Four Sources Of Happiness


A new (old) novel, recommended by an author friend. I’m assured this is gorgeous. Have you watched the BBC4 documentary about Virago? You should! It’s still on iPlayer for the next 20 days.


New pins. Who doesn’t love a sharp pin? I have a theory that sewing involves the ritualised¬†collecting of accoutrements. I think that’s probably true of any hobby. Just ask the next sports person who shows you their new must have piece of lycra or Garmin watch.


New patterns. Planning the next sewing project. All the potential, none of the failure.


Cleaning my filthy overlocker. There’s nothing I enjoy more.

I’m fibbing about one of these sources of happiness. Can you guess which one?

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15 Responses to Four Sources Of Happiness

  1. Carol S says:

    Cleaning the overlocker?

  2. Yes! Thanks Karen. How we need to find something to laugh at this week.

  3. Cherry says:

    Yes! Thank you Karen, we so need some laughs this week.

    • Thanks, Cherry! You are very clever, reading between the lines. Wanted to share some good vibes without indulging in a diatribe. Because, you know…

      • Cherry says:

        Nice to be called clever. But apologies for two replies, wordpress told me I wasn’t logged in as if I needed to be and then turned out it didn’t matter…
        Yes we could break the Internet if we said what we thought!

  4. Sarah says:

    If I had to hazard a guess I’d go with cleaning the overlocker! And I am so in love with my entomology pins, best pins ever!

    • Your guess is spot on!

      • LinB says:

        There is a certain virtuous smugness that results when one has completely taken apart the serger, removed all lint possible, then put it all back together with no screws missing or extra parts lying on the table … but would not call it “nothing I enjoy more.”

        Am still stunned … dove under the table last night for what I thought was gunfire in my backyard, but which turned out to be the idiot teenage boy up the street setting off fireworks for no apparent reason.

  5. Jen (NY) says:

    Read, watch, pin, plan, clean – okay I will try!

  6. Candie Graham says:

    I just got two boxes of the entomology pins but have not used them yet. When I put them in their rightful place in my (very large) pin drawer I was actually embarrassed at all of the pins residing in there! Of course I am the only one who sees them so not necessary to feel bad about more, right? I know I love a clean machine so that cannot possibly be the source of your angst! haha Have a wonderful weekend of sewing, we have a three day and I know what I will be doing!

  7. megan says:

    Oh that is easy and I see most people got it!!!

  8. Jo says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Cleo pettern. Still trying to master the Coco at the moment!

    I’m sensing there’s not a lot of enjoyment in cleaning your overlocker! I really need to clean my sewing machine, it can’t be that bad can it….!? X

  9. susew says:

    Totally agree with the planning!

  10. redsilvia says:

    I don’t mind cleaning the overlocker too much, but I like to use the vacuum and suck all the lint out. Of course the bits get everywhere and am then forced to vacuum the whole room…

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