A Couple Of Shots


‘That’s cold work,’ said the auld Irish bloke who’d been surreptitiously watching me. ‘Come to the pub for a couple of shots? Warm yourself up?’

You know when bloggers say it took them 150 photos to pick one decent one? This photoshoot involved a grand total of two photographs. It was so blooming cold out there! But I wanted to share this latest Molly dress from the Sew Over It Capsule Wardrobe ebook, largely because the fabric is so interesting.



It’s a reversible jersey, where the red shows through on the blue side in a rose print. I used the red reverse to make the neckband. This was bought from Classic Textiles in Walthamstow. They always have great jerseys in that place.

Because the fabric was a mix of colours, I mixed up my overlocker thread too.


In terms of the pattern, this is my fourth make! I shortened the length by two inches to give it a bit more sass, and added some extra waist shaping. Fit really varies from fabric to fabric. This jersey was heavy with more stretch than previous versions and I think that made the fit roomier. Don’t ask me why!

Do you like my scarf? It’s a pencil print, bought from MOMA in New York. When I left the corporate life I wasn’t sure when I’d next see that beautiful city, but recent advice is that I really should prioritise a work trip over there. Better start saving the pennies! Maybe I’ll wear my Molly dress on the plane. It is made for a city break, after all.


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25 Responses to A Couple Of Shots

  1. Becky says:

    I love this! Interesting fabric always works well with simple designs. I haven’t seen that type of jersey in the states. It looks comfy and yet stylish. Karen, what kind of boots are those? They are fabulous!

  2. Sarah says:

    Great fabric, great dress, fab out fit coordination! In fact pretty FAB all round. X

  3. Ooh, you make me want to sew jersey! Lovely dress, I’m so tempted.

  4. Jeanette says:

    Gorgeous outfit! What kind of fabric is the scarf made of? I love it. Was that a simple rectangle with narrow hems?

  5. Tammy says:

    This looks so comfortable and so bright and cheerful, too.

  6. norma says:

    Love the fabric – I’d love to make a reversible dress but I’ve never seen any fabric like that.
    Those boots are gorgeous

  7. Angela says:

    Love the dress, the fabric is really interesting, as it is the one for the scarf. Nice boots, too! The outfit is gorgeous.

  8. Awesome! Gosh, I love this fabric. Must make sure I get to Walthamstow on my next hop to London, I need to scour that store!

  9. Carol S says:

    Yes you do need to organize a trip this way.

  10. megan says:

    OMG D Bs, haven’t seen desert boots for years, takes me right back. Very impressed with your overlocking, I would never figure that out. Love that door!

  11. Alessa says:

    It’s a beautiful dress! Such a lovely fabric!

  12. Joanne says:

    What a great outfit!!

  13. Allison Graden says:

    So cute!!! Love the fabric! I wish I had access to better fabric. It’s almost a fabric desert where I live so I have to order most on line which doesn’t always work out. Nothing beats touching it!

  14. sewandsnip says:

    Great fabric so Classic Textiles is another place to add to my to-visit list…as is New York but I don’t think that will be so likely at the moment😃

  15. PsychicKathleen says:

    I have never seen a knit like that anywhere! It’s gorgeous! I love all your colours and those blue desert boots are just the perfect thing with your outfit 🙂

  16. lisa g says:

    I love the whole look! And the door behind you as well!

  17. So? Did you pop in for a wee dram? I hope so!

    I LOVE your dress! And with the scarf, tights, booties…even Ella’s leash…perfection!

  18. Chris says:

    Thanks Karen, another fab creation and another inspirational make to add to my list 🙂

  19. Michele says:

    Looks fab and cosy

  20. bracken says:

    Beautiful dress. Lovely fabric and where did you find that door that you are standing in front of? Wow what a lovely photo shot!

  21. I have just made a similar shape from a New Look pattern with raglan sleeves and it is so warm and cosy. That is one cool fabric. Jo x

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  23. esewing says:

    This looks so great you , boots and tights lovely and set off the dress perfectly. Amazing jersey, will have to search for something like that , hope you get to take the dress to NY soon.

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