7 Years Of Blogging & Giveaway


Wow, how did that happen? Seven years of sharing my sewing, my life, my dog. It’s my bloggiversary today. I’ve made lots of lifetime friends, I’ve made a lot of clothes (I just chucked some out this morning!) and I’ve written lots and lots of words. I won’t count them up.

I’ve grown seven years older, but I’d hazard a guess that I’m not hugely wiser.

To celebrate my ignorance, a giveaway!


  • Just under 1.5 metres of Liberty tana lawn, photographed above
  • A Stoff & Stil tape measure in its own little tin

Pins not included in the giveaway!

I’ve also heard a whisper that I came second in the Sewing Blog Of The Yearย category in yesterday evening’s British Craft Awards. The Foldline won and let’s all give them a very big cheer indeed, because they blooming deserve it.

This giveaway is open worldwide, as ever, and shall close at midnight GMT on Wednesday 22 February. To enter, leave a comment below and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see more of here at Did You Make That.

Good luck and a very sincere thank you for beingย a faithful and supportive reader!

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239 Responses to 7 Years Of Blogging & Giveaway

  1. aibby says:

    Congratulations on 7years blogging. I think I’ve been following you for most of that. I really enjoy your blog, and I’d love to see more finished makes.

  2. Helena Wagstaff says:

    Happy blogging birthday Karen, ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‚ I’ve been following you for about 2-3 years but looked back over older posts. Love the variety of makes, we could always have more about Ella!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Dru Peters says:

    Your blog is inspiring! Congratulations on your recognition. I’d love that beautiful fabric!

  4. Linda Pierce says:

    Happy blogaversay! I love to see what you make and all the tips and hints you give! Like the commenter above, I could always see more of Ella too:)

  5. Pam Green says:

    Wow! Is it really 7 years? Congratulations!๐ŸŽ‰
    I’ve been reading your blog since pretty close to the beginning, and cannot believe where the time has gone (typical middle-aged comment). ๐Ÿ˜„

  6. Love your blog and hope I win!

  7. Sophia Hartley says:

    More of the same please ๐Ÿ™‚ and your blog is brilliant x

  8. Gaynor says:

    Congratulation on 7 years! I’m always keen to have fitting tips and techniques. I’ve been sewing for 5 years and still make clothes that don’t fit the way I’d like.

  9. sewdalriada says:

    First came across you through your Guardian blogging which helped me rediscover the joy of sewing. Looking forward to another seven years of inspiration!

  10. JJ says:

    Hi lovely, been following you around from the beginning and love your progress๐Ÿ‘
    The goodies are well worth hoping for. Thanks for the chanceโค๏ธ

  11. Anna-Marie says:

    Wow! Congratulations on seven years of blogging. I’m a beginner sewer and really enjoy all your posts but would love a fitting tips/tutorials mini series. The Liberty fabric is beautiful, thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Sara says:

    Congratulations! We are all getting older, but most of us don’t get wiser!! I love reading about how you might have altered a pattern to suit your measurements. Most of us, I guess, sew because RTW doesn’t fit! So fitting and altering are my two big issues! PS, also we can never have enough dog pics!!

  13. Wow congrats on the blogiversary! I love song your makes and reading about what works and doesn’t work for you in the world of sewing!

  14. Red W Sews says:

    Congratulations! I love reading your blog, particularly the finished makes (and Ella!)

  15. Christine Taylor says:

    Congratulations on your seventh anniversary. I would like to see more info on fitting and finishing please.

  16. noak73 says:

    I’m new to your blog. I follow you in Bloglovin’.

  17. skaapie says:

    Congrats on 7 years! Thanks for the giveaway.
    Not much extra I’d like to see, but I’m a big fan of Ella! Hooray for Puppy Power! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. iribeiro says:

    Happy bloggiversary!! 7 years is definitively a huge milestones. I don’t have any requests about your blog, just keep doing what you’re doing, we love it!!

  19. Diane Hudson-Sharpe says:

    Well done! I love reading your blog which is original, informative and well put together in a non-patronising way. Thanks for the chance to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. sewneedy says:

    Congratulations on your 2nd place, well deserved. This is one of my favourite blogs and one that always seem to crop up when I google various sewing issues or projects, so you must be doing something right! More of the same please, a mix of quick and more detailed projects, with tips on fitting and adjustments would get welcomed

  21. margueritedesigns says:

    Well done! I love reading your blog which is original, informative and well put together in a non-patronising way. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Katie M says:

    Happy anniversary. You’ve done well to maintain the enthusiasm 7 years down the track. I always want to see more photos of your makes in progress. I usually pick up a tip or two every time you publish how you completed your makes.

  23. Sheila says:

    Thank you for 7 years of blogging Karen. I have come back to dressmaking after many years and learned so much from your posts. I love the range of topics you cover especially the tips you don’t find in books. Wearing a headlamp to cope with sewing black fabric still makes me smile!

  24. ooobop says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Karen. Always makes my day a brighter one, to see a Didyoumakethat notification in my inbox! x

  25. Bridget says:

    Hi karen, congratulations on 7 years blogging. I’d love to see more of your in progress projects, also there is no such thing as too much Ella.

  26. Irene Baskouta-Pavlidou says:

    Hi Karen, that’s a long way you’ve done! I like your blog! At this stage in my sewing I like seeing pattern alterations and pattern hacks.

