cursing it and thinking I’d make a mint if I could invent a see-through press cloth. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Peta Louise says:

    Thanks for the tip about making sure the cloth has a right side. I only started using silk organza for a pressing cloth last year when I was making my wedding dress and although I now use it all the time I hadn’t given any thought to which side I’m using – I’ll definitely rectify that from now on. Thanks Karen!

  11. Thank you for the button idea; it’s brilliant! Time to change my organza pressing cloth out, too, and I’ll definitely be using that one.

  12. Helen says:

    This is timely, as I just ordered silk organza for the first time, and ordered a little extra to make a pressing cloth (been meaning to do it since I first read that you had one). Great tips. Thank you!

  13. Gail says:

    My silk organza pressing cloth is by far my most important sewing tool.

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  16. amy says:

    I am wondering about ironing linen with a silk organza pressing cloth. My understanding is that linen requires a very hot iron (and it’s always listed on irons as the highest setting). However, I thought that silk requires a low temperature. Is the silk organza a good fit as a pressing cloth for linen?

  17. Juls says:

    I have just bought a piece of organza today whilst I was down at the shops in Goldhawk Road… I remembered your post while I was there. I have been using a men’s handkerchief all these years. My mum used to use the back piece of my father’s old shirts, that she had cut out..

    To protect my ironing board I think I will use something to cover it just for pressing interfacing….

    Thanks for your tips Karen!

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