Top 5 Activities When You’re Too Hot To Sew

Liberty Print Espadrilles

Hand Stitch Espadrilles

Espadrilles are the perfect project for engaging with your creativity when you don’t want to switch on a wall plug. No hot machines involved; all hand sewing, and the type of stitching that helps you channel your inner beach bum! Kits to be found here.

Making Espadrilles

Cutting Out

Again, no heat, just a cool pair of metal shears. Now is the time to prep a future make and then put it to one side, ready for when a breeze descends.

Cutting Out Silk Jersey

Plan Your Next Make

If ever there was a time for aspirational sewing  and the instant hit of online shopping – it’s now. You might want to invest in breathable fabrics, such as viscose. My most recent three viscose purchases went into the sewing machine this weekend. Far left, from The Man Outside Sainsburys, then from The Fabric Godmother middle here and far right here. Yum!

recent purchases

Get Out There

There’s no shame in putting the dust cover over your sewing machine and enjoying the sunshine. Goodness knows, we barely get enough of it in the UK. I’m a firm believer that the best creativity happens when you’re not actively creating.

William Morris Garden

Photograph Makes

Let’s use all this natural light to capture makes or plan photos for future blog posts. My one big tip would be to avoid direct sunlight. This recent blog photo was taken before work, carefully positioned in the shade, taking advantage of long daylight hours.

Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress

So we can be productive, as long as there is ice and chilled wine to hand. Any tips of your own? For chilling wine, as well as sewing…

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14 Responses to Top 5 Activities When You’re Too Hot To Sew

  1. Love the espadrilles , and definitely with you on making the most of the sunshine 🙂

  2. It’s so hot this evening! I’ve been struggling to thread needles – everything is sticking to my fingers. But I definitely agree with taking photographs (on my agenda for tomorrow) and just enjoying the sunshine….and the wine!

  3. Janet says:

    Of course, here in Australia, we are in the depths of winter and the heater is going! 🙂 We have an abundance of sunshine, even in winter sometimes here in Melbourne, and the sun, though a tad watery at the moment, is starting to appear as I speak. I just love the pic of the garden — absolutely gorgeous and makes me think forward to spring when all the almond blossom trees are in full bloom here. 🙂

  4. Of course it’s winter here in Melbourne, Australia, and the heater is going, however the sun – though a tad watery – is peeking through the clouds as we head for a top of about 15 degrees Celsius. Great weather for sewing and lounging around on my fave sewing blogs! Assignment? What assignment? 😉 Love the flower pic – just gorgeous and encourages me to look forward to spring when all the almond trees will be in full blossom here. 🙂

  5. It’s freezing here, too cold to climb in and out of clothes for fittings! I do have costume things to make and I have Liberty sweat shirting and merino to make into dresses for the winter, but sequins and their siren song are winning out!

  6. Hélène says:

    My suggestion: sit back in a lounge chair and crochet something in fresh cotton while listening to an audio novel. A glass of white or rosé just makes it even more enjoyable!

  7. LinB says:

    Sit in front of the vent for the air conditioning, with a large-paddled ceiling fan overhead. (Clothing is — as ever — optional in July and August, in your own home.) Sort through your pattern collection and dream about your next makes. Remember to keep your favorite iced beverage close at hand. If you chose to wear clothing, pop an ice cube or three into your bra every now and again. If not, just rub the ice up and down yourself until some degree of relief from the heat is achieved. Banish the cat to the basement so it does not ensconce itself on your lap, or atop the pile of patterns you are considering. Pant if you have to, to keep your core temperature down. Pray for rain, and that it be the sort of rain that breaks the heat, not the sort that adds to the near-100% humidity. Look up how to spell “miasma” as you try to decide if it would be a good word to have tattooed on yourself somewhere.

  8. Love those espadrilles. The fabric is gorgeous, is it Liberty? I think that now if a good time to plan a winter wardrobe although at the speed I sew it would be for 2017. Hope that Ella is coping with the heat. It is not a good time to be wearing a fur coat. Xx

  9. Meg Kundert says:

    When it’s too hot inside I hang out on my screened porch in the evening and work on my Alabama Chanin projects.

  10. esewing says:

    What better way to celebrate the sunshine than a fab pair of espadrilles ? Very tempted to make a linen pair , but personally am leaving the dust cover on the machine and doing some creative browsing in the shade – who knows how long it will last ?

  11. Twilight says:

    It’s winter in South Africa. Luckily, at this side of the country, we get plenty of winter sunshine. It’s predicted to be 22 degrees Celsius today (dipping to 4 on Sunday, but let’s forget that for the moment, shall we?) In the winter mornings my sewing room gets lovely sunshine with all the trees around it being bare and I always wish that I was free to sew in the morning. When it is summer and too hot to contemplate more than your next swim, I love hiding away in my sewing room where the summer foliage keeps away the direct sunlight and I can open all the windows to the breeze. It is so much nicer to fit clothes when you don’t have to shiver getting dressed. I’m definitely more productive in summer. I love your espadrilles! And the new fabric is beautiful…

  12. Paola says:

    My sewing room is in the loft of my house which becomes unbearable if the temperature gets to around 30C, as it often does in this part of Australia in Summer. As I can forget sewing anytime after about 11am in these conditions, I tend to sew in the very early morning in summer, and leave the cutting out for evenings.

  13. Hilary says:

    Does anyone ever take their sewing machine out into the garden to work in good weather? I’ve often been tempted, but not yet quite got around to it.
    Love the espadrilles! I’ve been struggling with sizings on footwear (slippers and socks), so a kit might be just the thing!

  14. surfjewels says:

    I’ve been thinking about taking my sewing machine into the garden too, when it’s sunny all my sewing gets put on hold because I don’t want to be stuck inside, but with the summer holidays here I’m going to set up my machine on our garden table!

    Planning ahead and cutting out is a good idea too.

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