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Ah, gingham. The stuff of school uniforms? NO! The stuff of dreams. Just check out my Pinterest Gingham Inspiration Board, if you don’t believe me. From that gorgeous Brigitte Bardot cinched in dress, to shorts, menswear, accessories … once you disappear down the gingham rabbit hole, it’s difficult to scramble back out.

Gingham is versatile as heck. It can represent rockabilly, mod, happy school days, 1950s domesticity, James Bond suave… Worn by Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Jackie Kennedy, and now you.

I’ve been planning a Ginghamalong for AGES. I’m hoping this sewing challenge will enable me to accomplish certain goals. Actually, I’m hoping I’ll accomplish more than one Gingham Goal. What about you? Is there something you can immediately see yourself making? (Gingham Ultimate Trousers with pom pom trim?)


  • Sew an item from gingham by the deadline of Tuesday 13 September – a month from now.
  • It can be anything at all, as long as it’s made from gingham.
  • Leave a comment and link to your item on the blog on Tuesday 13 September, for automatic entry to a prize draw.
  • If you don’t have a social media link to share with me, you can email details to didyoumakethat[at]fastmail[dot]fm

To inspire, here are a few fascinating gingham facts for you:

  • The checkered pattern was first produced in 18th-century Manchester mills.
  • Brigitte Bardot was married wearing a pink gingham dress.
  • There is no right or wrong side to gingham – sewing win!


It can be difficult to find decent gingham. There’s a lot of poly cotton out there. You deserve better than that, don’t you? Yes, Karen! So, here’s a little giveaway to launch the Ginghamalong.

Checkers by Cotton and Steel

Winner 1: Three metres of Checkers gingham, seen above, is generously on offer from The Village Haberdashery. Swoon! Which colour would you choose? I think I’m slightly in love with this mint.

Winner 2: Gingham doesn’t just have to be about cotton. I also have two metres of gingham jersey on offer to a second person from Girl Charlee UK. It comes in four different colourways – so difficult to decide!


  • Be confident that you can sew and share on social media a gingham item by 13 September.
  • Leave a comment below by Friday 19 August midnight GMT, explaining what you’d make with your gingham.
  • That’s it.

Got it? Good. Go Gingham!

ginghamalong button iii

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142 Responses to Ginghamalong + Giveaways

  1. Marion says:

    I will try to make pyjamas !

  2. francescapia says:

    OMG your dog looks even cuter with that gingham kerchief – did you embroider it?
    Funnily enough I have a gingham crush right now and am trying to decide between some really nice largish gingham in bordeaux that I bought from France, or some smaller blue and white linen gingham I got from Supercut…. probably a Frida dress from make lemonade:)…. love the two pinks here and would make a classic 50s type dress with a full skirt..

  3. Lynn says:

    Huge fan of gingham! I think I’d make a classic shirt.

  4. Miriam says:

    I LOVE gingham. I have a hot pink gingham dress I sometimes wear with black and white striped tights (I am that person!) I would definitely make some kind of dress – perhaps a gingham and denim combo?! or if I won the jersey fabric the named Augusta hoodie is also on my wish to make list (here’s a link to the pattern - So much FUN! 🙂

  5. Betsy says:

    I’d make some placemats

  6. Melody says:

    Hello my name is Melody and I am a self-professed Gingham Addict.

    I think I’ll make another gingham skirt – probably black this time – and I think I’ll make my dog another matching neckerchief, because why not?

  7. Emily Handler says:

    I love your gingham pinterest board!

    I have a 2-meter piece of big teal-and-white gingham that I’ve been planning to make into a button-down shirt… or a dress. Maybe a shirt? Dress? No, okay! If the deadline is September 13, then I will stick with my original plan and finish the shirt by then!

    Thank you for the motivation!!

  8. Miriana says:

    PJs in a massive check. Or a skirt (because that black and white Gertie taffeta number from many moons ago is etched into my brain)

  9. Funny, I was plotting what to do with some gingham gauze in my stash this morning. Brilliant idea Karen.

  10. racurac2 says:

    Gingham was the first fabric I used! I thought it was very safe (you know you can follow the pattern and have a straight border). Lovely prizes!

