Taking Care Of Your Sewing Self


Do you believe in natural remedies? I treated myself to this affordable bottle of Remedies To Roll for pulse points, in the hope of encouraging a studious nature at the desk and sewing machine. I love the scent and certainly my senses are woken. Might be worth ensuring there are no smears of oil left on your wrists to contaminate fabric.


Good light is essential at this time of year and my sewing area has an arrangement of lamps. It really does make all the difference. Even then, you might want to judge what sewing steps you take and when. Hand sewing by lamplight in the evening? Forget it!


And whilst we’re being all holistic, I’d really recommend an air humidifier for your sewing space. My skin is already dry and itchy from the central heating pumping out warm air. Plus, pretty!

At this time of year, it’s easy to put everyone else first. Take some time and gift buying for yourself!

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8 Responses to Taking Care Of Your Sewing Self

  1. I love Neil’s Yard Remedies, I have to drop by whenever I am in London. A treat for the senses. Do you feel it helps? All good suggestions, btw. Thanks for reminding me about a humidifier. I need to find one, a good-looking one that is.

  2. Cherry says:

    Oo-er Karen, I’ve never seen a pretty humidifier, thanks! Disagree about hand sewing in the evening. It is harder no doubt but if I stopped sewing when it gets dark I’d have a very short day. I highly recommend Serious Readers lamps. They are seriously expensive too but since reading and sewing are my favourite activities it has been worth it for me.

  3. Knitlass says:

    re: lamps – check out Flossie Teacakes latest post. She recommends a lamp from John Lewis for evening sewing – LED light that folds flat and charges with a USB cable, so no trailing wires! Hers is a pretty rose gold sort of colour – so shiny too…

  4. Sarahel says:

    I can very highly recommend this daylight lamp
    for sewing and knitting in poor light. Less expensive than the ‘serious reader’ lamps but not less effective. I’ve had some for 3+ years and have not yet had to replace the bulbs.

  5. Irene says:

    Make sure your sewing table and your cutting table are at the right height and you are sitting in a good position.
    Take a break every hour or so, walk about a bit, look into the distance (my optometrist recommended looking at something 20 yards away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes).

  6. Mertxe says:

    I like to put some essential oil in my humidifier (15-25 drops), to freshen the air. I love citronella oil, since it is refreshing, clean, and a nice lemon escent. I do not completely believe in aromatherapy, but this is better than chemical air-fresehners.
    I am gonna check those lamps now…

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