  27. I’m enjoying reading about what you’re doing and the breadth of ideas that you introduce. Happy Anniversary. Jan

  28. Seven years, blimey! Is anything itching? lol I’ll be racking up 2 years of blogging soon and that feels like a lot, well done missus. I’m drooling at the tiny chance of getting my sticky mitts on that Liberty lawn…fingers crossed

  29. Helena says:

    Happy bloggiversary! I like the mix you have of finished creations and thought-provoking posts regarding just about anything related to sewing, so please keep it up.

  30. Hanta Theron says:

    Congratulations on 7 years of blogging! I really love reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  31. Rachel Smith says:

    What lovely fabric! I’d love to win it. And just keep doing what you’re doing! x

  32. lauriesannie says:

    Seven years! That’s an accomplishment. Most of the bloggers I started with have fallen by the wayside. I know a person can make only so many coats but I loved your blue coat and those beautiful bound buttonholes. Ella is always welcome.

  33. Fabrickated says:

    Congratulations Karen. You set the standard. Always well written, always interesting and engaging. And nice clothes (and hair. And dog)

  34. Alison says:

    Congratulations! Lovely mix of makes. I enjoyed hearing your gentle northern vowels being a fellow northerner so more of that perhaps. Plus how about recommended reading (or do you blog that elsewhere and I’m missing it?). Gorgeous fabric giveaway x

  35. Kate Vaughan says:

    7 years! Wow! I haven’t been sewing long (only a year), but you have greatly helped me get to where I am now. Thank you for making my world a more enjoyable place!

    I’d love to see more tips on fitting, I’m such a weird petite shape that it’s one thing I’m really struggling with.

  36. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations Karen! Yours was the first sewing blog I discovered and you have inspired me to have more confidence to sew my own clothes. You were also the first to alert me to the delights of Goldhawk Rd- thank you, I feel I owe you a lot as I get so much pleasure from sewing. I think any tips and hints are great to read – from what fabric for certain patterns , sewing with tricky fabrics to what tools and equipment you find most useful. Keep up the great work and thanks for offering us this chance of winning that lovely fabric

  37. MARIE L ROCHE says:

    Your blog is inspiring. I appreciate the details you show giving me confidence to try new techniques. Thank you for your give away.

  38. Jane says:

    Congratulations on 7 years of blogging. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for the giveaway, and for sharing Ella of course!

  39. Julie says:

    More of the same! I think your blog is the perfect mix of pattern reviews (both pretty and practical) and philosophy around sewing and wearing handmade. Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜Š

  40. Deb Cameron says:

    I think the first post of yours I read was when you were sitting next to Paddington Bear in a tunic you had made from a Leisl&Co pattern. I loved it and immediately purchased the pattern. I love your blog, please just keep blogging your journey ๐Ÿ’—

  41. Linds says:

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your sewing tips and advice on obtaining the best fit. I have been sewing for a long time but often find knit fabric daunting. Your insights into knits have been very helpful. And thank you for sharing Ella with us.

  42. Congratulations on your 7 years! I started sewing after being away from it for many years and have been inspired by you. As a knitter, I appreciate seeing your makes. Best wishes for another great year to you and Ella.

  43. Judith says:

    Congratulations! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽˆLove your blog, more of the same, please!

  44. Bia says:

    I really enjoy your sewing projects and seeing the neighborhood. Your fitting changes always intrigue me.

  45. oona says:

    congrats! I noticed my now neglected tumblr-blog is also turning 7 years old this year. time goes too fast on the internet. tutorials are always fun. I also love your outfit posts. more of them, please!

  46. Alja Pfeifer says:

    Love your blog, is one of the rare that I follow regulary. Keep at it๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. Asheley says:

    Congrats on the anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog and am struggling to think of anything that I could possibly suggest.

  48. Susan Bowdler says:

    Happy Bloggiversary, on my birthday! And amethyst is my birthstone (apparently!) so the lawn is just perfect. Have followed your blog almost since the beginning and like that you tackle harder projects, with musings. What about the always contentious subject of ‘The Capsule Wardrobe’ ? I’m never sure I’m ready for something so organised….
    Congrats on the silver medal!

  49. I like posts on how you did something. Even if it seems like an obvious thing to do for you, for some of us, it’s a revelation!

  50. Yvette says:

    Congratulations! I’d be happy seeing more of the same โ€“ love your blog!
    Thanks for the giveaway as well!

  51. Faye Lewis says:

    Congratulations on 7 great years of blogging! I know just how much time and energy it takes to produce good content for 7 years. I enjoy reading keep up your good work!

  52. bracken says:

    Well I am also one of Ella’s fans! I did originally drop by because of the sewing tho. Happy bloggery. Congrats on still blogging. I hope I will last that long. Tho it does seem to become part of life I find. Happy birthday

  53. Caroline Young says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now. I love it, great content and an interesting read every time. I’d love to win some Liberty fabric, let’s face it, who wouldn’t. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  54. Louise says:

    Happy blogiversary!
    You are probably my favourite blog writer, love your style and humour and your frequent little posts. Just keep it all coming! Xx

  55. LoriAnne says:

    You’re doing great, love what you’ve been doing, keep up the great work.

  56. nancy lewis says:

    Congratulations on your milestone!! I love the sewing tips, but enjoy your blog whatever you post.