  11. Hila says:

    Mmmm a sleeveless gingham Granville shirt with a frilly jabot.

  12. I’d love to make a gingham day dress by The Avid Seamstress to dispel any myths that gingham is only for school uniforms

  13. Masha says:

    I love that linen-colored gingham from the Village Haberdashery, but knit gingham sounds amazing! I actually have a cut of rayon challis in gingham in my stash earmarked for a woven tee; perhaps I’ll make that for this sewalong!

  14. Nadine says:

    It has been a donkey’s age since I last sewed (thanks parenthood), but I’ve had the itch to stitch recently. My Singer has just come back from a long overdue service, so a Ginghamalong is just the challenge I need to get back in the sewing swing of things.

    If I had three metres of gingham cotton, I’d make outfits for my girls. Either sweet little flutter sleeved dresses, or shorts and co-ordinating tops for our holiday, which is around the Ginghamalong closing date.

  15. fiona jones says:

    I’m thinking 3/4 version of Blank Slate Forsythe trousers, but the welt pockets may be a challenge too far for me. My fabric is heavy, and I think, a synthetc, which would work well for a crease free look!
    Am I allowed to change my mind, as I am torn between trousers for myself, or Blank Slate Coastal Cargo pants for my grandson!

  16. Meg says:

    Oooh- sounds fun! I kinda love the orange gingham- it would make a really fun summer top! In the meantime, I have some blue dip-dyed gingham that I’ve been meaning to cut into… perhaps the Ginghamalong will provide the impetus I need!

  17. Oo yes please. ! I’d make a Renfrew inspired dress with Jersey or a 40/50’s inspired dress from the cotton.

  18. Regina says:

    I’m in for the Ginghamalong. I plan to make a cute gingham apron from a cotton gingham piece in my stash. Such fun, Karen!

  19. Cherry says:

    My granddaughter starts school this coming September and the uniform is of course lilac gingham! I have nearly finished a pink haired doll for her and think part of the clothes set should include a mini me gingham dress. I have lilac gingham from a charity shop men’s shirt to use so a refashioning make as well!

  20. ro says:

    I’m in! I’d already planned on making a dress with a black/yellow ginham bodice and a full blue/black ginham skirt. Butterick 6016, with the ginham on the bias- sketched here:
    Thanks for getting this started!

  21. Laurie Larrison says:

    I have a lovely infant pattern with sundress hat and diaper cover that I have been wanting to make for my 11 month old grandbaby! I had planned to use the poly cotton gingham in my stash even though that’s not the best, so a new addition to my stash would be wonderful!

  22. almostahippy says:

    I’m in. I’ve got a gingham Archer planned already but I keep seeing gorgeous checked summer dresses all over the place too and am slightly fantasising about making myself one.

  23. Debra says:

    Love a bit of gingham! I would make a skirt with pockets, maybe the clemency skirt from Tilly and the buttons, or a pair of ultimate trousers.

  24. Debra says:

    Sorry Clemence

  25. I’m in. Either an off-the-shoulder shirt or one that zips up the front lol… I have to think, but I already have the fabric

  26. sophie o. says:

    wonderful!! I’ll do my best to join 🙂

  27. runningstitcher says:

    It’s a cliché but I want to make a dress for my daughter to wear to school. We live in Switzerland (but are staying at my mum’s in the UK for the summer hols) so she doesn’t have a school uniform and thinks the dresses that the girls here wear are the height of fashion! Though I would make her something a little more special than the ones I wore 30 years ago 😉

  28. sewnbyashley says:

    I think I’d make a dress, with a contrast band, like the BHL Charlie dress.

  29. emilymcdaid says:

    I was on a plane recently and saw a picture of a gal wearing a strapless summer top with an empire cinched waistband and tulip shaped bottom. I thought it would be such a fun top to self-draft. The cotton gingham would be perfect for it!

