Laser Cut Faux Leather Shift Dress


Adventures with strange fabric continue. My latest make is a Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress in laser cut faux leather bought from Ditto Fabrics. It’s no longer in stock and I’ve struggled to find other online sources. Any suggestions?

I’ve really got my money’s worth out of this pattern! I wouldn’t risk working with faux leather on a new-to-me dress pattern. As you can see in the shine above, any poor fitting or pressing would be immediately obvious. As ever, I can’t stress enough the importance of a press cloth and clapper.

Laser cut faux leather doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, so I underlined the main dress pieces (but not the sleeves) with black stretch lining fabric.

With underlining, you cut out the pattern pieces twice – once in fashion fabric, once in lining – then baste both pieces together before any construction begins. As you construct the dress, you treat both layers as one, as you can see in the dart below.


One other advantage of underlining is that you have a layer to hand stitch to, making my skirt hem stitches invisible from the right side.


For much of this make, I didn’t use pins. When I did indulge in pinning (on the neck facing and sleeve insertions) I was careful to pin inside the seam allowance. No one wants permanent pin marks in their faux leather.


I was surprised at how well this faux leather behaved. I was able to easily gather the sleeve heads, ahead of insertion. And I used the faux leather for my neckline facing pieces (though the holes meant I needed to be careful with the glue on my fusible interfacing).



With this and my gold faux leather, there’s a tiny amount of stretch, which makes this type of fabric ultra comfy to wear. I love my new dress, though suspect I’ll need to be careful of jewellery with pokey out bits or catching myself on door handles.

Have I just found my New Year’s Eve outfit?


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27 Responses to Laser Cut Faux Leather Shift Dress

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’d say you have! Beautiful sewing, and you look great in it. Have a happy New Year’s eve!

  2. Deborah says:

    I think it is beautiful and fits you well. It’s a perfect New Year’s Eve dress!

  3. kalimak says:

    Oh, this is definitely a New Year’s Eve party dress! The simple shift silhouette is an excellent pairing with this tricky fabric. Great job!

  4. ellegeemakes says:

    Such a cute dress! That kind of fabric really deserves a simple cut so that it can shine.

  5. Lori says:

    This is AWESOME! Love it!

  6. Cherie says:

    What a chic and sophisticated dress! You’ll be a knockout on NY Eve!

  7. Allison says:

    OMG!!!! Look how fabulous you look!! It came out great!!

  8. Neez says:

    Looks amazing on you. Love the pattern on the faux leather.

  9. Lynsey says:

    Such a fantastic dress, I was unsure on the fabric but you have utterly changed my mind, awesome dress and you really rock it!

  10. lenelein says:

    An awesome dress, I can only agree! I love the detail pics and your instructional hints. Have you tried wonder clips to connect pleather layers without leaving imprints? I loved them! Also good for voluminous fabrics like coatings…

  11. Marina Louw says:

    Awesome – I love the fact that is so simple but yet so stunning Happy New Year to you!

  12. La Vonda C says:

    I would NEVER have thought of that fabric in that way–it is so great! I received the Wonder Clips as a gift a few years back & found I just couldn’t use them as they absolutely wore me out. The spring mechanism was so strong that by the time I had finished with a seam my hands were throbbing so I went back to clothes pins & small bulldog clips. (Maybe I got an anomaly set? Maybe I am just getting old? I AM SURE THE SET WAS BAD.)

  13. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says:

    that is super cute! I would wear that so much that my pals would get tired of seeing it but who cares when it is so cool! Happy New Year, Beth

  14. PsychicKathleen says:

    What a perfect New Year’s Eve party dress! I love it. Comfortable, sexy, unique – perfect! Thank you for the guidance on underlining – I always wondered about underling and darts and how that would work – I guess it’s important that both fabrics are light weight. I have some lovely 100% cotton eyelet that I’ve been saving for an underlining project but the bulk was worrying me on the dart.

    • LinB says:

      Better to underline than to line, in the case of laces and hole-y fabrics. You don’t see the inner workings as you would if the lining darts and seams were encased between the lining fabric and the fashion fabric. You can cut out the bulk of a really huge dart — but you should probably aim for a style that uses either multiple small darts, or tucks, or gathers, to control the fullness if the dart is THAT bulky. Happy sewing!

  15. LinB says:

    How is the faux leather for breathe-ability? I worry that you may overheat and suffer “the vapors,” and swoon, in the “le jazz hot hot hot” atmosphere of wherever you will celebrate the turn of the year. Swooning couches are no longer de rigueur furniture in one’s home. Granite countertops are less forgiving of a head bouncing on them in the process of falling to the floor than are wooden bar rails. Just a thought.

  16. Seriously fabulous Karen! I’ve never been brave enough to wear leather but you are making me reconsider!

  17. Yes, this has to be the perfect new years dress:-)

  18. Cecilia says:

    What a beautiful dress! I’d accept it for any party….! Happy New Year to you!

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