  57. Kathryn says:

    Happy bloggiversary! Here’s to more of the same. Beautiful fabric, btw. I’m new to this (not sewing; been doing that for decades..๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜) and hope I have some beginners luck!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  58. lacasacactus says:

    Happy blog-iversary! I love fitting tips. I’ve recently started sewing for me and I’m happy to find some of my issues have already been addressed in blogs like yours!

  59. lewisnancy54 says:

    Congratulations on your milestone!! I love your sewing posts, and enjoy all you post.

  60. Happy bloggiversary and congratulations for the Sewing Blog of the Year award, you totally deserve it! And please just keep going, that’s all!

  61. Anne says:

    Congratulations! I always enjoy your blog, here’s to the next seven years!

  62. Mary says:

    Happy Blogversary Karen! Job well done…just keep doing what you’ve been doing!

  63. Debby58 says:

    I love to see your ideas when you buy new fabric through to the finished articles. The way sometimes it changes along the process and what it makes you think of whilst carrying out your sewing to maybe take a different route. Always interesting to see bargain purchases too.

  64. drusmumdoes says:

    I think you have a good mix of posts but find the ones where you start with sewing then he a bit philosophical like the body image post. Also love seeing Ella!

  65. foodienelly says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary of your blogging. Yours was one of the blogs I first found when I started sewing! Love seeing your makes!

  66. Michelle Young says:

    Congratulations! I always enjoy your posts. I’d love to see more about the fitting part of clothes making.

  67. suzy roberts says:

    Happy blogging anniversary. Wow! Seven years. Iยดve been following you for at least 6, and you were one of the reasons I got back into sewing. So thank you. I think your blog is excellent and well-balanced. I particularly like the tips, like the pleats you did the other day. Simple things which help our sewing look more professional. Keep on blogging! Suzy x

  68. Congratulations!! I love everything that you post here so…more of it all ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. I read your posts faithfully, always enjoy them. Follow on instagram too where I can keep up on Ella and her adventures. I would love to see an occasional post on the tools and notions you use, and if they work best with specific fabrics. Keep up the good work, look forward to many more interesting posts.

  70. Alison says:

    Congratulations on passing the 7 year itch! Your always inspiring, and often thought provoking posts are a highlight in my feed.

  71. Veronica Marie says:

    I would love to see more dresses! There can never be too many dresses : )

  72. Susan Wright says:

    Congratulations on 7 years of blogging, Love reading yours. I like it just the way it is , did find your tutorial on pleats really useful . Thank you Karen and Ella xxx

  73. wizzyh says:

    Congratulations! I love reading your blog. I have no suggestions for anything I’d like to see more of, apart from more pics of your gorgeous dog!

  74. Els says:

    Congratulations Karen! Your blog is the only sewing blog I always read. I started reading it when we moved to Namibia, then continued reading it in London, Zambia, Belgium, Luxembourg and now from the Netherlands. Absolutely love it. One of my favourites were the photographs with random strangers! No change required – i am loving the sometimes shorter posts as well, easy to read between working!

  75. I love everything you do and just more of everything really – here is to another 7 stitchy years!

  76. Bobbi says:

    I love seeing your finished makes! And , of course, that adorable puppy!

  77. Ann Pollack says:

    Congrats on 7 years! I’m a relatively new reader (I stumbled across your blog on Instagram last month). So I’d say more of the same would be great! Keep up the awesome work & thanks so much for hosting a giveaway

  78. Sara says:

    More Ella!

  79. Jen (NY) says:

    Congratulations! Didyoumakethat was one of the first, if not the first, sewing blog that I happened upon x years ago and it’s been a favorite ever since – always the first to be read. As for what I’d like to see, just keep going! Thanks for sharing, Karen!

  80. Shelly says:

    Wow 7 years I love your blog and thanks to you I discovered the joy of Walthamstow!

  81. Karen says:

    Congratulations on seven years of blogging.

  82. carlalissa says:

    Congratulations on your Blog-anniversary! You sure have shared quite a bit through out this years and has been a pleasure reading all your posts!…Whenever possible love to see also your garment interiors. Thank you

  83. PsychicSewerKathleen says:

    I’m a huge fan of your blog Karen – hailing all the way from Victoria BC Canada ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your tips on what fabric you’ve used with what pattern and you’re always so great with pictures! I know how much work you put into your blog and you deserve to win in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for running this contest – that Liberty looks lovely!

  84. wakeymakes says:

    Happy Blog anniversary. Just more of the same please. You have a lovely way with accessories which makes your photos special and individual. Love your location choices too. Looking forward to the next 7 year . Thanks for the chance with the giveaway K xXx

  85. Susan Reid says:

    Congratulations! I love it when I get a notification of your latest blog! I always want to see more of Ella!

  86. Happy blogday! What I like most to see in your blog is makes makes makes. I never have enough of them! I love your pictures!

  87. Hi Karen, well done on your bloggiversary! I am sure I have said it before but your blog was one of the very first blogs I started to follow, it inspired me to start mine and your Goldhawk Road meet up was the first I ever went to! Whilst I have sewn off and on for years, you were right there at the beginning of this phase of my sewing life and for that I say a big thank you! Your sewing and writing is always an inspiration and Ella is always welcome!

  88. Vivella says:

    Wow congratulations.

