Project Pouch For My Knitting


No way was I throwing out the scraps of gold faux leather (also available in silver and black) left over from my recent skirt project. This stuff is too good for the bin. So, I decided to sew myself a project bag for my knitting.


Most of my knitting takes place on public transport, projects carted around in my tote bag. It’s a good idea to have a project bag to go into your tote, to protect your knitting from hair brushes, snotty tissues and pieces of gum. (That’s what’s inside your tote bags. Obviously, mine only carries gold credit cards, Liberty loyalty cards, a Chanel lipstick and never any purse because – darling, how vulgar!)

I twinned my gold faux leather with an equally bratty fabric – neon pink silk twill. Oh, this project was FUN.


Giant gold pocket for inside the bag. Because there wasn’t enough gold involved in this project.

There are hundreds of online tutorials for sewing bags and pouches. I very loosely followed this one for construction steps, adjusting dimensions to the size of pouch I wanted.

There can be areas of bulk, so my walking foot and wedge were essential. (My wedge came with my machine.)


I really do love my new knitting bag and the fact that I’ve squeezed two projects out of one metre of faux leather. I even have a few scraps still left over. Coasters?


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19 Responses to Project Pouch For My Knitting

  1. Fabulous, Dahling! Of course your knitting needs its own*gold* bag. No less. If you have more scraps, why not make a pouch for the mentioned hairbrush to protect it from snotty tissues and gum? Obviously not your hairbrush, but you probably know someone who has a bag like that…

  2. Allison says:

    You have inspired me!!! I bought some silver though. We will see what happens😄

  3. Tanya says:

    Ooh! What’s a wedge…? Don’t think I’ve ever come across one. Absolutely adore the bag!

  4. La Vonda C says:

    I *realllly* need to get my act together & copy this exactly as I currently smash my work-in-progress into a giant ziplock bag on my way out the door. Class. (Love this blog!) 🙂

  5. PsychicKathleen says:

    I love this bag! I am a bag fan but I haven’t made one for years. My last one was huge made out of a quilted cotton but this gold faux is beautiful and that pink silk? The ultimate 🙂

  6. Clémence says:

    Lovely bag! I currently use cloth bags that some clothing companies give out with purchases, but they are very vulnerable to pokey needles! Love the pink inside too!

  7. heather says:

    so cool! happy holidays! 🙂 (love your skirt, too) 🙂

  8. Bernadette Taylor says:

    Why not make a gold cover for your Chanel lipstick too darhling. Love it !!!!!!!!

  9. Maureen says:

    I’ve read your blog (which is so lovely) for several years now, though never commented (shy). But I can’t resist to say the yarn your have there is milled in my home town! Cheers to you from New England!

  10. Squeal, I love this. Makes knitting look glam.

  11. Mani says:

    It’s always exciting to resourcefully make use of scraps, yes? Great idea. Interested in knitting pussy hats for the Women’s March on Washington, & regional events?

  12. esewing says:

    This is lovely, so glamorous, the pink lining is sublime !

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