Ginghamalong Prize Draw


Drum roll, please! With nearly 60 entries into the #ginghamalong prize draw, we have a winner. Watch the video below to see who that lucky person is.

Thanks to everyone who joined in. Wasn’t it fun? I’m still going through blog posts and seeing the joy.

Apologies but for now, this can’t be shared on Instagram. My account has been hacked!

UPDATE! I’ve realised that the winner has already had some good luck with the launch prize so, to share the love, there shall be a second prize draw for and we’re going to split the prize. Names in a basket, huh?

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3 Responses to Ginghamalong Prize Draw

  1. Bia says:

    Let us know when your Instagram is back!

  2. So surprised to win! Thank you for hosting such a fab sew-a-long and giveaway, the gingham creations have been so impressive and inspiring, it really is a world away from school uniforms which gingham has always been associated with! So very happy to split the very generous prize – good luck to everyone in the second draw!!!

  3. LOL…Me and Two Makes Three is a very lucky person!

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