  89. redsilvia says:

    Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment!

    I love seeing your work progress shots, little bits of how you managed a problem or learned a new trick. Of course Ella, more Ella! And since I love traveling and London, some photo essays of your corner of the world. Very demanding today, sorry.

  90. Martha Hesselein says:

    Congrats and go you! Since I’m in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) and live vicariously through blogs, I love your travel entries. I also love your techniques posts. Here’s my question. Is “The Man Outside Sainsbury’s (sp)” the name of the business, or just his universal moniker?

  91. Heather Albanese says:

    wonderful blog… I enjoy every one.

  92. Nancy says:

    I would love to see more of you and Ella. I love that where you travel Ella travels. She is a good companion. Post more of your makes.

  93. Jodie Kachkar says:

    Congratulations! Happy 7th Blogaversary. I’m really enjoying your blog as it is, so don’t have any suggestions for changes. I like the wide variety of patterns you sew. Thanks for doing the give-a-way and making it world wide. Hope the postage isn’t too dear for you and the winner (which is me!, I hope!!) Take care!

  94. Johanna says:

    ๐ŸŒทCongratulations with this anniversary. Bravo for your second place in the Sewing Blog of the year. I am always looking forward to your next post. It gives me a lot of inspiration. I have never made somerhing with Liberty fabric so maybe this is my chance to win and make something!๐Ÿ’

  95. Carol says:

    What a great anniversary to be able to celebrate. Your makes seem to always turn out great. Thank you for sharing with us.

  96. Rita says:

    Congrats! Thanks for so many helpful tips.

  97. SaSa says:

    7 years! I think I am following your blog for five years now and I am enjoying it like before. Thank you for your work, and for the giveaway!
    Maybe I would like to see more about your sewing procedure and makes. Is good as is though, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Jacqueline Roos says:

    Happy 7 years of blogging. I never miss one of your blogs.

  99. Laura S says:

    Congrats on seven years!! That is quite an achievement, love your blog so much!!

  100. mensew says:

    Wow, 7 years, what a bloggerversary! Many congratulations ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ

  101. Caroline says:

    Congratulations on your bloggerversary. I really enjoy your dry wit, Ella shots and detailed images of your lovely work with your helpful tips. Keep up the great work from one Northerner to another x

  102. Julia says:

    I’m new to sewing and am always envious of how lovely your makes are, but I would love to see you in action making something; the process you go through from cutting out, sizing, sewing, unpicking! and finished garment.

  103. Naomi Sews says:

    Gorgeous fabric for the giveaway. Congratulations on 7 years of blogging- I hope that my new blog is as interesting and informative in 7 years time! My favourite posts to read are finished makes, pattern reviews and tips/tricks so I have loved the recent posts on your Butterick 5455 dress (and all the Instagram pictures).

  104. Jo Laycock says:

    Congrats on the landmark! Might sound odd, but I particularly like that you keep your posts short, to the point and easy to read – something I need to try and emulate for my own posts! I’d like to see more of the Man Outside Sainsburys and his wares – don’t think I’ll ever get bored of drooling over lovely yet reasonably priced fabric!

    • I do try to cut out anything extraneous from a blog post. I find it really useful to write it, then read it and think, ‘What could I lose without losing the essence of the post.’ There are often quite a lot of woolly words that it’s easy to lose. Hope that helps!

  105. PocketC says:

    Congratulations on seven years! I’d like to see more of the pup. ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Jenny says:

    Congratulations Karen. Your blog is one of my favourites and I love to see the lovely Ella often. i hope you are happy in your new chosen career. It is important to get your work life balance right and you seem to have it just right. With love x

  107. Ruth says:

    I enjoy reading your blog because you write in a very helpful, practical way about how patterns come together, what tweaks you needed to make, and the fabrics you use, just the kind of details I like to help me pick what I’m going to make next. So I suppose I’d just like to read more of the detailed posts on new patterns you’ve tried and how they’ve worked out. And I do love that tana lawn…

  108. barbara woods says:

    i love to see blocks and the inches of each cut piece in the block, thanks

  109. Cindy says:

    Congratulations on the recognition and 7 years blogging! I enjoy your blog, and appreciate the tips and inspiration.

  110. katnfranks says:

    Congrats on 7 years of blogging! I would like to hear more about your knitting adventures as I’m also new to knitting.

  111. Lyndle P says:

    Congratulations! I enjoy all your posts, as it happens. I like seeing your sewing, hearing about your sewing and glimpses of your Othrr Life. Also what you buy from the Man Outside Sainsburys. Perhaps I am just nosy. But I do like your style, both written and sartorial. Here’s to the next seven years!

  112. BrewerBarbara says:

    Thank you for sharing your sewing and knitting blog with us all.
    I’d like to hear about what comes first: the fabric or the pattern? Do you have a gorgeous piece of fabric that you know you want a tunic out of and you hunt for years for the perfect design OR you love a new indy pattern and go in search of just the right fabric?

  113. Pauline says:

    It’s a toss up whether I love seeing the gorgeous clothes you make (one day I will be brave enough to try sewing a garment) or seeing pictures of your adorable dog. If I’m honest, I would probably like to see more dog pictures. Thanks for a very enjoyable read – always greatly appreciated.

