Molly Top and Cleo Dress – A Cleolly? PLUS giveaway


Yes, I have made another Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dress, and if you look at this photo for long enough your eyes will turn fuzzy. Don’t you love 15th-century buildings?

My fourth Cleo was sewn using purple pin cord from Saeed Fabrics and top stitched using gold top stitching thread. Saeeds have a lovely range of cotton baby cords at the moment – get yourself down there.


Sadly, I discovered a fault in my fabric after cutting out. Faults happen; it’s part of the heady Russian roulette of buying fabric. I know, I’m crazy. We’re all crazy! They should make a Netflix series about us.

My fault was right on the seat of the dress. I darned the area but didn’t trust this weak spot to withstand either my arse or the washing machine.

I experimented with miniature pockets to cover the area.



Definitely not…


In the end, I just unpicked my main pockets and moved them closer in to the centre seam.


Not the most balanced look in the world, and total strangers shall be staring at my behind, but what can I say? Creatives like wot you and I are carry heavy burdens. Pockets Screaming Look At My Arse are just one of many.

It’s still a nice dress!

I then sewed a companion piece to go beneath the dress. It is a Sew Over It Molly Top from Lisa Comfort’s Capsule Wardrobe ebook. I really love this ebook. It’s the one sewing book I’ve sewn multiple items from. Why is that, do you think?


I chose this Liberty jersey because it carries a grey detail, which brings me nicely to my chosen colour palette for #2017makenine:

Purple, grey, mustard, red

Three of these colours occur in today’s outfit. I’m going with purple and grey because these colours often occur in my wardrobe, red because my soul will die without it and mustard to challenge my boundaries. I’m not prescribing neutrals – just trust me to use them.

And I’m adding one caveat – random weirdness! This weekend I bought four metres of totally insane fabrics because they appealed. I’m not ruling that type of spontaneity out of my life for any sewing initiative. No, sirree.

Anyways. As has been proved time and again, the Cleo dress works magnificently with corduroy. Fancy two metres of your own baby cord to play with? Then visit the corduroy selection over at The Sewcial Studio. Enter a comment below saying which is your favourite, and you stand a chance of winning two metres! Personally, I love Damsons In The Wild.

And if you’re in the Staffordshire area on 11 February, The Sewcial Studio is running a workshop on making the Cleo dress. Win, win!

The fabric giveaway runs until midnight GMT Thursday 12 January and is open internationally. Good luck!


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192 Responses to Molly Top and Cleo Dress – A Cleolly? PLUS giveaway

  1. Sara Santos says:

    The fabric of your Molly top is so pretty! 😀
    And thank you for the giveaway! I really liked the damsons in the wild baby cord.
    Have a nice week! 🙂

  2. What a lovely combo the colour suits you! Thanks for the chance to win I love the damson in the wild it’s sooo pretty!!

  3. Ybat says:

    I love your outfit and you are right damsons in the wild is beautiful.

  4. Alison G says:

    I love Yellow Lime Stars! The colour of your Cleo is lovely!

  5. I agree — the damson in the wild print is lush! I would love to win two metres of it 🙂

  6. Frankie says:

    Yep damsons in the wild is a definite winner for me!!! LOVE your Cleo!

  7. Caroline Young says:

    ‘Cherries’ is my favourite. I’d love to have the chance to put pockets on my arse. #letthemstareidontcare 😊

  8. Pam Green says:

    I think I have some Damsons in the Wild in my stash – although only 1 metre I think. I love the look of Winter Sun, so that would be my choice.

  9. Su says:

    Great dress and love the plain/pattern combo. I like damsons in the wild too, but the yellow stars are cute as well. Thanks for keeping the inspiriation coming through these gloomy months!

  10. margueritedesigns says:

    Got to have Cherries Galore! As I’m heading the end of making my first Cleo, I can already see that I’m going to need another …. My first one is in a sober navy blue so this should zing things up a bit!