  30. megsewing says:

    This sounds fantastic! I’ve got gingham in my stash but it’s only 1.5 metres.
    If I had more I would love to do a shirtdress, my adult take on the summer primary school uniform, gingham just goes with that style so well. I’ld give the simplicity 8014 a go 🙂

  31. María says:

    I try it!!! I love your Gingham Pinterest board!
    In Spanish Gingham’s name is Vichy, like the village ;D

  32. Vicky says:

    What a great idea! I bought some gingham this weekend to make a Made by Rae Geranium dress for a friend’s baby. With 3 metres, I’d make myself a lovely full-skirted dress!

  33. ellegeemakes says:

    I know what I would make! A classic shirt with a bit of a peplum inspired by a look I saw on Anthropologie this summer! What a great idea for a sew along!

  34. Oh my goodness, you’re right! That mint gingham is to die for!

    I have the ‘end-of-summer’ urge to make a pair of gingham shorts. It’s unlikely that they’ll see any wear this summer, what with it being so close to autumn – but I’ll definitely wear them on my honeymoon next year!

  35. Ana Sullivan says:

    I know its simple, but I have been meaning to re-cover a big tomato pin cushion in a tiny pink gingham. I already have the fabric and just needed this push to actually do it. I too have a Gingham Pinterest board. Many of these pictures are going there:

  36. Yet another reason why I love my city!! 💗

  37. Thimberlina says:

    What a fab idea!! I’m so up for this! My first instinct is to make the Belize Skort as I’m on a bit of a roll with that pattern and love to make garments I’m going to wear a lot. But I think I’ll be making s frock too!! Excited to see all the gingham-goingson in the ginghamalong! 😃

  38. I’d make a Laurel (from Colette) top!

  39. I need me some more gingham for sure! Oh yes please! I will make a 1940s shirtwaist dress.

  40. Shelley says:

    I love the teal, story blue and citron gingham, less schooly especially in a larger check, being a teacher that is a good thing! I think a simple dirndle skirt would be great or a sundress. Love the idea of a ginghamalong.

  41. LOVE this sew along! I’d happily make everything in gingham. But I’m thinking for this ‘ginghamalong’ a Sew Over It Shirt dress! Also gingham jersey fabric is so intriguing & I need some immediately!

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s makes!

  42. Jenny says:

    Ohhhh I so want to join in – but I promised myself no more fabric shopping till I’ve used up some of what I bought in my last couple of trips….How to get around this….why I need to win some gingham don’t I. As for what I would make out of it – well I’d start with a bra and pants set – how cute in gingham – or maybe a bomber type jacket out of the blue gingham jersey. Oh so many options.

  43. bolney78 says:

    I have some wool gingham I’ve had for ages to make a shirt dress, just dreading the pattern matching!!

  44. Katrin says:

    What a great idea!
    I would start with a tote to finish in time (I’m a very slow sewer). Then I would add a pair of classic shorts for that summer feeling.

  45. Ive literally just finished and blogged a gingham dress ive made am I still okay to enter?

  46. Jade says:

    I’m going to make a cambie dress 🙂

  47. Meg White says:

    How fun! I’d make a two-piece set with a simple dirndl skirt so I could try some chicken scratch embroidery. I like the classic navy and white check. Thanks!

  48. elentari95 says:

    Good gingham is indeed hard to find! I would make a 50ies inspired shirtdress.Or a gathered/maybe pleated skirt, if everything else fails!

  49. MaryEllen says:

    A classic button down shirt would be at the top of my list ! Have loved gingham since I started sewing a long,long time ago !

  50. oneredcherry says:

    I would love to make a shirt!!

  51. Mona says:

    I love this idea and am all in! I would make a gingham dress…of course 😉.

  52. What fun! I’ve been planning to make a gathering apron in gingham to take advantage of the lack of front and back. Your Gingham board is inspirational. My favorite is probably the wedge heels.

  53. Skarmony says:

    I didn’t know gingham had no right/wrong side! That is definitely the motivation I need to make something 😀
    I think I’ll go with a classic black/white gingham shirt dress. I’ve never made a shirt dress, should be exciting!

