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First of all, the winner of my Liberty tana lawn giveaway is … Foodie Nelly! I’ll be in touch for a postal address, my friend. Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last blog post. You’ve given me a lot of brilliant feedback regarding future blog posts!

An overwhelming majority of readers want more of this:


Ella and I have been training!


In the meantime, I haven’t sewn for a week. So what!

People often berate themselves online about the fact that they’re not consistently making. But creativity isn’t consistent. It can’t be. It’s influenced by all sort of considerations, practical and emotional. Some factors we can’t even recognise at the time.

Me? I had a bunch of papers sat on my sewing table that I couldn’t be bothered to move. When I did – finally – that exercise took two minutes. But it highjacked a week’s worth of potential sewing.

Still, so what?

Successful creativity needs to be fluid. It also needs to involves failure, even – particularly – in commercial environments. How else do people learn? (This is a detail worth bearing in mind as we watch indie sewing companies grow and flex their muscles.) Just like little Ella, we’re all learning and sometimes we need to rest our brains.


But I’ve finally dusted off my sewing machine and a new project has begun. Ah, the optimism of a new project! Shall this be a success? Who knows.


“Strength is built by one’s failures, not by one’s successes.” Coco Chanel

If you’re not feeling the sewing and want a brilliant movie to chill out to, may I recommend Sing Street on Netflix? It’s gorgeous!

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16 Responses to Creativity And Motivation

  1. Jennie says:

    Karen thanks for this post, my sewing has come to a halt for a variety of reasons. Not all mundane or tedious but you have reassured me I can jump back in. Dog walking is good for project planning in my head so onwards and upwards!

    • Janet says:

      Dog walking is sooo good for project planning, you’re right, Jennie. It really clears the mind and puts everything in perspective – I make all my best decisions when I’m out with my dog! My dog, on the other hand, makes some terrible choices… but I’ll not go into those here.

  2. Charlie says:

    Oh Karen. I think we should name you the Wise Goddess of Sewing. I have been in a sewing slump for a good couple of months now and my way out was fraught and not enjoyable so I’ve stopped again. I’ve been so upset by not wanting to sew and the disasters that I think prompted this hiatus. This gives me hope though as I think you’re absolutely right … we need creative fallow periods to provide sustinence for the growth periods.

  3. Adrianne says:

    You are so right! About a lot of things, not just the sewing/creative process. Sing street has to be the best movie I saw last year. I thought is deserved an Oscar nomination, but I don’t think it got a single one. Also, schnauzers are the best. Kisses to Ella!

  4. Chloe says:

    Sing Street was so good! Those kids just killed it. Their performances – and the writing – were spot on. Happy sewing, or whatever else comes your way this week!

  5. she wears linen says:

    Totally agree. Life happens. Sewing for a lot of us is a hobby and we need to remember that. Like you said creativity is very fluid, so don’t fight it, do that something else and when you feel it, you will hop back in.

    And Sing Street! What a treat. The soundtrack is on high rotation.

  6. artcoopsville says:

    My creativity is always there, but it’s not always productive. I can spend months developing and formulating ideas before the come to fruition. Usually alongside other less creative work that develops my skills in order for the creative pieces to flourish.

  7. Diane says:

    Thank you for this post. It is definitely reassuring. I do enjoy reading what you write, I love your viewpoint.

  8. Kathy Lynch says:

    Oh Wise One, thank you for that post. I’ve been blaming the heatwave we’ve been experiencing (Australian east coast) for my sewing slump but I think maybe I just needed a break! Nice to know I’m not alone.
    And I’m sure Ella will have her owner trained before we know it. Hehe. 🙂

  9. Jenny Bowman says:

    How right you are with that last quote. Back to my sewing mojo, muslin made and fitted, beautifully inserted concealed zip ……….and there’s still something wrong!!!! So back to the Internet and I’ve now found a better way to deal with this particular fit issue. New lesson learned. Now wears that seam unpacker? X

  10. says:

    You are so right.. I usually sew every day but have spells when I just think I don’t want to do it today or all week. I feel rejuvenated when I come back to it!!! xxx

  11. ellegeemakes says:

    Love this post, inspiring and freeing. I’ll have to check out sing street too!

  12. Karen made it... says:

    I couldn’t agree more Karen. Sometimes I berate myself so much for not sewing and then realise there’s usually a good reason why… I’ve been struggling with lining a pair of wide leg trousers (lining instructions not included in the pattern) and also experimenting with my overlocker – still mostly an enigma to me. By not picking up the sewing but thinking about the sewing the thoughts have become clearer. I’d dearly love to have a dog to walk and think sewing at the same time but alas that’s not possible. I won’t be sewing until Thursday at the earliest, so plenty of time to mull over my thoughts and then put them into action later in the week. Happy sewing all, Karen

  13. I totally agree! I’m a newish sewer and very new personal sewing blogger and although I’m loving growing my skills in both I’ve had to learn quickly to not stress or panic or be hard on myself if I don’t sew or blog because life takes over. Or I just don’t fancy it at the time. After all I’m doing it for me so it has to work for me. Simple phrase ‘so what’ takes the pressure off!

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