Seaside Vintage Colour Inspiration

northbank gate

spade and bucket

northbank chair

mustard photo

I’ve been staying at the most incredible hotel on the Isle of Wight. If you’re looking for vintage colour inspiration, this is the place to come. (For many, many more photos, check out my Instagram account.)

peter rabbit

ella northbank

I did a certain amount of knitting (see above), lots of walking, plenty of thinking … and despite having packed a rucksack full of clothes, I’ve worn the same pair of shorts most days, twinned with a lovely Jennifer Lauren Afternoon Blouse I sewed two years ago.

summer top and shorts

Now to return to the real world and the rest of my life! First stop, building a website…

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8 Responses to Seaside Vintage Colour Inspiration

  1. 1: I obviously need to get on instagram, as I totally need to get a closer look at your knitting. 2: That hotel. I clearly need to go there, with hubby and kids (if they want to come), or just hubby. I seriously doubt I’d be allowed to go alone. 3: Ella is just the cutest dog. Love her! 4: Isn’t that how it always is? We pack a change of clothes and end up living in one set only…
    Good luck with your website building!

  2. Peta Louise says:

    I’ve never been to the Isle of Wight, but after admiring all of your photos I think I need to add it to my list of places to visit next time I’m in the UK. It looks lovely. Good luck with your exciting new venture Karen!

  3. Connie Turner says:

    Karen, I looked at the pattern for the Afternoon blouse and it is perfect and it does look vintage too. Most tops seem to be designed with wide low necklines where straps always show, not this one. She has added a dress with pockets to the pattern but i just don’t like to print out the pattern, taping it together. I’m going to think on it. BTW good luck in your new venture and give Ella a head rub for me.

  4. Nicola says:

    I made an afternoon blouse on your recommendation and it is the first thing I’ve made that I have worn again and again so much so I made a second . Thanks for that and good luck in the new venture

  5. What a fabulously retro looking hotel. I have very fond memories of summers spent on the IOW as my Auntie used to live in Porchester so we would often go and I have been sailing there for the yacht race at Cowes. It is a fabulous place. Loving the look of your Afternoon blouse. It is the most gorgeous fabric. Good luck with the website. Xx

  6. Emma says:

    This is the very hotel we went to year after year in the seventies for family summer holidays and even played on their very retro looking sixpence one arm bandit machine shown in the gallery!! Thank you so much for reigniting the memories

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