In Vino Veritas – In Wine, Truth

bronte parsonage signpost

There’s been a distinct lack of sewing at Did You Make That Towers, largely because there’s been a distinct lack of home time at Did You Make That Towers! I’m 200 miles from home in Haworth, West Yorkshire.

Haworth was the home of the Brontes. As a student, I spent a summer working at the Bronte Parsonage, and two of my university friends would come and visit me. Little did we know that this cobbled village would become our lifelong mutual touchstone; the place we returned to as our lives scrolled through marriages, jobs, pets, children, homes, journeys and adventures.

So, what better way to celebrate our latest reunion than with a bottle of something cold, crisp and fizzy.

In Vino Veritas wine

My local wine shop, In Vino Veritas, invited me to review five bottles of their wine, over the course of five weeks. (Consider yourselves warned!) This Casa Bianchi was my first bottle, and I knew immediately that it was going into my weekend bag, to share with my friends.

wine in weekend bag

Did You Make That Haworth

If you haven’t visited Haworth and the Yorkshire moors, you really should. There’s a reason Wuthering Heights was written against this backdrop.

bronte parsonage

dogs haworth.jpg

sylvia plath grave

daffodils haworth

Once the three of us had finished walking the rain slick cobbles, we settled down to test the wine so kindly supplied by In Vino Veritas. We even recorded a little audio review. Giggling involved! Check it out here.

Thanks so much to my lovely Walthamstow wine shop for the Argentinian fizz. Thanks to you, readers, for your patience whilst my sewing languishes. And thanks to my two good friends, without whom, life would be cast ever so slightly in shadow. As it is, the Argentinian sun is warm on our skin, thanks to a bottle of Casa Bianchi.

wine in haworth

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8 Responses to In Vino Veritas – In Wine, Truth

  1. Irene says:

    Some of my cousins have been tracing the family tree and our great great grandparents ( I think that’s the right number of greats) were master and mistress of the workhouse when the Brontes were there. Their name was Feather and the name comes from Haworth.

  2. Arletta says:

    I keep staring at the same picture… those two dogs, Greyhounds? Do they belong to one of your friends? Anyway… I just LOVE Greyhounds so much and whenever I happen to see one, I’m just lost. Anyway, enjoy your Casa Bianchi! By the way, Wuthering Heights reminds me of that great Kate Bush song…

  3. During induction (MA Publishing at Derby) in September we had the opportunity to visit Haworth and spent the afternoon looking around the Bronte Parsonage after popping to Charlesworth Press and spending the morning learning about the book printing process.

  4. Worth pointing out that Sylvia Plath isn’t in Haworth – she’s in equally lovely Heptonstall

  5. Jenny Bowman says:

    Ladies I think you have set a president and all wine tasting should be done in sound only!! Certainly beats all that rolling around the mouth and spitting. Just love the giggling. What more should a good wine do. X

  6. Karen made it... says:

    Wow! Didn’t realise you were in Walthamstow – my neighbour! I’m in Forest Gate…

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