The Tiger Who Knitted His Tea

lime regis

I’m away for a week’s break, and obviously the packing of creative sustenance was a top priority!

I switched up the steps on a current make so that I could work on the hand stitched hem whilst separated from my sewing machine. It helps that the fabric I’m working with is a light, portable silk that takes up hardly any room in my case.

handstitching silk hem

I pack my knitting in its own bag and make sure to read forwards in the instructions. Might I need to take any extra equipment with me as the knitting speeds along on holiday?

knitting bag

knitting equipment

It’s not that I can’t switch off (though there is that), but my holidays are the few days of the year when I can really kick back and dedicate a goodly amount of time to relaxed making. In the pub, propped up in bed, out on the patio.

Don’t you just love the books you find in holiday rentals? Though this collection could easily make me weep. I swear if I buried my face between those pages, I’d inhale the scent of my own childhood and other, long forgotten holidays of endless summers, rock pools and picnic blankets. I wonder where Katharine is now…?

childrens books

the tiger who came to teakatharine

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11 Responses to The Tiger Who Knitted His Tea

  1. Jen says:

    ‘The tiger…’ was read so many times to and by my daughters. 25 years later and it’s still in the bookcase and my granddaughters love it too. It’s certainly a snapshot of a particular moment in time!

  2. wakeymakes says:

    Oh bless. We were always told not to write in a book but I do love to find a little message. Since returning from my last holiday, craft frustrated, I have learned sock knitting. OMG so many heels, turns, cuffs and patterns. My socks will now always come with me. Have a lovely break K xXx

    • Sabs says:

      That’s so funny – my parents were the opposite and always insisted on writing a message to the recipient of a book and always made my sister and I do it too! (I loved the tiger that came to tea)

  3. Miriana Weston says:

    That’s a pretty unusual 22nd birthday present

  4. Lovely fabric. Is it silk doby? Can’t wait to see what you are planning to make out of it.

    And yes totally agree about books in holiday rentals….well books anywhere really

  5. sew2pro says:

    Ooh, is that Fossil Shop Street?!

    Wherever you are have fun!

  6. Kathy Lynch says:

    The first thing I did when my Editor daughter told me she & her husband were expecting their first Bubba was rush out & buy books for this new little person. I figured I had 7.5 months to knit booties but books couldn’t wait…& proceeded to write an inscription in every one. (Said Bubba is almost 2 now & guess what? She LOVES books already! Yay!) I always look for hand written notes or inscriptions in 2nd hand books too & like you, Karen, wonder where that person is now. Have a wonderful break! 🙂

  7. Sarah webb says:

    I also need to take some sort of sewing/knitting therapy with me. Usually a knitting project and some pattern inspirations to work out for when I get back. This time I made 3 dresses in the week I got back from our trip! It helps so much with the post holiday blues—

  8. I do like an inscription in a book. Somehow it makes the gift look more personal. Weirdly I don’t even hate it when someone has written in a library book – I’m sure some people must hate this. To me it just adds to the enjoyment of the book knowing someone else has read it and enjoyed it or felt it worthy of comment. Have a nice trip, by the way, where are you, that shopping street looks really quaint.

  9. PinhouseP says:

    I know exactly what you meean, I get very nostalgic too 🙂
    Enjoy your holiday and knitting (I can’t knit in summer for some reason, but I’ve discovered that I CAN spin yarn in summer! So Yay, wool it is!)

  10. I so love the selection of books in holiday rentals, as a long time visitor to Landmark Trust properties the book shelves are excitedly searched for the book of the holiday, often a book I would never normally choose to read at home ends up in my lap for the duration of the holiday. The lovely tiger book was part of my childcare training final project back in 1981!!!! and I still love Judith Kerr books now and looking fondly at Mog the forgetful cat sitting on a bookshelf at the side of my desk 🙂

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