Deep V Tunic With An Accessory

deep v tunic diy couture

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that my latest make comes with an unusual new accessory. Five stitches in me beak! The weekend saw a visit to A&E after I tried to squeeze a curtain rail into a wheelie bin. The curtain rail fought back. Moral of the lesson: don’t start squeezing curtain rails into wheelie bins at 8am on a Saturday morning. Understood? Good!

Moving on.

This is my second make of the Deep V Tunic from Rosie Martin’s No Patterns Needed: DIY Couture from Simple Shapes. I have worn my first version to death. It’s a perfect piece in what has become my summer uniform – shorts and a floaty top. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do when the weather turns too cold for shorts.

rosie martin deep v tunic

This version is made from an Italian floaty coral viscose bought from The Fabric Godmother. Yes, those are flamingos and no, this fabric is no longer available. You have to be quick off the blocks when you visit Josie’s shop! No hanging about. Fortunately, it looks as though Ditto Fabrics stocks something similair.

The fabric is a devil to work with, but once you’ve sewn your last stitch and the tunic slides over your head, you gasp at how awesome this viscose is to wear. So soft, so floaty, so cool. So worth it!

I added an interfaced hem band to this version, one of the variations in the book.

hem band

I really love this pattern! I particularly love the sleeve caps. Best of all? The colour matches my bruises.

sleeve band ii

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27 Responses to Deep V Tunic With An Accessory

  1. sew2pro says:

    Oh no, I hope it wasn’t too painful (but at least your eyes are safe).

    It’s a great outfit, the colours are perfect for ‘transition’.

  2. Regina says:

    A beautiful tunic in a flamingo print, I love it! Please take care with your “stitches.”

  3. Becky says:

    YIKES! Ouch, that hurts. Sorry you lost the battle with the curtain rod, but at least you won the war! I love your top, and it looks perfect. I may have to get this book, like I need any more patterns or books about patterns…….

  4. Oh I do love this pattern! This version is lovely, too, and coral is a great color on you. Sorry about the beak. (I’m currently working with a delicate georgette, and can only hope my tunic turns out half as nice as yours….)

  5. Beautiful top and gorgeous fabric. Too bad about your poor little nose. I am very accident prone so have had many visits to the ED for stitches and x-rays. Take care of yourself. Cheers, Michele

  6. Angela says:

    Well, if you think of it, how many stitches in the beak did those flamingos get? Take care of yourself (and your flamingos).

  7. Allison Graden says:

    So cute!!! Sorry about the bruises!

  8. Brenda Marks says:

    Glad to see you are on the mend – your humor tells me so. This tunic is the perfect solution to the end of August. It perked up my day!

  9. PsychicKathleen says:

    I so loved this fabric I immediately clicked off the Fabric Godmother but the panel I wanted to order was a single and really not large enough to do much with 🙁 Thank you for that reference though and I’ve bookmarked them for future reference 🙂

  10. megan says:

    Oh you poor thing, it looks painful. So glad it didn’t take an eye out! The things we do, I’ve had some lucky escapes, think someone is looking out for me! Lovely tunic too.

  11. esewing says:

    This looks great , good proportions . The print is fun and am sure will go perfectly with jeans as weather gets cooler !
    Sorry to hear of your accident , hope you heal up soon .

  12. Katie M says:

    I hope your nose recovers soon. I love the fabric in this top, and it would be perfect for a sleeveless blouse with a bow tie front that I have made repeatedly. I love the neckline of your blouse, but I have to admit I’m not a fan of the boxy, oversized shape.

  13. Lynsey says:

    Ouch! Looks very sore! Hope it heals fast. I love Josie’s shop, she has amazing fabrics. Your top is great, wonderful colours and the extra details are fab, this book is on my xmas list.

  14. Ouch!! Hope you heal quickly. Top looks fab.

  15. Mertxe says:

    Sorry to hear that! I hope the doctor was a good sewist (ha,ha), and that perfect nose of yours continues so. Nice fabric and very nice blouse!

  16. Great fabric. I just brought something similar with hummingbirds and now can’t wait til my next day off!

  17. ridvanchronicles says:

    Oh, this made me chuckle! Wishing you quick healing, more cooperative curtain rods, and lots of deliciously warm weather to wear your awesome flamingo top!

  18. Looks great against the foil of those black shorts. Makes it shine

  19. gorgeous fabric and looks FANTASTIC on you

  20. Hi Karen, I love the fabric you used for your top, and it looks great on you! Sorry to hear about your poor nose! My husband once did something similar, cutting down a sapling years ago. For some reason he pulled the top down and cut the branch, which flew up, hit in the face, knocking his glasses off and split his lip! There was blood everywhere, of course.
    Barbara xx

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