  114. Happy blogging birthday ๐ŸŽ‚ I’d love to see more of your fabulous fabric prints to encourage me to continue to be brave with design.

  115. Sue Wardell says:

    Hi Karen Congratulations on 7 years of blogging. Your posts are an inspiration to us all. It is amazing when you look back to see how far we all have come with our creations. Especially when we have the confidence to create our own clothes. Love your blog

  116. Liliana says:

    Happy 7 years! Just continue the good work, I love your blog!

  117. Birgitte says:

    So many happy thoughts on your bloggiversary! I enjoy your blog immensely! May you keep following your heart where it takes you.

  118. Nicola Bostock says:

    Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading when I dusted off my sewing machine a few years ago and I still love it! Happy 7 years! I love seeing your finished makes and more Ella is always welcome. Thanks for a chance to win such a fab prize.

  119. Shelley says:

    Love it just as it is. I alwats look forward to opening your posts when they appear in Bloglovin. Here’s to another 7 years!

  120. Kasey says:

    Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed your sense of style, your sense of humor, and your dog photos (though I agree with another comment above, I could stand to see more of those…). Your makes have led me to some new (to me) patterns I wouldn’t have previously considered, and though I don’t have the time to sew that I wish I did, I’ve managed to sew up a few things here and there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  121. Congratulations!!!! I’d like to see more dog. There is no such thing as enough doggies!

  122. Annie S. says:

    Congratulations! Your blog is one of my favourites as I enjoy reading about your sewing projects. I love your style and would love to know where you find the wonderful coloured tights to accessorise your makes!

  123. Sarah Owen says:

    Well done, what an amazing experience. I love seeing how you’ve styled your finished articles ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. Claire says:

    Congrats on 7 years. Here’s to the next 7! I like when you share top tips as well as seeing your lovely makes.

  125. Kate says:

    Congratulations on both counts- for reaching the 7 year landmark and for the success of your blog! The comment you wrote recently about not having liked your back when you were younger and the liberation that has come with enjoying your body now really struck a chord with me. Have decided to tackle a deep V back myself and enjoy wearing it.

    Thank you

  126. Alex says:

    Happy bloggiversary! And more importantly thank you for creating so much inspiring and entertaining content!

  127. Nicola says:

    I love your blog . The dog bits especially so I know mine isn’t the only pampered pooch out there. Like to see more of your wardrobe building and how often you wear all your clothes and which ones are the real winners.

  128. megan says:

    Congratulation on seven year and the second place, a great achievement. So happy to see you doing so well. Lets see more of the lovely Ella!

  129. amcclure2014 says:

    Congratulations on your blogiversary. And in doing so well in the blogger of the year. I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more. I like your style.

  130. Ruta says:

    Congratulations! Thank You for the giveaway. For me, please, more knitting. But I ‘m happy with everything that You like to share…

  131. Gillian Omar says:

    Seven years of sharing your knowledge and inspirations with the sewing community. A big thank you Karen.

  132. Joanne in Montreal says:

    Congrats on 7 years of blogging. Rewarding is what most bloggers seem to say, but time consuming I imagine it is. So who am I to ask for specific types of posts? I enjoy reading them and that’s enough for me.

  133. artcoopsville says:

    I’ve been following your blog for about three years. I love hearing about your sewingescapades and the man outside Sainsbury’s. I’d love to see more of the techniques you use and how you choose your fabrics.

  134. Ewelina says:

    Wow 7 years is quite a chunk of life, congratulations! Knits please, I’m always looking for inspiration in the comfy fabric/pattern area. Your post about stoffandstil for instance resulted in a significant dent in my budget ๐Ÿ˜ฑ;)

  135. Jo says:

    Happy seventh (Copper and wool apparently)! I have to say I like your style of writing and the mix of subjects you write about. I would say carry on as you are. Thank you.

  136. Fraggle says:

    Congratulations on 7 years… I think I have read it all! Love that you don’t just post finished garments, but also have a conversation about the life of someone who sees, the insights and foibles of another sewist are entertaining and thought provoking.

  137. Tracey says:

    Yours was the first blog I encountered when I got back into sewing – Ella caught my eye as she is like my Ludo’s twin. I like how the blog has developed and find the pattern reviews and photos helpful. It’s fun having little posts – like a blog text as it doesn’t always need to be a long piece. I have found tmos and am hoping to visit Goldhawk Rd soon ( up in London 3/3/17 for a sewing event, you might even be going) congratulations on 7 years

  138. Jen says:

    Congrats on the blogiversary – hoping it doesn’t lead to a ‘seven year itch’.

    I’ve only recently discovered your blog (and sewing) and what I struggle with the most is understanding fabrics – the difference between quilting cotton, lawn, twill etc. Not having a fabric shop nearby means I always order online. Anything based around this would be an enormous help to me.

  139. Lori says:

    Congratulations! 7 years! I love your techniques posts and your finished items.

  140. Congratulations on the blogiversary!! Your blog is always such a delight to sit down with and have cuppa!!

  141. Svetlana says:

    My congratulon with the 7th years anniversary of your blog! I wish you a creative inspiration,and many new ideas.I like your blog a lot. Thank you very much indeed. Svetlana.Ukraine

  142. Jo Woods says:

    Happy Bloggiversary! Just keep doing what you’re doing ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Sue says:

    My favorite posts are when you share your finished garments in action,so we get to see your life and travels.

