Sew Over It Molly Dress A Deux


I’m slightly freaking myself out! Double trouble, and no mistake. But if you want an excuse to buy four metres of fabric instead of two, keep reading…

I’ve made two more Molly dresses from My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break, using two lengths of Andover jersey in magenta and navy that I bought from The Village Haberdashery back in January. I’m enjoying the challenge of clearing out my stash. Two fabrics of equal weight and quality – why not mix things up?

I tried not to go mad, though. Less is often more in these cases. I cut each a contrasting neckband and used contrasting stitching at the neckline, hem and wrists.


If you use a contrast colour neckband, you’ll want to be sure that your row of stitching is at a consistent depth from the edge of the neckband.

I chalked a line in from the folded edge (not the raw edge) of the neckband to be sure of consistency.


Then I topstitched down in a colour that matches the contrast neckband.

jersey-finished-necklineHere’s what I do if I have a seam intersection that I want to meet accurately:



1. Pin the two seams carefully in place so that they meet.

2. Baste over the seam line and the pins.

3. Remove the pins and sew the entire seam. The line of basting ensures that the two seam lines don’t shift out of position as you sew.


Any other tips?

When starting a row of sewing around an area that will be on view (ie a neckline) I always try to start the row of stitching on the back neckline so that where the beginning and end of the row of stitching meets shan’t be on show too much.


That’s about it. This fabric behaves impeccably. I’ve worn the blue version all week and it’s gone through the washing machine. It doesn’t bag out.

One reader asked for side and rear views of this dress. Here you go!


Which version do you prefer? Are you tempted to buy double the fabric for twice the fun?

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23 Responses to Sew Over It Molly Dress A Deux

  1. Caroline says:

    A contrasting and colourful duo! These dresses are so versatile that it is worth making two. I prefer the blue one as blue is my favourite colour.

  2. Allison Graden says:

    So cute! I just purchased “My Capsule Wardrobe” and I can’t wait to get started. I have a bit of a tummy so knit dresses kind of make me nervous. You have probably answered this in your older blogs but can I ask what size you wear? I feel we might be close in size so if it looks great on you then it should look great on me, right? LOL

  3. Love both dresses…beautiful sewing!! Love the colours and the cut of them. Cheers, Michele

  4. sewmakeme says:

    I love this! Gorgeous colour choices too! I’m off to buy me some fabric…. you should be on commission! 🙂

  5. PsychicKathleen says:

    I love the way you finished your neckband! Both are lovely – great colours and they looks SO comfortable – brilliant 🙂

  6. kristie price says:

    Love them both!! Super idea on fashioning the neckband in a contrasting color! 🙂

  7. norma says:

    They both look lovely on you and so useful.

  8. Brenda Marks says:

    These are very cute dresses, and I love this fabric. I wish it came in a few more colors because it is perfect for fall dresses. I made my dresses in charcoal, which is actually a rich grey-brown, and cypress, which is a lovely green-blue. I also bought celadon and made a cardigan. Finally, I bought coral, which is much brighter than the colors I’ve seen on-line. I don’t yet know what I’m going to do with it – maybe it’s headed toward the dye bath. All-in-all, I think the on-line colors are significantly darker than the actual fabric.

    In many shops some colors are sold out, and I haven’t been able to locate information about if this line will continue or if it was a one off.

  9. What a great idea to double them up! I love both the style and the colours on you x

  10. esewing says:

    These are fab , they look great in you , if I had to pick I’d go for the blue one , but might have been swayed by the tights ! The fabric is a great choice , perfect weight for this dress , congrats on two further successful additions to you capsule wardrobe .

  11. kmom14 says:

    Both look great! Love the contrast at the neckline on both.

  12. Linda says:

    I love them both! Quite tempted to get the book. But I do want to say how much I love your coloured tights! Such a good look for autumn..

  13. Fabulous and thanks for the ‘rear view’!

  14. Lynsey says:

    Super dresses, the look fab on and love the mixing the colours.

  15. Janet says:

    Smart tip on making sure the seamlines don’t shift, thank you. Clearly this is exactly what I should have done on a recent make…

  16. wynn36 says:

    The little details, especially the contrasting stitching, are just pure joy! I think I’ll have to try to work some contrast into my own makes now!

  17. I love both of these, they look super comfy but the block colour makes them look smart too. Great make times two. I’m thinking of buying the patterns myself!

  18. Angela says:

    I like them both, and I love how you paired them with contrasting pantyhose. I love contrast! They fit you very well.

  19. Andrea says:

    They both look nice … another pair of awesome creations!

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  21. hayleystitches says:

    These look great! Love the colours you’ve chosen and that neckband is so neat! I was looking forward to having a go at a Molly top, but might try the dress version first after seeing these 🙂

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