I Fell Off My Pink Cloud With A Thud


Is pink one of the most hotly contested colours in a female’s wardrobe? After my Instagram feed was flooded with images of women, including Margaret Atwood, wearing pink pussy hats I think the answer is YES!

It’s a colour we’re able to debate, challenge, subvert … and wear.


The fabric is a crepe with a slight stretch to it, bought from TMOS. The stretch makes it perfect for the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress, which can be a leetle close fitting around the upper body. The close fitting is a detail I love (my fitting nemesis is my narrow upper chest and sloping shoulders) but it can make for a sense of restrictionย if your fabric has zero give.

A reader recently asked me if I’d had any fitting issues with this pattern. None, other than to lower the bust darts by an inch – an adjustment I make on most patterns. How about you? Any fitting issues with this baby? Personally, I find the sleeves a dream to insert. *wipesbrow*

This is a dress that I’ll be able to drag out of the washing machine, air dry and wear. Which means it’s a dress that will get a lot of use. The fact that the crepe doesn’t crease means it’s also a dress I’ll take with me on trips when I need to look smart.


The pink is magnificently toned down by black and grey. Yay!

The grey makes this dress a contender for my #makenine2017. I’ve chosen four key colours: grey, mustard, purple, red. (I still need to nominate nine patterns! More to come, including survey results.)

I’ve lost count of the number of Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dresses I’ve made. When you find your pattern, you find your pattern.

But really, this blog post is all about the colour pink. What say you? A colour you’d wear, or does it offend your eyes and your mind?


Today’s blog title? It’s a quote from Elizabeth Taylor.

NB The winner of my Hygge giveaway was Nancy, who’s hopefully received her copy of the book. Enjoy, Nancy!

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56 Responses to I Fell Off My Pink Cloud With A Thud

  1. BTW, just wanted to say, you really suit that print!
    Growing up I really disliked pink, but as I get older I find myself becoming more open to certain pinks, like peachy/pinky corals or blush pink tones. I even like rose gold these days – shock, horror!

    • Oh, I’m a big fan of rose gold and never even considered it to be pink! Also, I am currently knitting what I consider to be a beige cardigan and two people described the shade as Blush, which sounds more pink. Maybe pink is in the eye of the beholder!

  2. Jane says:

    love your dress on you, looks great, and I can almost cope with the pink. I am so not a pink girl, although the warmer salmon end of the colour range is ok.

  3. Gorgeous fabric! I love pink, but being a colour neat to our skin, it has to be becoming to one. And it totally is to you!

  4. sdaley2013 says:

    Great dress, might be tempted to try it. Lovely print, I love pinks like this.

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Karen, that dress is a classic. I always admire the pics you post of it ………… going to order the pattern this weekend. That shade of pink looks fabulous on you, it’s a gorgeous fabric/colour combination.

  6. Lucky Lucy says:

    looks great but as my Father used to say….you would look good in a grain sack!

  7. LinB says:

    Has to be a deep, dark rose pink for me to wear it, or a pink that is almost white — and it has to be a cool pink, rather than a hot pink. I rarely thought about the political connotations of that color, until the Recent Unpleasantness brought it to the forefront of my dried-up old brain. Will certainly make haste to include more pink in my wardrobe.

  8. Cherry says:

    I wish I had a man outside my Sainsburys. Pink in nature is one of my favourite colours though I hardly wear it. Love your dress.

  9. Nelba Vercuil says:

    I don’t really like pink and never wear it. I also swore that I would not let my little girl wear it. Guess what? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Kim MacLean says:

    Hi Karen, I also had to move the bust darts on the SoI shift dress, and I also had to do some grading between sizes, as cutting the size out matching my measurements meant it was much bigger on top in the first attempt. I have made 3 versions now and agree it is a super easy make. I also style mine loose without a belt like yourself, making it the most comfy dress for the post lunch belly ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Sarah says:

    Pink looks good on you! I’m a redhead, so I have to choose my shade carefully… But I’d proudly wear a pussy hat, clashing be damned.