  144. I think I’d like to see you and Ella in matching outfits!!!
    Congratulations on 7 years of blogging

  145. Eliza-sew-little says:

    Congratulations! Hope you haven’t got a seven year itch. I love your blog as it is, great patterns, funny reviews, a normal mix of success and ‘ challenges’ . Thank goodness you keep it up. So many of my fave blogs have dropped off. Thank you

  146. Lyndalee says:

    I love your blog. I have learned so much. You inspire me to make more, try more, and be adventurous. I would love to see more details of making each outfit. Thanks for your work.

  147. Maria Wilson says:

    I am 53 and thought I love sewing so am doing garment construction and pattern making course. Drive 6 hours one day a week to complete the 5 day a week course. Have to do my assignments at night after work. Really committed. The course providers are really flexible as long as I do my homework. Will be tuning into your blog. Thanks

  148. Eleanorroar says:

    Congratulations. I love your bog and instagram. When I was on holiday in London I made a special trip to Walthamstow Market using your handy map. I have trouble with patterns fitting right out of the packet and that puts me off starting most projects. Thank you, Eleanor

  149. Bรฉa says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I love your thinky posts best.

  150. Elle says:

    Your blog is so well-written–and useful. And always entertaining, which is much-appreciated. I know a little girl who would love something made from that fabric. But then, so would I.

  151. Lydia says:

    Congratulations- I always find your blog so inspiring- I have the miette cardigan on my needles thanks to you. Love to hear more about your current knitting projects in your lovely gold bag.

  152. Ann says:

    Happy Bloggiversary! You are one of the people that inspired me to begin sewing clothing again after a long hiatus. More of the same would be perfect. I have especially appreciated your posts detailing various techniques. So I suppose more of those would be nice too.

  153. Happy Bloggiversary! I can’t imagine that you could improve on your content. I never tire of seeing Ella, and love to know what tools and tricks you use. Your black ultimate shift dress with the orange (?) is one of my all time favorites. Thank you for hosting this giveaway…good luck to all of us!

  154. Karrie says:

    Congrats on 7 years of blogging!! I’ve been reading for about a year ๐Ÿ™‚ I love seeing what you make, and love your style and voice! I hope you are here for several more years!


  155. Congrats on your blogiversary! I’ve always admired your casual and fun writing style (and I’m a sucker for when your darling dog makes an appearance!), and I can’t wait to read some more posts!

  156. Katie says:

    Congratulation’s on 7 years.
    I love seeing your sewing adventures I’d love to see more about where you buy fabric.

  157. Cheryl says:

    When I found your blog last year I enjoyed it so much I went back to the beginning and read it like a good book. I found it hard to put my iPad down as I wanted to find out what happened in the next instalment! I now eagerly await the next email to read a new post.
    I find your blog inspiring, funny and honest.
    Happy 7 years Karen and just keep doing what you already do so well.

  158. Kathy says:

    I think you are doing everything just right.

  159. Kathryn Skoyles says:

    I’ve been sewing for four years and you’ve always been an inspiration. I’m thinking of starting a blog – and you’re an inspiration for that too! My favourite posts are those which feature (in definite order of importance) your lovely dog and finished garments

  160. Anna Robinson says:

    I left you a comment on Bloglovin but thought I’d better leave it here too! I like seeing your finished makes and would like to see how you adapt patterns. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations!! X

  161. Hazel Zoia says:

    You should be proud to have kept up the blog. I always have a notebook and pen handy when reading your blog as there are so many tips to remember. Saves research. And I make journey to Walthamstow regularly to TMOS thanks to you. I wish you well.

  162. That’s amazing. I liked your tour of your sewing space which you did not long back!

  163. congratulations Karen. I know I don’t comment often but I do read. Maybe I missed it but could we have a photo of the ‘man outside sainsburys’ and some of the Goldhawk Rd? I only lived in London for 2.5 years but I wish I had known about them then! I also appreciate your writing style. ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. Mags says:

    Congratulations and here’s to the next seven! Lovely choice for the giveaway.

  165. Jo sews says:

    Love you blog and read it avidly. I would be interested in learning more about transferring pattern alterations, I always struggle with this. I pin my clothes with adjustments then struggle ti adapt the pattern correspondingly or accurately.
    What do you do ?

  166. Jenny Bowman says:

    Hi Karen, just wanted to say happy bloggers are and congratulations on your recent recognition. I seem to have sewn forever, but still love to see and get inspiration from others. Lovely blog and so real!

  167. Tracy Sherwood-Farnfield says:

    Wow 7 Years! amazing. I love to see all that you do, so just more please!

  168. Denise says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary and the silver award. You should be so PROUD.

    I only recently discovered your blog, and as a new sewist find your hints and tips invaluable. I was at Walthamstow market on Saturday and met The Man Outside Of Sainsbury’s. Yay!
    Needless to say I am now skint but the proud owner of a fabric stash.
    Keep the inspiration coming please.

    Good luck.

  169. Linda Hinds says:

    7 years? Wow! Congratulations! I’ve been following you since I got into sewing about 9 months ago and love your blog. I hope I’ll still be sewing in 7 years time. Fingers crossed for the Liberty Tana Lawn, I’ve heard such good things about it but haven’t been brave enough to spend that much on fabric yet!

