Adding Pom Pom Trim To Trousers

Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers With Pom Pom Trim Image

Now, this is the beauty of owning a sewing machine. I saw, I desired, I sewed. Simple!

A woman stood in front of me on a London escalator, wearing a pair of black trousers with pom poms at the trouser hem. I’ll be having a pair of those, I told myself. But I wasn’t going to bother trawling the shops, not when I had some polka dot stretch cotton in my stash, and a copy of the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers pattern. All I needed was a metre of pom pom trim and I was off.

I’ve sewn this pattern so many times now, I could do it in my sleep. This also helps with fitting. I knew that a stretch cotton would need taking in significantly down the leg, and it did.

To avoid my trousers getting baggier and baggier at the waist with each wear, I added some stabilising ribbon at the waist seam. I recommend always having lengths of 5mm satin ribbon in your stash – it comes in useful for so many things. Plus, it’s pretty.

stabilising ribbon

Be aware that the trim shall add length to the finished make, and hem accordingly.

pom pom trim on trousers

pinning pom pom trim to trouser hem

Not much more to say about these! You could definitely sew yourself a pair of trousers this weekend, with added pom pom trim. Go for it!

pom pom trim and fabric black

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31 Responses to Adding Pom Pom Trim To Trousers

  1. Susan says:

    Love this idea and am adding tho the pants I make this weekend! Thanks for sharing. You look adorable!

  2. What a fun idea! I remember my grandma’s lampshades every time I see pompoms. That and fringed trim. Her lampshades had both, and I loved it. 😃

  3. LinB says:

    You had me at pom poms.

  4. Hélène says:

    “I saw, I desired, I sewed.” How powerful sewing is! Your pom pom trousers are exquisite.

  5. Ooooh! I’ve seen it at the hem of a simple a-line shirt and have always wanted to recreate that look. Now I definitely want it on trousers too, genius!

  6. I totally wouldn’t have thought of this but it looks so cute!! Great idea, it feels Frida Kahlo-esque. Sarah x

  7. These are great, very chic!

  8. Tanya says:

    You’ve done it again Karen – absolutely 😍 the trousers and the trim!!!
    Anyhow, l wonder if the random stranger had to pay for her kegs!!! Or did she make them herself…..!!!

  9. PsychicKathleen says:

    So cute! And it’s true – I’ve seen so many things in shops for a ridiculous sum of money and thought heck I can do that! For much less – in fact I already have it in my stash! It makes you feel so powerful 🙂 I love your pants! Such a cute addition – like one of those things you could miss but suddenly catch out of the corner of your eye and think wow that’s so cool.

  10. Really cute and what a great idea!

  11. Eileensews says:

    The pants are super cute. I LOVE the shoes!

  12. PegD says:

    I just love this version of the pattern. I’m inspired. Thank you!

  13. alliecasey says:

    I wasn’t on board the pom pom train until I saw your pants…next stop… pom pom! Love them.

  14. Barbara says:

    Love these! Sewers everywhere will have pom pom trousers after seeing yours.

  15. Hannah says:

    I love that you can see something and then make it exactly how you want, that’s why I love sewing too.

  16. Swoon! Your trousers are just gorgeous. I love pom pom trim but have trouble finding places to put it – you have solved that dilemma, thank you!

  17. Claire says:

    Well now I want to find some polka dot stretch fabric and Poms Poms and make my own. These are fab and you look so cool! I think they look great with your top too.

  18. Highball Emy says:

    They are really cute! I love pompom trim, always looking for fun ways to use it.

    Might you be able to write a post on stabilising with ribbon? I don’t know how it works…

  19. Barbara Showell says:

    I’ve got to get some pom poms!

  20. Anne says:

    Brilliant idea, I love to see unexpected little details on clothes.

  21. Oh those are so cute. I really love pom-pom trim but would never have thought to add it to trouser bottoms. What a great idea. That is really a nice trouser pattern. Xx

  22. ellegeemakes says:

    Such a great idea and so cute!

  23. So cute! I want Pom poms on all my clothes.

  24. Helen P says:

    Ha! I love the resourcefulness! These are really cute. 🙂 – Helen

  25. Janene Spencer says:

    Totally adorbs, darling! <3

  26. esewing says:

    Fab – this is great way to lengthen trousers that are just a bit too short too – Love it !

  27. such an easy but eye catching DIY x

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