Gingham Yuki Dress

Yuki Dress Collar Black Silk Tessuti Fabrics

I’ve sewn a second Yuki! (Where does that name come from?) This time in gingham cotton for the shell and black silk for the drawstring collar. Goyjus! The drawstring was much easier to turn in this finer silk, and it makes for a really lovely detail. Top tip – don’t press your drawstring tie. You want a nice bouncy cylinder.

Yuki Dress Gingham Collage

Interesting to see the back collar details

Good gingham is like a good man – hard to find. There’s a lot of school uniform poly cotton out there. So I snapped this up from TMOS, especially at £3 a metre.

The cotton has a loose weave, almost like seersucker. This makes it shift about quite a lot, so careful pinning of gingham stripes was needed for cutting out, to avoid gingham sloping down my body.

I also added some reinforcing stitches at the pocket openings, because I don’t trust the fabric to resist strain. I’m actually curious to see how much laundering this dress stands. I’ll keep it on a cool wash.

gingham pocket detail

Did You Make That Loop

I wore the dress yesterday on a sewing meet up that also took in:

I really recommend this route if you’re looking for a fun weekend excursion! On which note, I’m off to walk Ella through my beloved East End. Hope you have fun lined up, too. Don’t forget the sunscreen, peeps.

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21 Responses to Gingham Yuki Dress

  1. Christine Taylor says:

    Cute dress, but I prefer the red version. Sounds like you had a good day.

  2. Claire Castle says:

    Love the gingham version !

  3. Liz Thompson says:

    Your blog posts delight me. I LOVE to know what like minded people across the continent & pond are up to in the sewing world. Also enjoy Handmade Jane.
    I visited London a year ago for my grandson’s birthday and will no doubt visit again. Definitely shall plan in a “tour” of sewing stores. See over it has to be on the list ( especially as they have Janome’s! I’m the National Education Supervisor for Janome & Elna Canada. ) the TMOS also needs to be in my list. I did visit Liberty’s last year and spent time drooling over their gorgeous stuff!
    Maybe need a list from you once I have my next trip booked?!
    Lucky you- sunscreen? It is still cool and rsinnng here in Vancouver but at least the snow is done. This winter (in Vancouver) was the worst since I emigrated to Canada!

    Thank you for a very great blog. Think it is probably my favourite one.

  4. Jen (NY) says:

    Really cute dress! By the way, Yuki (pronounced as yoo kee) is a female Japanese name. Maybe the dress pattern was named after a friend of the designer?

    • Ah, interesting – thank you!

      • jimjamjeniko says:

        Yuki also means snow in Japanese (this doesn’t necessarily mean that the female name means snow, it depends what characters it’s written with), or it could be a male name if the first u sound is elongated. There’s a big difference between long vowels and short vowels in Japanese, which isn’t always reflected when it’s written in English. Having said that, I haven’t seen many dresses named after men so probably a female name or snow, if it’s from Japanese!

    • Nikki says:

      Also means snow in Japanese. My sister had a cat named Yuki….it was white 😉

  5. Glad I know how to pronounce the dress name as I read yucky! I love the gingham and am just a bit cross that I don’t have a man outside Sainsbury’s just a cash machine and a car park. You are right that true gingham is hard to find and yours looks tres chic. Thanks for the info about Ray Stitch I didn’t know they had moved. That excursion will have to happen!

  6. Julia says:

    I would have loved to join the meet up but didn’t know anything about it. How do I get an invite to the next one please.

    • It wasn’t an official meet up, just a bunch of friends getting together. The official meet ups are usually shared on the blog of whoever is organising it. Or you can organise your own meet up!

      • Julia says:

        Oh thank you for getting back to me, I’m new to this, I’m enjoying being part of the sewing family.

  7. Lisa says:

    Oh my GOODNESS! This is simply gorgeous in gingham!
    And just as an FYI, we chose the name Yuki because we thought that the style was quite Japanese-y in its own easy and comfortable way.

  8. Your two Yuki dresses look so lovely
    you’re making me think I should get my sewing machine out of retirement. If only I could be sure of making them look half as fab as yours…

  9. jocolumbine says:

    Love it – both versions and the original on Tessuti too, but would love a sleeve I think….

  10. Mary E.Dadds says:

    Love the dress.and you are adorable in it.

  11. Mary E.Dadds says:

    by the way,what is TMOS?Thanks.

  12. Sarah says:

    This is a gorgeous dress, but I’m afraid I don’t like the weird collar thing going on! Otherwise its perfect!

  13. SewandSew says:

    Fabulous dress! LOVE how you’ve paired it with Converse to keep it fun and on trend. I might be extremely ambitious and have a go at making one myself.

  14. Donna G says:

    your version looks better than the pattern pics. Well done. It looks great on you.

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