  170. mosulli says:

    Wow 7 years! Congrats! I really enjoy your writing and appreciate the accounts of both your sewing wins and sewing hiccups and all you’ve learnt along the way. Just keep it up ๐Ÿ˜Š

  171. Polly Pierce says:

    Congratulations on 7 years worth of blogging & on your continued success in the world of both blogging and home sewing! Here’s to another 7 years and many more besides!

  172. Marian says:

    Many congratulations! Please keep on blogging – I love to see what you’ve made and I love how often Ella is on show. I’ve just finished work, OK, retired, and plan to do lots more sewing so that Tana lawn would come in very handy.

  173. Annemarie says:

    I’d love to see some more in progress posts about the nitty-bitty techniques that you must have picked up over the last 7 years

  174. I’ve just picked up sewing as a hobby so I’d love to know more common tips and techniques you’ve come across in your time sewing x

  175. Valรฉrie says:

    I’ve been watching your blog for a long time and this is the first time that I write a comment.
    Happy blog anniversary Karen !
    Love your models and fabrics.
    Valรฉrie from Paris – France

  176. Maria Conlin says:

    Congrats….what an achievement. I absolutely love reading your posts. You are an inspiration to us all. As expressed in previous comments i would like to see more tips & hints, how to work with difficult fabrics and patterns with fabric recommendations as i am always unsure what will work best and I have to buy online as there is no local fabric store to get advice from.
    Best of luck for the next 7 yrs blogging……looking forward to it โ˜บ

  177. Jacana says:

    Love your blog as it is but agree with Annemarie that work in progress techniques and tips would be interesting.

  178. Andrea Belshaw says:

    When I got my sewing mojo back a few years ago, your blog and HandMade Jane’s were the first I found. I didn’t even know what a blog was then!!! You’re both still my favourites and I look forward to every new post. Thanks for all your tips and inspiration. x

  179. Sam Chandler says:

    Well done on both the 7 years and the award – well deserved. I’ve been following your antics for a couple of years now and love your succinct but informative style of writing along with an eclectic mix of non sewing related stuff. I especially enjoy your tips for around London & Walthamstow & visited the William Morris Gallery after one of your posts – what a little gem that place is. I think the blog is perfect as it is but if you could give some insight into how to start blogging & taking photos that would be great – I would love to contribute but feel it would eat into my sewing time – I think this little community of ours is fantastic at sharing and as you say (or Einstein) Creativity is contagious! I’d also love to see you start vlogging too! The Tana lawn is beautiful, thanks for the chance to win it.

  180. Ann Marshall says:

    Happy 7th Bloggiversary Karen and well done in the British craft awards.I love reading about your sewing adventures and look forward to your future posts.

  181. Kay says:

    Congratulations on your 7th yr anniversary!! Here’s to many more to come. I’d love to learn some tips n tricks that picked along the way, where you learnt and why you like it!! And more on how you pushed your boundaries and grew in sewing.

  182. craftycreeky says:

    Congratulations! I love seeing all your makes, but I also enjoy your tutorials ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. Congrats on the milestone! And thank you for the fantastic giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ Liberty …mmm…. I always love seeing your finished makes and all the lovely details.

  184. Patrix says:

    Congratulations! You are so generous! I love seeing all your projects and read your blog when I want to make something neat. I’m looking forward to seeing what you will suggest or purpose for spring/summer!

  185. SewSheSho says:

    Congratulations on Karen! 7 years is a great achievement. I’ve been reading your blog for the last couple of years and I really like the mix of posts, tutorials, reviews, short and more in depth, there’s a real variety! Thank you for the giveaway!

  186. sewwatts says:

    i have only started following your blog in the last few months. Inspiring that you have been blogging so long. Your outfits are lovely

  187. sewwatts says:

    My comment mysteriously disappeared…… Have only started following you recently but I love your outfits. No idea you had been blogging for so long

  188. Mary Cordell says:

    Thanks for your work on the blog. It is one of my great sewing motivators. Would love the chance to sew Liberty.

  189. Rhian Craig says:

    congrats on the anniversary, lovely prize

  190. Rosie says:

    Congratulations on 7years of blogging and your award. Your blogs are always fresh and inspriring. I love your style and seeing your finished outfits which have motivated me to start sewing again after many years. Being complimented on clothes that I have made has been a fantastic confidence booster after a difficult couple of years – thank you for making that happen.

  191. Wow so many comments already! Goes to show how awesome 7 years of blogging can be. I hope to still be blogging buddies in the next 7! xx

  192. Jerilyn says:

    When I discovered the world of sewing blogs several years ago, I found your blog and bookmarked it right away. Your blog (and other sewing blogs) got me back into sewing clothes for myself. I appreciate your sewing skills, your construction explanations, and your ability to write about what you have sewn.

  193. Yvonne Bennett says:

    Congratulations Karen! I love your blog because I enjoy seeing the differences in styling there as opposed to here in the USA. I particularly loved the vlogs you did for the Christmas holidays the past few years, even if I had to replay a few times to understand them due to accent. LOL. Oone of my favorites was when you hid the patterns on the Isle of Wight. Loved that! Hope you never stop showing the world what you make. I live in the Deep South of the USA and love it!

  194. Apricot Mylo says:

    Congratulations! Love seeing lots of pictures of finished items and of course Ella.