  11. Shelly says:

    Another lovely cleo I love that colour. Thank you for the giveaway my favourite is definitely the damson in the wild 😍

  12. Red W Sews says:

    Another great dress! I am about to cut out my second having finally succumbed to this pattern.
    Lovely giveaway, personally I love the Cherries 🍒

  13. Alison G says:

    I love the Yellow Star! Am making a wine coloured one at the moment, I think my winter colour palette will be similar to yours. Both your Cleos looks fabulous!

  14. It would have to be Damsons in the Wild! I’m thinking a skirt for me or pinafore dress for my daughter.

  15. Emma says:

    Definitely agree with you. Damsons in the wild!! 😁

  16. Sue says:

    Damsons in the Wild has a purple background and I love purple. But I think I would like the Yellow Stars. It would make a perfect Cleo and take me away room my usual palate. Love your Cleo and your problem solving savvy!

  17. wakeymakes says:

    Ooh yours is lovely. I would choose the damson one too. Thanks for the chance K xXx

  18. Genya says:

    Your Cleo abd Molly are so lovely, I would wear them all week long. The pocket replacement is avery good solution indeed, It would take me a week to get over the bummer felling would that happen to me…
    The baby cord fabric is so practical from my point of view, I liked the Cherries Galore, it could become a sweet Cleo!

  19. Ida says:

    Thanks for a great blog and arranging the give away! I liked the Cherries galore needle cord best! And your new cleo which looks really comfortable and neat! All the best! /Ida

  20. That outfit is so cute! I like the Damsons In The Wild fabric best too.

  21. Marion says:

    Thank you for the giveaway ! I like the cherries galore 🍒🍒🍒

  22. Jess - subtle skulls says:

    Cherries galore is my favourite and would be perfect for a Cleo!

  23. Jo says:

    I think I’d go for Yellow Lime Stars to balance out the dark Cleos I have made or have planned

  24. Tracey Nixson says:

    I love the cherries 🍒

  25. Elaine P says:

    I like the Damsons in the Wild, but then purple is a fabulous colour

  26. Jenny says:

    I live really close to Tamworth, I’ll have to check it out in person! Damsons in the wild has all your colour choices in one! I love Small World City Lights, I always go for fabric with buildings on!

  27. Jenny says:

    Damsons in the wild is my favourite too. Love that Cleo pattern. Wish I was younger.😉

  28. Sew Alto says:

    The Cleo is such a fabulous pattern and I’m loving your version in purple. I would pick the Cherries Galore fabric 😀

  29. Helga Hamlin says:

    Love the Winter Sun, have a dress already in mind. Love the Cleo pattern.

  30. Wow love your Cleo and Molly combo. Definitely the yellow lime stars as a yellow Cleo is next on my list of Cleos to make.

  31. Gillian Omar says:

    Super useful combination and damsons in the wild is my favourite too

  32. LinB says:

    Royal purple, scarlet red, goldenrod and silvery gray were the colors of a capsule wardrobe I wore last February for a Houston, Texas weekend as a wedding guest. Based the whole thing on a reversible brocade “jeans jacket” that went with every other piece. Texans loved it — strangers would compliment my outfits. Unconventional but very wearable color palette. Enjoy your shopping for those colors this year, my electronic friend.

  33. Alex says:

    Ha, it seems as if everyone on the site agrees on Danson in the wild. That’s my favorite too, but I do like the stars as well.

  34. Vicky S says:

    That outfit is super cute 🙂
    I’m a bit of a sucker for the cherries galore

  35. Caroline Edwards says:

    Definitely Damsons in the wild, such lovely colours.

  36. Sam says:

    looks great, I’ll have a go at something similar 🙂

  37. My favourite is Cherries galore needle cord but also love Damson in the Wild. I love the colour of your Cleo. 😀

  38. Kathryn says:

    What a lovely outfit, and colour palette! I love that building too. We went in one time on doors open day and it’s lovely inside, have you been in? Thanks for the giveaway I’d go for the small world city lights as I love all Rae Hoekstra’s prints and her baby cord is just so soft!

  39. Sophia Hartley says:

    Brilliant post 🙂
    Cherries for me, I love navy!