  54. Anne says:

    I would (finally!) make a Tiramisu dress with that gingham jersey! Too much? Couldn’t be!

  55. felicia says:

    I’m just thrilled to find out I have a “mystical” connection with Brigitte Bardot!. The very first thing I ever sewed, in my life, (through a high school sewing club) was a pink gingham dress!!!! As for your wonderfully generous ginghamalongathon, um, no. Even after looking at your pinterest board, I just can’t get behind it, you know? Gingham is just not tempting me. But I had to respond to your post anyway, hope that’s okay. And I will look forward to seeing everyone’s results.

  56. Katy M says:

    I love doing chicken scratch embroidery on gingham, so addictive! So maybe an embroidered tote

  57. I love gingham, from bias on quilts to cute little tops, frilly knickers to silk skirts. Been longing to make a summer playsuit and gingham would be perfect for the Margo pattern!

  58. Claire says:

    I love gingham. It’s so fresh and clean looking! Last weekend I was in a bar and the guy who served us was wearing a fab gingham shirt. It was pink gingham and the inside collar was blue cut on the bias gingham. There were blue gingham details on the bottom of the sleeves too. It was really nice, so much so that I commented to my friend, a non sewer how much I liked his shirt. She commented back how much she liked him. I hadn’t noticed him at all! 😉 Anyway, being a sewer you can imagine the conversation I had in my head….Mmmmn, I could make a version of that for me….? So. Maybe your gingham along will see me do just that.

  59. I think I’d make a blouse.

  60. Lucy Turner says:

    Eeeeek! All the gingham :-), I would make up one of my vintage dress patterns in a nice bright colour!

  61. Mags says:

    I’d either make the Seamwork MEsa dress with the jersey or a swear heart knew neckline dress with the taupe gingham.

  62. Vicki Halliday says:

    Ooh exciting! I’ve just been planning a dress for my friend’s daughter from a piece of pink gingham that’s also got an embroidered border. I haven’t worn gingham myself since school days, but I’d probably make a shirt to avoid my fear of looking twee in a gingham dress. Right, so now I’ve got a deadline for the dress! Let’s go!

  63. kateeprice says:

    I’d love to make a Kelly skirt using the chalkboard linen from C&S, or perhaps a Lola dress with the candy plaid from Girl Charlee

  64. I love this Gingham has been my go-to Spring/Summer print for a while. I now consider it a neutral! I just finished this top (I haven’t had time to blog about it yet) :

    You can see the extent of my love in this photo:

    Earlier this spring, I strayed and made a blue gingham top:

    And lastly, my mini-gingham capsule from last spring that plays with size:

  65. Wow, this post is timely. I bought three meters of very strange, sort-of gingham patterned chiffon yesterday and am planning to make a dress with it (lined of course). I love gingham, it reminds me of lovely dresses and always looks sort of “clean” na crisp although I have no idea why I think this. I might be tempted to make this top as I have been threatening to do this for ages. My old punk roots are showing. 🙂 Xx

  66. I have a feeling that some coloured gingham shorts would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe! Haha.

  67. JennyS says:

    I wasn’t going to respond to this but ordering some fabric this morning I spotted a remnant of lilac gingham. I’ve wanted to make Tilly’s Fifi top for a while so …. yes, I succumbed to temptation. I can’t promise to get it finished on time as the first fabric was for a rather complicated dress I’ve promised my daughter, but I like a challenge. If I won the fabric I’d get the navy check and use it for the skirt part of a Sew Over It vintage shirt dress, with the top made from an old white broderie anglais Monsoon dress which is now too small for both my daughter and me (we’re we ever that skinny?) and which I’ve been trying to think of a use for as the fabric is so gorgeous. Perhaps even as separates as inspired by Samantha of Couturious. So thank you for the inspiration, even if I get no further with the Fifi. Already looking forward to next summer!

  68. Andie W. says:

    I love gingham! I’m in! 😀

  69. Pam Green says:

    I have too many ideas of what I’d make if I had 3 metres, maybe some pjs for my daughter and I, a tunic for me and something for my cousin’s 4 week old baby (thinking about it, I could probably get all of that out of 3 metres 😀). If it was jersey, it would probably be a Lady Skater dress.

