Ginghamalong – The Bettine Dress

Bettine Dress Collage Gingham

I have a sudden urge to hoist a nautical flag!

This is my third make for the #ginghamalong. (My first here and my second here.) With this make, I decided to test Tilly’s assertion that the Bettine dress is perfect for adapting to jersey. Guess what? She’s right!

My gingham jersey comes from Girl Charlee UK and it is fabulous. Sturdy yet soft, vibrant, fun, takes to pressing, behaves almost like a woven. If you are sewing with jersey for the first time, you need this in your life. I didn’t have to adapt the Bettine sizing at all and didn’t bother with a jersey needle in my sewing machine. I just got on with the sewing.

The only major adjustment is the neckline, but there’s a great tutorial here. In terms of band length, I’d suggest a little experimentation is in order and definitely some basting. Every jersey has a different stretch, after all. I basted my neck band in place and could see it was too loose, so unpicked, reduced the length – et, voila! A perfectly fitting neckband, with no gaping.

bettine neckband

Once you start playing with bias bands of gingham, the sweetness factor ranks up to Factor Infinity.

bettine sleeve

bettine anchor button

bettine hem band

I chose to add a bias cut skirt hem band, which really finishes this dress off. Hem bands make for neat finishing and the bias element break up swathes of solid gingham check – a definite danger point with simple silhouettes in gingham.

This fabric arrived at my house two days ago, and now I have a dress. Which means you definitely still have time to enter the #ginghamalong. Our deadline is 13 September, and I’ll  share details of the prize draw next week. Exciting!

I’ve already seen some amazing gingham sewing projects on Instagram. So there’s only one question left. Are you Ginghaming?

gingham jersey bettine ii

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16 Responses to Ginghamalong – The Bettine Dress

  1. Regina says:

    Absolutley love the bais cut hem band on this lovely gingham dress!

  2. Helena Wagstaff says:

    Lovely, the hem band makes it, love your scarf with it! Hope nose is healing and feeling better.

  3. mumokio says:

    Agree that the hem band is a stroke of genius !

  4. Becky says:

    I love everything about this dress! It is the cat’s pajamas! Lovely job. I hope the stitches come out soon.

  5. JamieLMac says:

    Too cute! Love the buttons. I was so surprised when you said this was jersey. I would have swore it was cotton!

  6. lori Abraham says:

    Love the hem and neckline detail on the bias.Very smart looking style.

  7. Laura says:

    You do exquisite work. Your details are very special. Love it.

  8. OH! CUTE! I’ve been wondering how this fabric looks sewn up! Thanks for sharing….or perhaps I should say thanks for enabling!

  9. Julie says:

    Gorgeous dress. Really suits you!

  10. redsilvia says:

    Those stitches of yours have gotten your sewing game up! Such a cute dress and those bias details are squeal cute.

  11. Lynsey says:

    Super dress, love the mini gingham, the colour and the fab cuffs and hem band, buying jersey online always makes me nervous so reviews great, I have made my first gingham dress although I don’t blog I have enjoyed the challenge.

  12. Oh woooow, this is adorable! The color is so nice on you and the bias details are too cute! I’ve never been such a big fan of Gingham because of its tablecloth and curtains look but Gingham jersey looks so much cozier. I may have to reconsider.

  13. Wow! Such a great dress Karen! I often make things with mini gingham … don’t do Instagram! Does mini gingham count?
    Barbara xx

  14. Thanks for the kind words about our fabric, the dress looks amazing! Love the sleeve details and buttons!

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