  40. Nicola says:

    Got to be cherries galore that is fun

  41. Charlotte Gray says:

    You’re inspiring me to make my own Cleo dress!😊The ‘cherries’ is my favourite! Thank you for a chance to win this giveaway.

  42. Clare B says:

    Gosh that was hard to pick just one but I’d have to go for “Yellow Lime Stars”

  43. Inga Andersen says:

    I like the Cherries Galore_ Needle-Cord, could really use that one 🙂

  44. Clare H says:

    Damsons In The Wild. Love the colours

  45. clarem100 says:

    Damsons In The Wild. Love the colours

  46. Liliana says:

    Gold topstitching – so pretty! Damsons in the Wild is my favourite as well 🙂

  47. Wendy says:

    Oh yes, Damsons in the Wild! I’m just cutting out my first Cleo, fingers crossed the fit is good as I’m too impatient to test it first 😍

  48. sian hallewell says:

    Cherries galore – how colourful

  49. Linds says:

    Damsons in the wild is my favorite. (I like the city scape one but not the colors)

  50. Alison Ellis says:

    I love cherries galore x

  51. Nicola Bostock says:

    Damsons in the wild is gorgeous. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  52. Liz A says:

    The best thing about sewing my own clothes has been the confidence to wear it because I love it and I made it… especially if it is truly ‘one of a kind’, which occur a lot in my sewing, intentionally and not-so intentionally (love the pocket placement fix!)
    The small world city lights cord is crying out to be made into a skirt. Thanks for the lovely giveaway (and inspiration).

  53. Jacana says:

    Oh, Cherries Galore def. my favourite.
    Love your pocket placement solution to fabric flaw – lateral thinking is v. useful to sewers!

  54. Definitely Damsons in the Wild. Seeing your makes really makes me want to buy the Cleo pattern…

  55. Angel Chao says:

    I love the Cherries Galore. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  56. Linda Hinds says:

    Damsons in the Wild is my fave too! fingers crossed!!

  57. Pecia says:

    Love how your Cleo turned out. The damson print is nice but my choice would be the Cherries Galore 🍒

  58. Helen Parker says:

    Cherries Galore 😚

  59. Lorraine Stone says:

    LOVING your creativity! This print is my fav DAMSONS IN THE WILD – BABY CORD

  60. marylou24 says:

    Oh yes that damsons in the wild is pretty! I also like the yellow stars. Tough choice! Love your cleo!

  61. Small world city lights is the one I prefer, unfortunately the yellow stars seem a bit too mustard-y. Love your dungarees, though!

  62. Kristen Bradley says:

    I love the colour of your Cleo! And the molly top in that fabric is great. I love the Damsons in the wild too but think I would actually go with a Yellow Lime Stars. It would make a fab Cleo and I could do with some yellow to brighten up my outfits.

  63. Rachi Davies says:

    Your soft purple version is lovely!! I’m a fan of mustard though, and I’d be totally made up to win 2 metres of the yellow line stars!! Thank you.

  64. Lydia says:

    Love your latest cleo- think I am a yellow line stars girl 😀

  65. Donna C says:

    I love the damsons in the wild fabric. Love the ditzy floral vibe!

  66. I would also go for Damsons in the wild- looks beautiful! I made one Cleo last night and am keen to make a second…I see why you’ve made four!

  67. Oh, damsons in the wild is very lovely! I just ordered the sew over it e-book. Would love to make an Erin skirt in that cord. I really like your set of Cleo dresses, I live in my dungaree dress when I am not at work.

  68. What a beautiful outfit. The top and Cleo dress go wonderfully together and I really like your golden top-stitching. I think my favourite is the Winter Sun – It has a seventies vibe about it which I like.

  69. Rachel Smith says:

    Love your Cleo and your #2017makenine palette! And it’d be lovely to win some baby cord so I can make a second Cleo – Damsons in the Wild definitely wins my vote!

  70. oona says:

    Winter sun is my fave- love the retro vibe :–)

  71. Kathy says:

    I really like the colour of your but I think I love best the yellow lime stars because don’t we all need a bit of sunny brightness in this dreary winter.