  12. Nancy says:

    Thank you, Karen. Book received and devoured in appropriate hygge fashion! I plan to tackle one of the recipes this weekend.
    BTW, the pink suits you.

  13. I love this version on you. I can’t get enough pink in my wardrobe, including having pink hair which causes some clash issues. I have been making myself sew with black fabric recently to tone down my bright wardrobe choices as I only have three black items in my whole wardrobe!

  14. kalimak says:

    Pink and I have never liked each other. And I kind of wish women’s causes these days expanded their logos’ color palette so that the pink-averse crowd could feel a little less conflicted (not about the causes at all, just about the packaging). I do fully support pussy hats and, just to be clear, I’m fine with pink when it’s not the only option. Pink with gray is a wonderful combination, for instance.

  15. Tallulah says:

    I love the pink, not girly reasons, I just like it ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your dress…I love sew over it patterns, and have made about 5 pair of ultimate trousers and 2 Heather dresses ( had to take nearly inch off every seam below the bust but love it) . The ultimate shift dress is my nemesis…I have tried to make twice, first time way small around bust, shoulders and second just didn’t look right. I might try with a slight stretch fabric see if I can beat it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Aw, that’s a shame on the Shift Dress. I think it can be slim fitting around the shoulders, but fits me very well around the bust. As said below, I’m sure a lot of the challenge is finding that perfect match of body and pattern!

  16. This colour really suits you. You mentioned fitting issues. I’ve made a few Ultimate shift dresses but find the sleeves difficult to fit. There seems to be too much fabric in the sleeve head plus tight sleeves.Its strange as have slim arms. I want to love this pattern but can’t quite. The only version I found worked easily was in ponte roma.

    • Interesting! I’ve always found the sleeve heads pretty easy to fit. The arms are slim, but I like that. Often, I think it’s about the luck of the draw – what pattern drafting suits your body.

  17. lenelein says:

    I only ever wear pink during sports. It’s just not a colour I see myself in. But it looks good on you and other people!

  18. Lusty says:

    I love everything about this make. The print and the colors in that fabric look smashing on you. Am I the only one who is seeing eyes around chest level, with the pink flower just below and to the right evoking lips blowing a kiss?

  19. susew says:

    Rarely wear pink. Pastel shades don’t suit me so pale pink is out. A deeper shade of pink might be okay but have few items in my wardrobe that it could work with.

  20. amcclure2014 says:

    I really like this print. I’d certainly wear this. I like certain pinks, not others but the same is true of any colour.

  21. Kathryn Evans says:

    I love it and love pink and it INFURIATES me that we’re supposed to not like it because it’s associated with being feminine. Screw that on all counts. Firstly , why are colours gender specific at all? Secondly, why are we supposed to hate pink? Because it’s girly? i.e .weak and less than….? I’m a woman, I’m bloody ace and I like pink so fight me. ( not you , you’re lovely)

    • Ha, ha! I should have known you’d have strong opinions on this topic.

    • LinB says:

      PInk was originally designated for boy babies, and blue for girls — in the 1910, when retailers began “dictating” gender-specific colors in babywear. It was not until the 1940s when popular taste solidified around the “pink for girls, blue for boys.”

      Babies do not care what color you dress them in. My little girl looked marvelous in navy blue, and in gray. When she started picking out her own clothes, she chose black. She likes pink, but I did not restrict her to only pink pink pink.

  22. kinoethermes says:

    I believe pink was associated with boys in early 20th century. Hated it as a kid but I’m coming around as I’ve gotten older.

    Lovely dress!

  23. Danielle says:

    Loving the dress (I need to check this pattern out!) and fabric. I love the almost paint splatter effect, and the color combo is fab. In my adolescent/teen years I tended to avoid pink because I wasn’t a “girly girl” and I always felt pink was a “girly girl” color… as I got older, I enjoyed it for what it was: a fun color! Now I’m happy to wear it ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Connie says:

    I try to avoid pink but it is a becoming color for me. I don’t like it because of Barbie doll pink and because the clothing manufacturers seem to think pink is for women and girls but I prefer strong colors. However, your dress is really very nice, I like the fabric and would even wear it myself because the pink is not the whole story.

