My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break, The Molly Dress


Lisa Comfort must own a crystal ball. On Wednesday she released her new ebook, My Capsule Wardrobe, full of cosy and comfortable patterns. On Friday, autumn arrived. By Saturday, I had a new dress.


My Capsule Wardrobe features five incredibly versatile patterns, aimed at providing the perfect set of outfits for a weekend break. Such a clever concept! I would totally go to this dress for sitting in an air conditioned plane. It’s so cosy and comfortable.

I cut true to my size and did not need to make one single adjustment. The drafting on this is perfect. Snug enough to be flattering; loose enough to be comfortable. This isn’t easy to achieve. I can tell you that from all the breton striped sacks I’ve bought and discarded from the high street.

The patterns come as downloadable PDFs for printing out. This pattern took 33 sheets of A4. I only had to sacrifice 45 minutes of my time to tape them together and cut out. I don’t think that’s really any longer than it would take to prepare a paper pattern.

I also printed out the ebook pages relevant to this pattern, to tuck away with the pattern pieces for future reference. But, honestly? This dress is so simple to put together, I’m not sure I’ll ever need to refer to them again.


On the spectrum of instruction detail, I’d say that My Capsule Wardrobe veers closer to the simple than the handholding. I don’t mind that – I’m more than happy to be treated like an intelligent adult, especially with a make as straightforward as this.

The fabric, you ask! It’s actually a sweater knit available here and soooooo cosy. Girl Charlee UK kindly sent this to me and it’s been hanging over my stair banister for a few weeks, waiting for the perfect pattern. The sweater knit is pretty much as stable as a woven, which makes it perfect for beginners. It is in the bulky side, so you need to choose your make accordingly – gathers would be a disaster, for example.

When working with stripes, it’s important to ensure that they run true across the body. Pinning them together before cutting out helps a lot. There’s a good guide to this technique here.


The pattern includes some great details. The bat wing sleeves and flattering neckline make this a touch more than a simple jersey shift dress.


If, like me, you have narrow shoulders that can be tricky to fit, you’ll always love a bat wing sleeve, a kimono sleeve and/or a dropped shoulder hem. Much less fitting to wrestle with ie none.

This is definitely my new favourite dress and I am really keen to make other patterns from My Capsule Wardrobe. I have big plans for the Lola coat. And, hey. My nose has healed pretty well, right? Some scarring, but I’m not worried. I have a new dress, after all!


With thanks to Sew Over It for a review copy of My Capsule Wardrobe, and thanks to Girl Charlee UK for the fabric.

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35 Responses to My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break, The Molly Dress

  1. Helena Wagstaff says:

    Love this Karen, a nice change from navy stripe. Where are the matching tights from please? What a great wardrobe staple for what feels like autumn today!

  2. Love it – looks stunning!

  3. Angela says:

    I noticed your healing nose. I also noticed that I have those same shoes! The dress looks really comfy, I like the sleeves, too.

  4. Irene says:

    What a wonderful comfortable dress! Love the colour.

  5. Lilly says:

    That looks fab. You’re so talented

  6. PsychicKathleen says:

    I love how the stripes on the sleeves and neckband really set off the style of this dress. Lovely!

  7. Love the purple stripes! That’s a nice take on the classic 🙂

  8. I like the shape of the arms, it looks really striking in stripes. Jo x

  9. Siobhan S says:

    Wow, how did I miss the release of this book? It is perfect for how I’m dressing right now. And I really like your dress! The stripes suit you.

  10. Great dress! Down Under we’re watching this year’s Great British Sewing Bee – have you/are you going to apply as a Bee-er? Would love to see your talents on the big screen!

  11. Charlotte says:

    Great dress!! Looks so good on you and comfortable to wear. I have narrow shoulders. Was this pattern a tricky fit? What adjustments did you make may I ask?

  12. Chris Butler says:

    Love it! Another fabulous Karen make 🙂

  13. Cute and cozy! Love the color and the stripes.

  14. Beautifully done. Now I want that eBook…..oh, the Erin skirt!

  15. esewing says:

    The dress is great and agree the all those above who love those sleeves , look forward to seeing the coat too, is a lovely shape , do you have a city break planned ?.

  16. Lynsey says:

    Super dress, looks fab in stripes and perfect for the chilly weather that’s starting to come

  17. Sarah Jane says:

    Love your dress!!! I think I’m going to break down and get the e-book after seeing your dress! Can’t wait to see your Lola (the other pattern I’m really coveting!) 🙂

  18. Any chance of a ‘rear view’? is there any shaping/fitting in the back, or would it be easy enough to add some? I am a sway back sufferer and find the traditional shift a bit tent like but if I could easily insert some back darts, then, well, this could have oddles of potential.

    • Unlikely that I’ll set up a whole new photoshoot for this dress, but if I make and blog again I’ll bear that in mind!

      • Thanks! I often find my self wondering ‘hmm but I wonder what it looks like side-on, or from behind’ etc… when I see a lovely garment in the blogosphere, in mags or even on pattern envelopes! I’m also loving the Breton stripes by the way, can’t beat a stripey jersey!

  19. Looks fab Karen! I love the unusual colour of the stripes and that you have matched them with your tights!

  20. Natasha says:

    This dress is absolute perfection! I am going to check out that book right away. Thanks for the review!

  21. Really loving these stripes!

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  23. Jess says:

    I recognise that fabric! I snapped some up from Girl Charlee months ago and made a TATB Coco top which I lurrrve because it is so snuggly! I also have the turquoise/ grey colour way and the red/cream so I might make myself a super snuggly dress like yours!

  24. The dress looks amazing! We have sold out of this colour way (well, 1m left if you are very small!) but have a new red and grey stripe coming soon so keep an eye out! Thanks for the kind words Karen! Bet it is snuggly!

  25. Danielle says:

    I love this!! Perfect fabric and color choices. Looks fantastic.

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  27. Missy says:

    Love the purple stripes! My favorite color! It’s great that you made this piece. I haven’t found anything other than black and white stripes in a dress or shirt.

  28. Daisy Dianne Bromlow says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Dress ! !

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