  72. The cherries cord is lovely. I like your cord Cleo. I just made one in a heavy wale, olive green. Not my fave colour but it looks great teamed with my red dms

  73. Karla says:

    Yellow lime stars is gorgeous!

  74. This is bladdy lavly! I’ve made one to be blogged shortly. I NEED another! Winter sun for me, super seventies – perfect colours for my mamma!

  75. Great dress, and what a creative mini pocket;-)
    I would love me some Damson in the wild.

  76. Janet Friel says:

    I would choose Yellow Lime Stars. I’ve just made my first Cleo and I love it – definitely going to make more! I love your resourcefulness is getting around the flawed fabric!

  77. Kate says:

    Damsons in the wild is plum gorgeous 😄

  78. Sarah Therese says:

    I love your Cleo. I think I would use the Yellow lime Stars to make my third Cleo.

  79. Lori says:

    Cherries Galore would be my favourite. I have some Damsons in the Wild already – 4 lovely meters of it. But Cherries Galore would be so lovely!

  80. Colleen says:

    I could definitely see myself in a Winter Sun pinafore dress, just perfect for posing on the allotment. Straight out of The Good Life a la Felicity Kendall.

  81. racurac2 says:

    Yellow lime Star for me please !!!!

  82. Solange says:

    I like the Damsons In The Wild fabric best.

  83. Pat Beadle says:

    Cherries galore looks fun. Would make a stunning little jumper

  84. Pat Austin says:

    Damsons in the wild is just lovely. That would prompt me to make a Cleo.

  85. Rena says:

    Damsons in the wild is gorgeous.

  86. Teresa says:

    I love the yellow lime stars! (I don’t normally go for yellow but I think this is fab!). Love the cleo on you, still not sure it would suit me despite all the gorgeous versions out there but dreaming of a moss skirt or something similar.

  87. Melanie says:

    Damsons in the wild — so beautiful! Maybe for a Coco?

  88. Jennie glaze says:

    I love the colour of your dress. And the wonky building. For me I think the cherry fabric would be cute.

  89. Lesley says:

    It has to be Damsons for me too – gorgeous colours!

  90. Methinki says:

    Cherries galore! Love your Cleo – looks perfect for this time of year – cosy!

  91. I really like the Winter Sun fabric – love your frock too – gawjus

  92. Megan says:

    Yellow Lime Stars as it would contrast fabulously with my red hair! Loving your Cleo dresses, but it’s not a style I could ever see myself wearing, so I’d make a skirt or maybe a little short jacket with the cord 🙂

  93. Ann Watts says:

    I’m with you – damsons in the wild- although that cherry print is pretty tempting too

  94. Aly Hookway says:

    Cherries. Has to be the cherries 🙂

  95. Jeannie says:

    Love them all but Yellow Lime Stars pushes me out of my comfort zone, which I would like to do more of in 2017. Love your Cleo! 👌

  96. Lynsey says:

    Love you Cleo, the colour is fab and I’m so tempted to try this pattern but unsure it will suit my frame, if I do take the jump it would definitely be in cord. Loving the cherries galore cord!

  97. Jenny Bowman says:

    Love the outfit! And for me it’s got to be the Yellow Lime Stars. In fact if I’m not lucky I am definitely going to purchase some. Thanks fir the giveaway. X

  98. Silvercloud says:

    Yellow Lime Stars – in these dark, dank, wintery days in Uk it makes me think Spring will soon be on its way!

  99. Grace says:

    I love the yellow lime stars! I think I might have to copy your “Cleolly” combination!!

  100. Kate says:

    I agree with you – Damsons in the Wild for me as well. I’ve made 3 Molly tops now and really love them. Thinking of getting some ponte to do a dress soon!

  101. amanda says:

    great giveaway! I really like the cherries galore needlecord. Thanks for bringing this shop to my attention- I hadn’t heard of them before but my parents live in Staffordshire so will have to fit in a visit to Tamworth next time I’m up there!

