Tilly And The Buttons Fifi Set

Fifi camisole and shorts Tilly and the Buttons

It’s been a busy few weeks, so I needed something fun and cute to sew. Not too taxing and a project to make me smile. Enter the Fifi! God bless Tilly and the Buttons and her super-achievable sewing patterns.

Back in February, some lovely colleagues bought me this dog-themed cotton from Sew Over It for my birthday. I can’t find the same online, but this is similair. Whilst searching, I noticed that Sew Over It are currently stocking some awesome animal prints right now. Someone take my purse off me!

Animal Print Collage

But back to my dogs. I knew immediately that the fabric would make a cute and breathable summer Fifi set. I’ve already made one version in a cheap something. Sadly, the set emerges from the washing machine in a tight, angry ball of creases. Tiresome. So I wanted to make another version in a better behaving fabric.

Fifi camisole Tilly and the Buttons

The bias cut camisole has the most gorgeous drape and the shorts are super cute.

Fifi camisole

Fifi camisole in cotton

This set is a great project for practising French seams. It’s not difficult to fit and would make a great gift project – you could confidently sew for a friend with only basic body measurements to hand. But I’m not giving these to anyone. I’m wearing them as I type! All I need now is that limb-melting summer heat to justify wandering around the house in a camisole and shorts. These are just not the same with a cardie on top…

Any optimistic summer makes on your To Do list?

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15 Responses to Tilly And The Buttons Fifi Set

  1. I’m planning a lobster tail bustle to go with all my recent steampunk sewing…and now I see the perfect lobster fabric! Job’s a good ‘un- Thanks!

    • OooH where did you see lobster fabric? This set is lovely and the fabric is so cute. Looks like it would be the perfect summer jammies. You have very thoughtful colleagues. I love the Sew Over it grey fabric with the birds on but think I will get shot if I buy any more this month. 🙂 Xx

      • It’s a secret…nah it’s up there in the pics with the rest. Now I just need to work out how much to order, and the bustle wire, and how many miles of frills to put on it…

      • Kathy says:

        If you cannot resist the grey fabric with the birds on, Fabricland sell it on their website for well under half the price of Sew Over It (£4.99/m). I pinned it about three weeks ago and when I saw this post I knew I recognised those birdies from somewhere!

    • Lobster + steampunk = amazing!

  2. Nathalie says:

    Those dogs are awesome. Such a cute pyjama set.

  3. Super cute. Now you need one of these http://www.shopsewcaroline.com/product/florence-kimono-pdf-instand-download (no affiliation) like the one I saw on Clever Tinker’s blog. That will save the cardie issue.

  4. I must give this pattern a try as this set looks lovely! Your fabric is beautiful too!

  5. Joanne says:

    Cutest lingerie set ever!!

  6. Robin says:

    That’s some beautiful work-woman-ship (ack!) Karen 😀

    I have tons of projects planned, time being a benefit of unemployment (coupled with a huge stash, of course). Currently working on wardrobe staples in neutral colors and fine fabrics, and fun prints for a little added spice here and there. Gray twill denim jeans are on the cutting table as I write.

  7. LinB says:

    My brother gets married for the first time — at age 50 — this June. He requested that the women at the wedding wear “fabulous hats.” So, I am exploring the world of home millinery. So far I have made a tall-crowned, wide-brimmed 1970’s style hat in the same turquoise/gray/white/violet calico as my dress; a 1920’s style “crusher” hat in a pale green, pink, and ivory jacquard in a tile pattern with roses — lots of ivory tulle and ribbon roses on the band; and a bucket load of hair combs with ribbon roses for all the sweet young things in our family who declare that a hat shall never burden their heads. Will probably make my husband a trilby from Vogue 8869, in a light gray or tan. Am really really looking forward to this wedding.

  8. Ros says:

    I found the fabric! I was in a new-to-me local-ish fabric shop and I may have squeaked a little bit when I saw it. It’s here for £4.99/m, and they also have it in shades of brown: http://hollieshaberdashery.co.uk/products/dogs-multi

    I think my 2m are going to become a Fen top or dress.

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