Small Sewing Storage


Sewing storage comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a world of difference. So, here are some of my favourite miniature storage solutions!

I bought this plastic bobbin box off eBay ages ago. It always lives in hand’s reach of my sewing machine.


If you haven’t already discovered Flying Tiger, you’re going to love them. Be warned, though – you’ll discover lots of items you just have to have. Like these pink storage boxes. So cute!


My Bernina accessory box came with my machine. I love it so!


I bought my art deco wooden button box from an antiques fair – this one, to be exact.

And if the above looks too darn organised for your taste, below is my Things That Need A Home, er, home. All these highly meltable items live on top of the microwave.

We all have one of these, right?


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14 Responses to Small Sewing Storage

  1. Irene says:

    Flying Tiger is coming to Oxford very very soon!!!!
    I’m just taking cash, a small amount of cash…..

  2. Great post! I always love seeing how others organize. Now that I have 500 sqft central air office for my sewing shop, I’m having trouble keeping things neat and orderly. Everything is so spread out now. I kind of miss my tiny garage, but not the arizona heat of my garage that’s for sure!

  3. fabrickated says:

    I have several boxes like yours on top of the microwave. I also reuse chocolate boxes and similar small cardboard boxes for organising the inside of drawers. I try and fail, and try again. Just can’t stay tidy.

  4. I absolutely love your art deco button box! And thank you for the link to the Bernina Accessory Box – I need another feet insert and this has prompted me to actually buy one instead of just saying to myself while I’m sewing “I really must get another one of those” and then just carry on sewing! 🙂

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  6. Brigid de Jong says:

    I bought a organizer for screws and nails at the hardware store. It has about 30 small drawers in two sizes. It sits at the back of my sewing table, so handy!

  7. sewmakeme says:

    Love those ‘sewing machine’ buttons! So cute!

  8. The last one- yes and when I look through it I realise for the most part that “home” for these items should be the bin

  9. Janet says:

    Love the button box – that’s divine! I use the clear acrylic make-up organisers you can buy in shops like Muji. Not very expensive, and you can see all the pretty things through them so you don’t forget what you have and buy it again.

  10. Irene says:

    For medium size storage I use cutlery trays (threads…) and clear tubs that washing capsules come in (buttons in sets in tiny plastic bags – one tub per colour, ribbons, zips by size). Yes, I’ve been collecting for almost 40 years so there are a lot of buttons and threads…..

  11. esewing says:

    Great storage , I have a Bernina storage box , clear doors you can see everything easily, I have a vintage cutlery tray from my scissors, might have to check out flying tiger , can always fill a cute box ! Definitely have several things that need a home ! Tend to fill a carrier bag and hide somewhere !

  12. Roadman Lockett says:

    I <3 sewing sooooooo much !!!!!!! I cant get enuth of getting stabbed by da needle!!!!!

  13. Brandon X says:

    Thx so much my lovelys, this has really inspired me to take up sewing in my spare time. Hope to hear from you all soon. Love Brandon xxx

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