  102. Sarah Wilson says:

    Yellow Lime Stars 🙂

  103. Sam Chandler says:

    Thanks for the chance to win, love the ingenuity with the pocket, no-one will know but you (& us now!) I’ve already bought some plum cord to make my first Cleo, so I think it would have to be the cherries galore for me, Sam

  104. Jo Carroll says:

    I love your outfit, especially your solution you used with the ‘mini pockets’ should trademark that! – very clever 😉 The Cherries Galore cord is my favourite as it has that bold 50’s look about the pattern, so would work on plenty of designs. By the way where is that building you are standing in front of…talk about subsidance – guess they never believed in great foundations at the time it was built though?

  105. I quite liked the mini patch pockets, i may steal that idea as a design feature!

    It’s got to be Cherries Galore, hasn’t it? Love a good cherry print ^.^

  106. Julie C says:

    DAMSONS IN THE WILD – BABY CORD love the richness x

  107. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I really like the Yellow Lime Stars

  108. Heather Haigh says:

    I like Cherries Galore.

  109. You have inspired me to make a Cleo! A Cherries Galore Cleo would be fitting.

  110. lewisnancy54 says:

    Love your outfit, and the great fix you made for the fabric flaw. I, too, love the Damsons in the Wild fabric.

  111. Fiona Ray says:

    Lovely outfit – I like the Damsons in the Wild too!

  112. Clever fix. I’d go for the Cherries.

  113. Susie Mazur says:

    Oh my gosh those babycords are amazing!!!!!! My favourite might be the cherry one but the stars are a close second!!!

    And yessssss that 15thC house is beautiful!!

  114. Nyssa Jayne says:

    As they say, mend and make do!

    I am totally enamoured with the cherries galore. Super sweet!

  115. Anne says:

    Damsons in the wild seems to be everyone’s favourite, but mine too!

  116. Emily Handler says:

    Damsons in the Wild is definitely my favorite of the ones offered!

  117. Catherine Morrison says:

    Cherries galore for sure! Loving the Cleo fiesta at the moment!

  118. Jen says:

    Definitely damsons for me too. All those gorgeous colours to coordinate with. Think Agnes top in a plain jewel colour.

  119. Deborah says:

    I’m all for damsons in the wild, too. Love the color way. When flaws happen to me, I usually just go ahead and sew a patch of a coordinating fabric on if it’s a casual look, or cover with a little hand embroidery for a dressier look. But I’ll give you that the bootie is a little problematic. I think your solution was very clever. And who knows? Maybe your rear will enjoy having a little extra attention:).

  120. patricia welch says:

    that building looks as if it was made the way I make things….if the ends don’t line up, I just add a little bit of something else to fill in the space….I call it “Artistic”.
    BTW: You are so funny (in a good way) :o)

  121. Mertxe says:

    Lovely Cleolly, girl! I’d go back to Saeed’s to make a claim about that hole in the rear! (I am bitchy that way). Thank you for the give away, I love the cherries galore!

  122. klrochette says:

    DAMSONS IN THE WILD is definitely my favorite.

  123. Claire Corry says:

    I think I really need to have a go at a cleo I love that needle cord. I love the lime yellow stars I think it’s called. Looks very bright but it may be just what I need in the dark January weather. Thank you for the giveaway

  124. Claire says:

    Damson in the wild. I do love a ditsy floral. Great outfit too!

  125. Ian Murray says:

    I like Cherries. Very nice.

  126. sarah birkett says:

    lovely pinafore, I do wonder however how bad was the flaw in the material. Is it one of those things that looks horrendous to you and blaringly obvious but would have to be poined out to anyone else

  127. Hi! Gotta agree that Damsons in the wild has lovely look to it! 🙂

  128. Keshia esgate says:

    Agree completely Damsons in the wild

  129. Cindy Spencer says:

    Really like Damsons in the wild!

  130. Cindy says:

    Love the Cherries Galore! How fun would a dress be made with that?

  131. Caroline says:

    Cherries Galore is a striking design and I love the Navy background.