    My entry will be for said baby – Peek-a-boo’s Jack & Jill shortfalls made from some green and white tablecloth gingham – is that what it’s called, the gingham with the large, 3cm, squares?

  70. Lori says:

    I would make myself a dress and my son a shirt to go with the coveralls I have in mind for him

  71. Lynne says:

    I’m in the middle of making a gingham tiered maxi skirt, so if that counts – I’m in!!

  72. I have been planning to make a set of pijamas using Butterick 6296 since January and your challenge might just give me the motivation to do it. That and a certain chill in the air! It will be blue gingham with mustard yellow piping.

  73. I’m so in! I have 2 gingham projects that got set to the wayside to be reworked (so sad), so this will be the kick in the pants I need to do something else with the fabric. I’d love to make up a the mint gingham seersucker dress I planned so long ago!

  74. Judy Switzer says:

    I’d make a dress, either a scoop or square necked fitted bodice.

  75. Rachel says:

    I’m definitely in! I adore gingham, especially in dresses. I will bump something up the queue. I have been dreaming of another McCalls 6696 shirtdress in a bright gingham (mint green, or maybe purple?) with collar, waistband and button band turned on the bias. Or I could try something new – gingham shorts in black and white would go with everything! Oh, it’s so hard to decide!

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  77. MadebyMeg says:

    I LOVE gingham! I’d make an oversized top for sure.

  78. Ann Watts says:

    I have never made anything in gingham – but there’s always a first! If I won first prize I would make a dress- probably the itch to stitch Marbella with a contrast yoke. If I won the jersey I would try the Davina dress by itch to stitch or possibly try a Tilly and the buttons betting ( I have 2 in woven but haven’t tried a jersey version)

  79. This is good timing! I just found great large check gingham shirt which I think I’m going to refashion into something for my daughter. Not sure quite what yet though!

  80. I’d love to make a summer tank top in gingham and with enough fabric a mini tank for my 20month old daughter, we’d be a double act in our double gingham!!!

  81. Cieranne Kennedy-Bell says:

    I’m dying to make a cap sleeve shirt dress before the end of summer! 💓 the grey or the blue x

  82. Rachel Richardson says:

    Lots of firsts for me. I’ve never sewn gingham, contrasts, Cashmerette’s Springfield top or taken part in a gingham along. Looking forward to the challenge. Wish me luck.

  83. dr P says:

    Funny, I’m in the middle of making a gingham top!

  84. Bracken says:

    I have no idea what I will make but I have about 2m of stretch lilac gingam so I am in too. Time to search my patterns!

  85. bearsaunty says:

    I am going to make a dress with my gingham. Several different patterns in mind – not quite decided yet!

  86. Gen says:

    This is such a great idea! As funds are a bit tight at the moment, I would love to win a few meters and participate in this. I’ve been wanting to make a red or orange gingham full skirted dress. I’d love to pair it with denim shirts tied at the waist and knee high boots for autumn! We have tons of apple orchards where I live and it would be perfect to wear for Apple picking!

  87. StephT says:

    My plans for the red gingham in my stash have always been for a Wiksten Tova for myself, and perhaps some Oliver + S Butterfly Tops for my daughters.

  88. Nyssa Jayne says:

    After an international move, I had to cull my fabric selection drastically, but when you announced this, I found the perfect length of bright blue/aqua gingham! So I’m going to bust out a summer skirt for the challenge, I’m using the bottom of McCall’s 6696 to make a fun, floofy skirt.

    As for what I’d do with the gingham if I won, I think I would have to go for something like this on your Pinterest board — . I love love love the bow on the front!

  89. kiera says:

    such serendipity – I just saw a gorgeous black gingham dress in a local boutique this afternoon, & am dying to make my own gingham dress now!!

