Shopping And Wine (Maybe Some Sewing)

Tokaree Bag Lisa Comfort

It’s the May Bank Holiday here in the UK, which puts me in a shopping and wine kind of mood! Here’s a run down of items I can vouch for, having selflessly put all of them to the test. Yes, even the wine.

The Tokaree Bag

Have you seen Lisa Comfort’s latest initiative? Phewee! When she’s not having first babies she’s setting the entrepreneurial world on light. As soon as I saw the Tokaree Bags I ordered one (a medium pink), picked it up from the sorting office, tore off the wrapping, carried it to Walthamstow Village and filled it with goodies. That’s how excited I was about this bag.

tokaree bag detail lisa comfort

It’s really bright, really sturdy and now lives by the kitchen door, brightening up the room and ready to grab when I dart to the shops. Mine is a medium and it’s large enough to carry groceries.

tokaree bag walthamstow village

ToksViscokss Backpack

Talking of bags, my new lifestyle means regular darting into Central London for meetings. Sometimes I’ll take my laptop. But it’s a biggie at 13 inches wide, and most backpacks aren’t large enough to accommodate it. So I was delighted to discover this and my sister bought me one as a birthday present. When I say discover, I mean I tapped a stranger on the shoulder and asked where she’d bought hers. Sometimes, it pays to be brazen.

toksvisokss backpack detail

I couldn’t love this bag more. Light, soft and sturdy it makes hefting my laptop around almost a delight. Almost.

backpack on door

Camel Valley Wine, In Vino Veritas

In Vino Veritas Wine Club Cornish Wine

Wine! This is the last bottle to be shared by In Vino Veritas. Aย Cornish wine and – swoon. It was really gorgeous. If you’re popping along to the dog show at Lloyd Park May Fair (brace yourself for dog spam on my Instagram feed) you could pick up a bottle for your picnic. It’s crisp and dry and this was my favourite of the wine club, along with the Carusu. Sadly, this bottle marks the end of my affiliation with In Vino Veritas. Wot, no more free booze? What am I going to drink now?

FUN FACT Christian Louboutin recently visited our little local wine shop.

Maybe I should turn my attention to sewing instead. Perhaps I can finish my latest make to wear to the fair…

poplin fabric

What are you up to this weekend?

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15 Responses to Shopping And Wine (Maybe Some Sewing)

  1. Well, it’s all the go with paving here, so that the mud stays in the backyard when the winter rains arrive. We have a soft spot for South Aussie wines – I grew up in a wine-growing region, so it’s difficult not to have some sort of opinion about the stuff – and recently polished off a bottle of the 2013 version of this which was fabulous stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very pretty fabric. Is it from TMOS?

  3. Lovely fabric ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m knitting the final section of a cardigan, finishing a Style Arc tunic (hopefully!) and making some fabric boxes

  4. Love both your new bags! I always carry my own shopping bags and I popped over to Lisa’s site to peruse those lovely basket bags – so colourful. I’m hesitating slightly due to the shipping costs to Canada but I’m still pondering… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for another lovely post.

  5. MrsCraft says:

    It’s all go at the allotment with the first rows of most root veg going in, we are going to another car boot sale to look for photo props and I’m hoping to finish my basket pattern and get a tutorial written and published! Have a fun weekend. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Claire says:

    Your basket is divine. Thx for the info. Will investigate! Went to a Nearly new sale today at one of our local (big) hospitals on the east coast (USA) and purchased some great high-end designer label clothes, fab jewelry all for re-dos. Fun! Can’t wait to start remaking!

  7. Sid says:

    Love the backpack! The link didn’t quite work for me though, so could you please give me the name of the shop you purchased it from? Thank you very much, it’s just the kind I am looking for myself.

  8. Thank you for asking! I am enjoying a robust Aussie red with the spag bol MrC whipped up for Sunday dinner. This weekend I taught a class on making a stretch frame lampshade yesterday, and today a session with my men’s shirt class students. This evening I am completing trousers for my new costume in which I will Emcee the first of two 1930s themed cabarets, a sort of gender fluid cross between Marlene Dietrich and Cab Calloway, and rather more prosaically the table cloths for the VIP tables. Adventures in polyester! And here’s a toast to chosen lifestyles!

  9. Jo says:

    Sewing! Jo x

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