  132. esewing says:

    Love this cord, so glad you didn’t go with tiny pocket, although this may have drawn even more attention to your derriere !

  133. morag says:

    I do love a corduroy, and the baby ones are fabby… love the winter sun.

  134. Shelley Gibb says:

    I love your latest Cleo, wondering if I have the skill to make one or the figure to wear it. My favourite is Damsons in the Wild.

  135. Erin says:

    Great fix to make your Cleo more sturdy! I hate when bad things happen to good fabric and you don’t notice until it’s almost too late. As much as I loved the idea of a bonus mini pocket (and smiled at the photos) the placement definitely would’ve gotten people staring more than your actual fix. Damsons in the wild is beautiful fabric and would make a lovely dress.

  136. Corinne Wallace says:

    Ooh Damsons in the Wild is my favourite too. Lovely.

  137. Katy M says:

    That was so hard to choose! I think I’m going with the gorgeous house print cord 🏡 x

  138. Heather says:

    Love your dress, do we get to see the back pockets of peril?!

    I love ‘Cherries Galore’ – absolutely stunning! Would make a smashing pair of culottes, or Cleo dress 😉

  139. El says:

    Yes, damsons in the wild for me too, though I also love the yellow lime stars. Think I need some baby cord in my life.

  140. Lisa says:

    Damson in the wild is lovely

  141. Kathy Lynch says:

    Well, this creative (“like wot you are” hehe) thinks they’re all gorgeous but I think I’d choose “Small World City Lights” if I were the lucky winner. Thank you for the chance!
    Super cute outfit AND wonky building, btw! 🙂

  142. Ann Marshall says:

    Love your Cleo dress and Molly top. They go together really well. I would love a piece of the Damsons in the Wild. Gorgeous colour mix. Thank you for the giveaway.

  143. Ann says:

    Damsons in the Wild is gorgeous! Love the creative fix to the fault in the fabric, well done!

  144. architectann says:

    Damsons I the wild is great but I love winter sun. Nice Cleo dress, the colour is great.

  145. Mags says:

    Yellow lime stars for me. Love your Cleo.

  146. cathy James says:

    damsons in the wild is so pretty

  147. I really like the Yellow lime stars. Not really my colour but my eldest is really into that colour at the moment! Love the colour combo you have used in your outfit!

  148. Angela Brand says:

    I love Damsons in the Wild, it would make a lovely Cleo

  149. Christine Constable says:

    I love Cherries Galore and I love the Cleo dress too.

  150. I love Cherries Galore and I love the Cleo dress too.

  151. Eileen Hindley says:

    Damsons in the Wild

  152. Rebecca Ruff says:

    Damsons in the Wild would be my choice too, I am very tempted!

  153. ellie spider says:

    Damsons in the wild is deffo gorgeous

  154. Karen says:

    Loving your latest Cleo, gorgeous colour. It would have to be Damons in the Wild for me. Love it 😊

  155. Annie S. says:

    Love the Cleo would look fab in Cherries Galore! Thanks for the chance to win.

  156. sarah says:


  157. suebsewbyme says:

    I agree , love the damsons in the wild really sweet.

  158. That dress is such a gorgeous colour. Your colour palette sounds really gorgeous. I like the sound of all the colours together. They would all be fab with a navy as a neutral or grey. Definitely got to be “Damsons in the Wild”. You have an eye for fabric, looking forward to seeing what the bonkers ones are like. 🙂 Xx

  159. Shazz says:

    Damsons in the wild – Baby cord is gorgeous 🙂

  160. Elizabeth Moran says:

    I love the yellow star fabric. Hoping to attend the cleo course if I can, got to live a dress without my dreaded zips!!

  161. Su Brett says:

    Love the CHERRIES GALORE but agree the Damsons in the Wild is beautiful

  162. Deborah Griggs says:

    Love your Cleo. I’ve made one in a mink needlecord which I love but it seems a bit big. How did you find the sizing? I’m definitely making another and am looking for a cute print. Damsons in the Wild would be perfect!