  195. Lisa says:

    Congratulations. I really enjoy your blog. I especially like your tutorials. They are always very helpful so more would be great, thanks. Lisa

  196. Anne Havard says:

    Anne Havard. I would love to make my granddaughter something out of this lovely fabric. She’s beginning to get interested in seeing, and this fabric could pull her over to the” light” side .

  197. bearsaunty says:

    I really enjoy your blog and am often inspired to try the patterns that you review. I particularly like the sewing tips and recommendations for places to buy fabric. Thanks to you , I have discovered the joy of shopping at Walthamstow Market.

  198. UtaC says:

    Congratulations on such a milestone! Wishing you ever success in the year ahead! Continue to share your passion with us ๐Ÿ™‚

  199. Angel says:

    Congratulations on your bloggerversary! Love your blog.

  200. Juls says:

    Congratulations on your seven year stitch achievement, (and coming in as runner-up) I enjoy reading about all your makes and so I hope you have many more years.. every post is fresh and as enjoyable as the last, no signs of fatigue at all! Maybe make sure you change those batteries (so that you can keep going long after everyone else has stopped!).. Thank you for sharing your time with us ๐Ÿ™‚

  201. Bonnie Jackson says:

    I’m always happy when I find a new sewing blogger and I just discovered you today! I was searching “pressing cloth” and you popped up first! How cool is that? So now I know how to make my own pressing cloth (after too many years of sewing!) AND I have to go back through and see what other wonderful things you’ve made all these years.

  202. Congratulations on 7 years of blogging! Very impressive ๐Ÿ™‚

  203. Mairead says:

    Congratulations! I love that you not only sew, (beautifully!) but knit too (also beautifully!).

  204. Jacqueline says:

    I’d like to see more of your dog! She’s gorgeous. Congratulations on seven years. I enjoy your posts, and always look forward to seeing your makes.

  205. Marion says:

    I enjoy your blog..well done on 7 years! here’s to the next 7!

  206. Happy Blogiversary! I can’t believe that it has been 7 years already. I have really enjoyed following your blog and I always enjoy your posts immensely. Thank you for all the great info and for sharing your sewing journey. I can’t think of anything that I would like to see more of , except maybe more photos of Ella. She is such a cutie. Xx

  207. clare says:

    Congratulations! One word….Youtube

  208. Karen says:

    Congratulations on 2nd place! I go to your blog for light relief and the fact that you post so regularly, in such a readable style and on such a variety of topics has kept me coming back several times a week for many years now. Enjoying your making vicariously also encouraged me to get back into sewing when the kids were young and all my time seemed to be focused on them. Thank you!

  209. Megan says:

    Congrats and happy blogiversary! I enjoy seeing your finished projects and tips are always helpful. Thank you for sharing with us!

  210. Katharine says:

    Congratulations on 7 years. I think I have been reading for at least 6 because I ventured to Walthamstow market with my friend to buy fabric for her granddaughter’s prom dress following a blog post about shopping there. It was very reasonable and she had lots of compliments. Thank you

  211. Sue says:

    I’m a new bee, and really enjoy your informative blog. I’d benefit in an article regarding the pros and cons for different fabrics and what they would be used for in dressmaking.

  212. Romy says:

    Congratulations on your blogaversary! I enjoy photos of you out and about in your neighborhood with your sweet dog. It makes me daydream about my next trip to England. I also love that there’s always something new on your blog, and that you’re a reliable voice on new patterns. Cheers!

  213. Kathryn says:

    Oooh, Liberty lawn! As much as you’ve mentioned it, I’ve never tried sewing it. I’d love to find out what all the hype is about! (And, I love purple)

  214. Tonya says:

    I so enjoy your blog. The variety of topics is welcome and keeps things interesting. I love the travel blogs and the Ella sightings in most of your blogs, but the blogs with some detail on sewing/fitting/or altering challenges and how you dealt with them are very helpful.

  215. Nancy MacGregor says:

    Love your blog, however, I would appreciate if you could add posts on making active wear such as work out leggings, yoga pants, work out tops and how to sew 4 way stretch fabrics. I would also appreciate if you could add posts on making under garments such as bras, panties etc.
    Congrats on 7 years in blog land and many more.

    That’s all for now, Nancy

  216. Marie-Christine Sweeney says:

    Hi Karen – congrats on the blog nod. I have read your blog for seven years and have enjoyed your makes, your sense of humour, your Isle of W trips via Insta (now on my bucket list thanks to you!) and especially enjoyed your journey as human person. On occasion your posts, pics and words have really made my day – especially when I needed my day ‘made’. Thank you for that. Actually……you rock! M-C

  217. Claire Carter says:

    Happy blogaversary! Yes please, I would love to win your giveaway x

  218. Susan says:

    Hi Karen – I’ve missed the deadline and that’s fine, but just wanted to know I’ve been a loyal (if silent) reader since you started out. Thanks for sharing all your makes and lovely photos and tutorials (and your personal ups and downs) and best of luck in the future! Please keep blogging!

  219. Audrey says:

    Congrats on a great blog! Sewing

  220. Candie from Alaska says:

    Wow, Happy Blogday! I enjoy everything you write; the teachings, the clothings, the doggings, all of it! It’s so awesome to know there are people with the same interests as me half a world away from Alaska. To another 7 ๐Ÿฅ‚

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