  90. Highball Emy says:

    I want to make a gingham pussy bow blouse! Maybe with sleeves, maybe sleeveless…

    I’d absolutely love to make one out of the mint Checkers fabric – or the coral?? I think if I won one colour, I’d buy the other so I could make both…

  91. Janet says:

    I’d make a Granville shirt in that delicious mint green, to go with a black pencil skirt and pink satchel. Got a new job starting in September, and planning work clothes.

  92. Jo says:

    Yay for gingham! It always makes me think of summer and picnics. Fantastic sewalong idea, Karen! I’ve been swooning over C&S’s checkers collection, especially the hot pink gingham. I’d probably make a summery By Hand London Kim dress with the sweetheart neckline, although I’m also tempted by their new Charlie dress pattern. Decisions, decisions.

  93. Roberta says:

    I have two ideas! One: a Purl Soho gathered skirt with bias cut pockets. Two (slightly more ambitious): a beach dress from a 1950s Vogue pattern. I have just found some lovely Japanese cotton gingham on sale too!

  94. katnfranks says:

    I would love to make pyjamas for myself and my daughter

  95. For the woven gingham, I’d make a big, gathered skirt, possibly with a gathered tier at the bottom. Perhaps with a matching little blouse for the perfect summer outfit? For the jersey, I’d make a Moneta dress with a gathered skirt.

  96. I’m a bit of a gingham sceptic… However! Excitingly for me I found some dark, dark, double-sided gingham. I’ll try and do that justice. Perhaps some trousers or a jacket? Something to showcase the two different sized prints.

  97. colognegrrl says:

    Looks like nobody preferred the tan-and-white gingham, no? I’d use it to make a pair of pants (hoping that I’ll be able to get the fit right) and see whether they match the tan polka-dot linen blouse I thrifted recently. Yes, that’s the plan and I’ll stick to it.

  98. I’ve got some lovely double-sided gingham from Ditto Fabrics that I’m about to sew into a Whitney Deal Glea dress. I would love some of the chocolate gingham to make into an Archer shirt to add to my extensive gingham clothing collection. Gingham addicts of the world unite 🙂

  99. hmmmmm….I think my comment was lost. I shall try again…It is near noon on the west coast of Canada, but I think I’m still squeaking in before the midnight deadline…

    With 3 meters, I would likely sew a shirt dress!

    Now…what to make for the sewalong? I have three pieces of gingham in my stash!

  100. I plan to make a summer top with some gingham gauze from my stash. Thanks again for a brilliant sew along. Hopefully this will spur me into action.

  101. Amanda says:

    I picked up a 70’s culottes pattern from a charity shop the other day and fancy having a go making those in some navy blue gingham. Ps Love your blog x

  102. Amanda P says:

    Love this idea. I found a lovely 1970’s culottes pattern in s charity shop this week so I would make those in a lovely navy or pink gingham. Ps Love your blog

  103. Michele says:

    This sounds like a great idea!! I love gingham!!! Since I am a quilter, my project will be something quilted.

  104. Jojo says:

    1960s inspired blousey shirt dress, I’m pregnant at the moment and love those 60’s styles! I’d probably go black and white, although I love the mint and white too, how to decide?!

  105. Nana Chicken says:

    For the gingham-a-along I am going to make a scarf with some lovely grey and teal gingham I have in my stash. This is the first time I’ve been brave enough to to enter a sew-a-log x

  106. Hi!

    Am I too late to enter? I’ve got some black and white gingham for an alder shirt dress and would love to take part so I can get it done before summer leaves us!

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  109. Diane Cullum says:

    Are there more rules somewhere? I just made a gingham blouse in June and was wondering if that would count or do I need to sew something new?

  110. I made a gingham top in May and wore it so much this Summer. Would that count or do I need to sew another gingham item?

  111. Diane Cullum says:

    I love gingham and all your inspiration photos! Here is my entry link:
    I don’t have a blog so I hope this works. Do I need to do anything else?

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  113. Sorry if you’ve answered this, but does the whole garment need to be gingham? I had planned to use gingham to make pretty insides for some jeans. So my garment isn’t a lot of gingham 🙁
    I do like having secret happy things like fun pockets inside jeans!

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