  163. Nancy MacGregor says:

    I love your new outfit – the colour combo and the 2 pieces work great together. Regarding the contest – I love the colours found in the “Damson In The Wild” print and in my case I would make a new moto spring jacket out of the fabric in the event I was the lucky winner. Love your blog and the wonky building made me laugh.

    That’s all for now, (from Ontario, Canada) Nancy

  164. amanda greensmith says:

    love the damson colour

  165. leanne weir says:

    Love the Cherries Galore

  166. sarah parker says:

    the damsons in the wild is lovely

  167. fabrickated says:

    Cherries galore is the prettiest I think. Love the sound of your colour scheme Karen. And your fix on the fabric with a hole.

  168. Annette Oliver says:

    Cherries galore

  169. belgianseams says:

    Damsons in the wild does it for me!

  170. Carlene says:

    I love the yellow lime stars 😍

  171. Kat says:

    Damson in the wild sounds fantastic 🙂

  172. Jo says:

    OOh yeah, Damsons int he wild for me too! Somany options for what to wear underneath. I made a cleo out of Olive coloured baby cord with orange top stitching and I loved the whole styling but the baby cord didn’t seem strong enough to hold the shape. It sticks to my legs and is not heavy enough to stay down. How are you finding yours? Jo x

  173. I have to agree with you, the Damsons in the wild is scrummy!

  174. I’ve got to agree with you, Damsons in the Wild is scrummy!

  175. she1236 says:

    Your outfit looks lovely. Thanks for the chance to win. It’s Damsons in the Wild for me! x

  176. Claire says:

    Damsons in the wild for me too!

  177. Love the idea of prescribing yourself a colour palette for the year, I think I might so this too so that the things I make work well together and so I don’t get too carried away with buying ALL the fabric!
    Thanks for the giveaway, I love the Damsons in the Wild Baby Cord too! So cute! I’d love to make a Cleo too, and this might just be the thing that will bump it up to the top of my to-see list!

  178. Julie B says:

    As it is my birthday today…I will go mad for Cherries Galore!

  179. morkirlan says:

    Lovely Cleo! Favourite cord is Winter Sun. Thank you!

  180. Carol Andrew says:

    Love how you’ve styled your Cleo with a Liberty Molly! Totally agree that Damsons in the wild would make a fab Cleo 🙂

  181. Cal says:

    My choice would be winter sun , it is snowing here and I would love a bit of winter sun….

  182. Kathryn says:

    Damsons in the wild is fab

  183. freyafina says:

    Damsons in the Wild is beautiful 🙂
    I love the colour of your outfit too! Purple is such a fab colour.

  184. LondonREC says:

    I love Damsons In the Wild also!

  185. Sarah H says:

    Love a corduroy dress. Damsons in the wild is the one for me too.

  186. Sarah Hudspeth says:

    Love a corduroy dress. Damsons in the wild for me too.

  187. Great giveaway, thank you for organising. I like the Winter Sun cord best. Good save with the pocket btw.

  188. Jen says:

    Thank you for such a great giveaway! For me, it would be Damsons in the Wild – its such a fun colour palette and pattern. Love it! And your creativity with your pocket solution.

  189. Melanie says:

    Love you frock lovely! Very inspiring as I am trying to be more colourful in my clothing choices, and I like your idea to choose colours for the year…going to give it a go! 😊 Really like the Damsons in the wild too! Thank you x

  190. Summerflies says:

    There are a lot of overall type dresses about lately and remind me of a favourite I bought in Las Vegas years ago that was sadly left (stolen by the housekeeper more like it) in a hotel in Melbourne so I may be inspired to make a copy. Love the corduroy and the colour – good save too. I like Small World City Lights – we never get anything interesting like that here that I have seen anyway!

  191. lotuspeach says:

    The pairing you created looks great and the colors are so fun! I always admire the UK sewers using needle cord as it is rather hard to find it stocked in the U.S. I too like the Damsons in the Wild print! Thank you for the giveaway.

  192. Fiona K says:

    Definitely Yellow Lime Stars – this time of year is just the time to crave bright sunshine fabrics to get ready for Spring!!! X

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