Love Is A Velvet Prison


The dog sewing continues, but shall stop soon I promise. Here’s Ella in her favourite position in my home office. It’s an ancient bucket chair, but it’s right beside my desk and right beside the window. Good times for Ella!



This did mean that the cushion on that chair was getting scuffed up. I’m not above choosing upholstery fabric for its ability to disguise paw marks, so went to my stash cupboard for some House of Hackney velvet bought from a sample sale. You should definitely keep your eyes peeled for these sales – they have a Facebook page here.

I set to making a cushion cover. (Previous projects here and here.) Every now and then, I love this type of sewing. If you can bear to take the time to add piping to your cushion cover, it really does lift the project. I ordered two metres of this 4mm piping cord and encased it in bias strips of velvet cut 4cm deep.


I also used my beloved (though admittedly rarely used) velvet pressing pad, bought from a car boot sale. It helps avoid the velvet’s nap being crushed when you’re pressing seams.


And my newly purchased toilet pins came in very useful for pinning thick layers of velvet together. (Photographed next to a normal pin for context.)


I somewhat steam rollered through the sewing process, which made me gulp when I realised that House of Hackney cushion covers retail for £80. Glad I didn’t mess this project up. Glad Princess Ella has a suitably luxe cushion for her derriere. Glad I have more of this fabric to use up. Any suggestions for another project? It doesn’t have to be linked with dogs!


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12 Responses to Love Is A Velvet Prison

  1. bracken says:

    Lovely cushion. Lucky dog!

  2. I’ll say it, then. Spoilt dog! 😆 Which really means lucky dog, and she does look like she enjoys herself.
    As for another project with this velvet, what about a nice little bag? Possibly embellished to enhance levels of glam? With a silken cord strap, for instance? Or a hat? Coat or jacket?

  3. What a beautiful cushion, the piping really does add a lot to it and the fabric is gorgeous. Thank you for the links to the sample sale. I am sucker for really luxe interior fabrics. Sadly, mostly cushions but I can dream. Ella ia very lucky indeed. Xx

  4. Why are they called toilet pins? What a funny name! I think you should make the skirt from the sew over it book!

  5. Carol S says:

    How much fabric do you have left? My first thought was a bag, but the second was a collar on a jacket. If there’s a lot velvet trousers.

  6. I would love something like a cropped little jacket in this fabric, perhaps the coco from SOI. That cushion does look damn cozy…

  7. Karen says:

    What a lucky girl! And a beautiful cushion. I think you deserve an equally luxurious cushion for your chair. 😊

  8. Mem says:

    What a great combination of beautiful cushion and wonderful doggie . I do so miss my beautiful girl . She is 16000 km away from me in Australia while I am sitting here in Paris reading your blog post 😘

  9. esewing says:

    Love the doggie sewing , cushion is beautiful, I made my cat a velvet cushion for her basket , looks great but she won’t go anywhere near it! At least Ella is more appreciative, I agree I think a jacket would be beautiful , looking forward to seeing what you decide

  10. So pretty, but I’ll admit that the fabric you chose for your cushion wouldn’t have been my first choice for my dog to lounge on…I’d’ve probably chosen some cheap fleece from the remnant section, LOL.

    Question: So exactly makes a pin a “toilet” pin? And why on earth would they have chosen such a name?!

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