Metallic Tunic Dress


Metallic is in all the shops right now, but whenever I look at a price tag I always think I could do better for less. (Does sewing make you arrogant? Guilty as charged, I guess!)

I also knew that if a certain fabric is in all the high street shops, it’s going to find its way to The Man Outside Sainsburys – a fact he and I discussed this very weekend as I purchased a metre of quilted metallic synthetic something. Highly synthetic something. Highly metallic. Not for the faint of heart.

I decided to make a short sleeved tunic version of the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress. Can’t show you the short sleeves on me because it was nippy noodles out there. Brrrrrrrrr!


Despite this fabric’s weirdness (technical term) I was able to pin and cut it with no problem. It pressed fine too, though I needed to use a press cloth. Tiny amount of gold covering my surfaces now, but not much.

I left out the back centre seam on this make because I just didn’t think it was going to work well with so much bling already on my behind. I pre-washed but I’m not sure that was an entirely necessary step. This ain’t no linen blend.

The tunic layers well with neutrals and it’s arguably advisable to tone it down in this way. But I love how the metallic works with the autumnal golds we’re enjoying right now. Isn’t this the most beautiful time of year? My Instagram feed is full of red, copper and gold, which makes me very happy indeed.

As does the news that Did You Make That has been shortlisted for Sewing Blog Of The Year over at The British Craft Awards. That was a lovely surprise! I’m in great company. Do go and vote, if you feel so inclined. You stand a chance of winning a £100 Amazon voucher. Thanks in anticipation, if you do choose to vote!

If you want to make your own metallic outfit, online sources of metallic fabric are here, here and here.

Happy Autumn!


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32 Responses to Metallic Tunic Dress

  1. Lynsey says:

    Love this! The shape works perfect for the metallic fabric and it’s a perfect Christmassy dress (I need one of these dresses!!)

  2. I love this dress! It looks amazing!!! X

  3. Allison Graden says:

    So cute!!! I love the swirly design. I would wear this under all my open front cardigans and wraps.

  4. Mary says:

    Great job. Would probably work well with a long sleeve t-shirt or thin Merino jumper underneath to combat the cold.

  5. Shauni S says:

    I love your fabric choice! It looks really great paired with quite a simple silhouette. I’ve just made the Inari Tee Dress for the first time, and now I’m really tempted to try one out in that Ray Stitch gold foil! x

  6. looloolooweez says:

    This is lovely! It’s shiny and interesting, but also simple enough to be super wearable this season. Well done.

  7. redsilvia says:

    Very cute and works so well for day, which is awesome! Day glamour should be a thing, right?

  8. amcclure2014 says:

    Very nice! What days is TMOS there? TIA

  9. Mertxe says:

    Cool and becoming tunic! Now that you mention the man outside of Sainsbury’s…

  10. she1236 says:

    This looks lovely and really suits you. x

  11. Lori Abraham says:

    Looks great and just in time for the holidays.

  12. ellegeemakes says:

    Such a great way to use that stunning fabric!

  13. What a gorgeous tunic. That fabric is lovely. I do have a soft spot for anything shiny/sparkly and this is gorgeous. A proper day to night top. Xx

  14. Just voted for you. Even tho’ I don’t do a lot of dressmaking (I’m primarily a quilter) I do so enjoy reading your blog – thank you. (Have you ever considered entering the Great British Sewing Bee? we get to see that show Down Under and it would be fab to see you on it!)

  15. MJ says:

    I love the dress and the fabric. I have the pattern and you’ve inspired me to actually use it now ! I am totally intrigued by TMOS – please tell me more !

  16. Spud says:

    Does that mean the back opening on the Ultimate Shift Dress can be eliminated?
    (long time fan, first time commenter) Spud

  17. esewing says:

    Love it , agree gold should be day wear, TMOS triumphs again

  18. sewandsnip says:

    Tunic looks great in gold, very autumnal 🍂 I think I need to rearrange days I spend in London to coincide with the man being on the market

  19. Gail says:

    I like the potential of a top that can be worn day or night, dressed down or up. Very cool idea.

  20. Definitely better for less – you should be tapping your arse like they do on that advert on TV. Arrogance is also definitely permitted because it is beautiful. Jo x

  21. I so love this dress, Karen. I’m rather partial to some gold quilting myself! Only dared to make a skirt though!!

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