  25. I LOVE pink and I wear it often. Surprisingly, or not, I never wore pink as a child. I’m not sure if it was because my Mom is so NOT a pink person or the weird ‘rule’ that people with red hair can’t wear pink. What’s up with that?

  26. Donna G says:

    I also need to make adjustments to shoulders and bust area like you. I am doing my first sew where I need to lower the darts this week. Perfect timing. I’ve been mia due to becoming a uni student but it’s been nice to have some summer holidays time ti read your blog and catch up. How far you’ve come since that old 2nd hand machine is amazing. Well done. And congrats on quitting your job and trying something different.

  27. Anne Frances says:

    That’s such a lovely fabric. My husband wears pink shirts and so do I. I think pink can be good in a crisp and tailored shirt and – as you show- as part of a print. I wouldn’t wear anything frilly or drapey in it.

  28. PsychicKathleen says:

    Beautiful and bold! I love your dress and I am a huge fan too of the Ultimate Shift Dress! Every time I put on that dress I think, “I’m going to have to make more of these!” I made mine though in a knit as well but that made it just perfect. Love that dress pattern honestly. I don’t gravitate to pink but when I do happen to wear something that’s pink (I bought some really pretty loud pink textured silk years ago that made a beautiful blouse) everyone compliments me on how good I look. I suit it and to be honest I think pink is flattering on most people but it’s typically hard to bring yourself to buy! I don’t know why that is?!

  29. Bobbi says:

    Cool dress! It looks gorgeous on you.
    I love pink. I especially like hot pink and magenta shades. I would wear it more if I didn’t have an all-black dress code at work.

  30. ginpins says:

    I just love everything about your new dress! The crepe fabric, the color/print, style and how great it looks on you. Also, it looks so smart with the black stockings and booties — perfect styling! I like most pinks though tend to favor the more saturated hues, the baby pinks wash me out!

  31. Jo says:

    That dress really is a winner for you. I an go any way on pink, depends exactly what shade, how I am feeling and what I am making. Jo x

  32. patricia says:

    You look very good in the dress, the pretty floral print and especially the clear pink color. I love pink anyway. The color is fresh and youthful. To my thinking, you may want to add more pink to your life because you really suit the color.

  33. Jen says:

    On a similar vein, thought some may be interested in Chile’s ‘hombres tejedores’ (men who knit) to promote a less macho and more tolerant society….There is hope!


  34. Anne Elias says:

    I love pink, all shades. Love it or hate it, it’s just a colour. All in the eye of the beholder. Your dress is gorgeous!

  35. Natalie says:

    I’ve always though of myself as not a ‘pink person’…however, I would use this fabric! It’s not too overpowering at all and looks lovely as a shift dress ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Michael says:

    I love pink and I’m a guy! One of the first shirts I made was a pink linen number. I have a dozen pink polo shirts so pink rules!

  37. I found it very narrow in the upper chest. Doing a toile this time to see if going up a size would help, or maybe smaller seam allowances. In contrast I found the shoulders in the SOI cowl neck dress very wide (even in the smallest size) and will be lobbing abut 2 inches out of the back of that pattern next time. It almost seemed the shift dress had the right shoulder width for a knit and the cowl neck back neckline width might be better for a woven, on my body at least.

  38. Ros says:

    Pink is the neutral in my wardrobe. All shades, all prints, all the way.

  39. Rosemary says:

    I love your dress. I made a pink flowery shift dress recently but wasn’t sure about it. Seeing yours gives me more confidence to wear it. Although your fabric is awesome!

  40. Your dress is beautiful! I really need to make the Ultimate Shift Dress. I’ve had the pattern prepped for months but couldn’t decide on a fabric. Regarding pink, I always think that I don’t especially like it but then I look down and realize that I’m wearing it all over. So, in reality I really do like pink.

  41. Deb says:

    HA!! I bought this fabric (before seeing this) for my Ultimate Shift Dress pattern. I mentioned you in my fabric haul Vlog post that I’m just editing…too funny!

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