M6885 – Flower Girl

Mccalls 6885 shirt dress

I’ve never considered myself to be much of a flower girl, but on a recent sewing blogger meet up there were a lot of summery chintz prints on display. The synapses in my brain kept firing. Ooh, pretty! Swoon! Love! Want.

I needed to make a cotton dress using a classic floral design. Pronto.

Fortunately, I had this poplin in my stash. It’s still in stock at Ray Stitch. (Did you see the article in The Observer interviewing the owner of this shop?)

M6885 details Did You Make That

The joy of the M6885 shirt dress is all in the details. A button band, waist ties, collar and collar stand. They make for nice, digestible chunks of sewing – perfect for tired or busy people. But there’s enough interest in the construction to keep you engaged.

I took a quick Instagram poll about which buttons to use and plumped for the coconut shell and porcelain with a tiny lavender design.

The curved hem helps to stop this dress from looking too sack-like, don’t you think? As do the waist ties. I wouldn’t make this dress without them.

M6885 rear view

M6885 waist ties

Such a lovely and wearable shirt dress. The poplin allows this to be a bit smarter than my previous version. I have a third version in mind with a summery uber light cotton. It also has a floral print…

Turns out I am a flower girl, after all.

M6885 sewing pattern Did You Make That

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15 Responses to M6885 – Flower Girl

  1. Looks great in a floral – I’ve made this pattern twice and love it too.

  2. Allison says:

    SOOOOOOO cute!!! I have that very same pattern! Can’t wait to whip mine up!

  3. Sarah says:

    Oooh!! Lovely!! I do love a good floral print and this one is stellar 🙂

  4. I went through the same process – not considering myself to be much of a flower girl (at least with clothes 🙂 ) I suddenly and inexplicably fell completely in love with flowery Liberty cotton lawn and now I feel like an addict. I’ve made a couple of blouses/tunics much like yours (I used the Women’s blouse fit by the cupful by J. Stern, the Rosa by Tilly and up next is the Kalle by Closet Case). I love yours! It looks dressed without being too “dressy”.

  5. kalimak says:

    Karen, you did again. I was trying to resist this pattern, and now I may not be able to any longer… where are the paper scissors…

  6. IT looks lovely, am tempted to try the pattern myself now 😃
    The fabric really does look fab, the contrast rolling up the sleeves works really well…I definitely need to master button holes after seeing this dress

  7. sewmanju says:

    Looks so cute on you Karen. It’s a great easy pattern to sew up with minimal fit issues IMO.

  8. nicolecnoops says:

    Realy Nice, I love this one and the previous

  9. robbie says:

    I love it, that print is fabulous!

  10. Cherie says:

    Thanks soo much for your construction tips on the previous garment. I am struggling with patterns not having full instructions and also getting garments to fit me nicely. Your tips on patterns are sooo valuable. HELP!

  11. TipStitched says:

    Very nice! I’ve got to tackle a shirtdress soon.

  12. esewing says:

    Love the print ,looks great on you , the length is perfect, springtime floral, look forward to seeing number 3

  13. SFord says:

    I have a 3/4 length sleeve shirt in the exact same material which I bought from a charity shop. Its not handmade judging by the label etc. but love it and always get positive comments about the material when I wear it.

  14. What a beautiful dress. It looks very smart and summery. The print is lovely and so are the buttons. I don’t think that the dress looks sack-like at all. The back ties are fab. This pattern looks like a TNT in the making. Xx

  15. Helen Fox says:

    It looks lovely 🙂 I totally know what you mean, the saddest thing for me as a sewer is I hate most liberty prints, they are just too chintsy! I would just love to be able to make myself something out of some liberty fabric just for the experience, but I just can’t find the print for me. This dress looks great though, and well done for embracing the change. It’s nice because it isn’t obviously floral from a distance either.

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