Silk Giveaway Winner

DIY Couture Deep V Tunic

The winner of the paramecia silk is Astrid Breel, who likes circles and the way that circle skirts spin round! Astrid, I’ll be in touch for a postal address.

Do you know what the most popular shape was? By some margin, the … TRIANGLE! Followed by the circle, and the rectangle coming in last.

Don’t know what to make of that, but there you have it. Thanks for joining in the fun, everyone. Stay strong – you’re nearly over the midweek hump. Then weekend sewing beckons!

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3 Responses to Silk Giveaway Winner

  1. Tanya says:

    There’s a real triangle thing going on, especially in yoga/spiritual circles. I’ve noticed lots of pendants, tattoos and so on. Have I missed something?

  2. Triangles, that is very interesting. I can see why rectangles as for women it has a kind of negative connotation. Congrats to Astrid. Xx

  3. Lyndle P says:

    Congratulations to Astrid! It’s already Thursday lunchtime here in NZ, so the weekend is indeed beckoning!

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