How To Sew A Pom Pom Cushion Cover

pom pom cushion

Have you noticed the recent pom pom craze? Want to be part of it without wearing a pom pom tiara? Then you need to sew a pom pom cushion cover. It’s really easy.


  • 120 minutes free time
  • A 50 x 50 cm cushion pad
  • Three shank buttons, 25mm wide
  • 2 metres of pom pom trim
  • One square of upholstery fabric, 51 x 51cm
  • Two oblongs of upholstery fabric, 34 x 51 cm
  • Matching thread

pom pom market


1. On each of the oblong pieces press down along one long edge.

2. Press down again to a seam allowance of 4cm.

3. Use a single pin to keep in place.

4. Stitch along the edge of the hem and a second row of stitching along the fold.

Pom Pom Cushion Collage

5. On one of the hems, mark where you’ll position your three button holes. I placed one at the centre, and the other two 12 cm out to the left and right.

6. Make your button holes and open them up. I use this kit and some Prym Fray Check.

buttonhole kit

7. Overlap the two hems of the oblong pieces and baste into place at each raw edge. These two oblongs now make a 51 x 51 cm rear piece for your cushion cover.

tacked edges

8. With a long stitch, sew rows of pom pom trim inside the 15 mm seam allowance to each edge of your 51 x 51 cm fabric square. The pom poms face in.

stitching pom poms

pom pom trim

Pom Pom Pointers!

Remember that the pom pom trim has stretch, unlike your woven upholstery fabric. Try not to pull it out as you sew, or cushion pieces will pucker.

Snip away pom poms near the corners of your cushion pieces so that they don’t interfere as your sewing machine negotiates those corners.

9. Place the two pieces of the cushion cover right side to right side and pin at the raw edges.

10. Sew around these raw edges, using a 15 mm seam allowance.

11. Finish raw edges, turn right side out and press.

pom pom trim ii

12. Sew shank buttons into place, insert your cushion pad and button up.

cushion buttons

how to sew a pom pom cushion

You’re done! This was such a fun project for a sunny afternoon. Do you have favourite projects for using pom poms?

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8 Responses to How To Sew A Pom Pom Cushion Cover

  1. lauriesannie says:

    They look like tiny baby chicks! So pretty.

  2. lovely! Top tp – sew the buttons on before sewing the two sides together. It’s much easier to get at them that way 🙂 I love ppompom trims and use them a lot on my lampshade creations.

  3. Lynsey says:

    I’m loving all the Pom poms but have not taken the plunge to wearing them, I saw some multicoloured ones in a local hab a couple weeks back but couldn’t decide what I would use them for, now I know!! I do hope there still there next time.

  4. Suzy Roberts says:

    Great idea. I’m inspired to make one. i haven’t done it myself, but I have seen pom pom trim on kimono jackets and they look quite effective. Thanks for the post.

  5. Rosie says:

    I’m learning textiles conservation and today I made a needlebook during an idle moment. I had already finished the covers when my supervisor suggested pom-poms — I thought of this post, acknowledged to myself I was about to do it wrong, and went ahead and added them as a final touch by just sewing them on directly. They are beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful cushion. I love the trim, You can’t beat a good pom pom. I have used mini pom poms to trim scarfs and have bought a few like that too. Thy look so cute. Xx

  7. Gorgeous! Love the color combinations!!

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