Yuki Dress The Third

Yuki Dress The Third

I took this photo the morning after the Manchester bombing. The sun was out, and within earshot a church choir was rehearsing. It was hard not to get tearful. My thoughts go out to everyone affected. Now is the time for us all to practice kindness, but I think I’m preaching to the converted here.

This is my third Tessuti Yuki dress. I guess I should stop boring you all soon with them, but I thought my latest variation might be of interest. Instead of battling with a safety pin to turn a drawstring inside out I replaced the drawstring with … a really long shoe lace!

Yuki Dress With Trainer Lace

I’m really proud of this lateral thinking. The plaid fabric I’d used on the collar frayed beyond belief and melted beneath a too-hot iron. No way would the same fabric cooperate with being cut on the bias in a drawstring to be sewn and turned inside out. No way was I giving myself that sort of nervous breakdown. I bought my 120cm laces here. Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

I’m also pleased with my thinking around colour. The main body of the dress is sewn from a denim blue peachskin. I love it – it has the look of a heavy sandwashed silk. But I sensed that an entire outfit out of this fabric would leave me looking like a hospital orderly. I’m glad I broke it up with the plaid collar and grey drawstring.

I finished this dress just in time for the heat. It’s time to be brave and get the old limbs out. Now, has everyone remembered to stock up on fresh razors and fake tan?! Oh, and sun screen. Don’t forget the sun screen.


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  1. lauriesannie says:

    Re: your first para. How do we reach the unconverted? Wish I knew. I have to believe that these terrorists are not entirely sane.

  2. Caitlyn says:

    I hope that your dress also brought you consolation on a hard day. The solid-and-plaid combination is a perfect match, and the colors are so cheery. For myself, I take a measure of solace in the fact that I can and do make things in a world where so many seem bent on tearing things down. I hope you, too, find that same small comfort.

  3. Tanya says:

    I absolutely love it and am very tempted but the pattern says the level is intermediate/super advanced which is slightly off putting (speaking as a permanently advanced beginner). What’s the trickiest bit, apart from the dreaded drawstring?

    • Hmmm. I’m not sure why it’s been given that rating as I wouldn’t call it that. I can only imagine a reason might be the more challenging fabrics that a person might use for the collar ie chiffons. Go for it!

      • Tanya says:

        I will, thank you. Perhaps it’s an oversight on the pattern details. Loving your work, words and all-round contributions. X

    • Ann T. says:

      Tessuti patterns state a range of skill levels, beginning with the lowest level for that particular pattern, and going to super advanced. Thus, intermediate is the recommended minimum level. In my experience, the instructions for Tessuti patterns are so well illustrated and explained that just about any skill level can handle most of them.

  4. racurac2 says:

    I feel so sad, because apart from praying there’s nothing we can do (at least as individuals). Lovely dress. My prayers and thoughts are with you

  5. LinB says:

    Meme that is trending across my limited access to social media is of the late Fred Rogers, pioneer of children’s television, quoting the advice his mother used to give young Fred when something scary happened, “Look for the helpers. Whenever something scary happens, there will always be helpers.”

    Not much comfort to those directly involved in this hideous incident, but a reminder to the rest of us to always try to be one of the helpers.

  6. Andrea says:

    I love all of your versions. I am keen to try this pattern but to use as a layering dress over merinos and boots.

  7. Mary Dadds says:

    I love the way the plaid looks against the blue fabric.And of course you look really nice in this style dress.It looks very comfortable.and I love those shoes.

  8. Kathy Lynch says:

    I’m 12,000 miles away but it may as well be at my own front door, I love Britain so.

    I, for one, find the sharing of variations of the same pattern so interesting. (So keep ’em comin’, Karen.) x

  9. The dress looks great and making use of a shoestring is brilliant! A trip to my local shoe store months ago showed a sell off of a rack of brightly colored shoestrings for .25 cents per pack. I scooped up about $5 worth with absolutely no purpose in mind but knowing I might need them one day. You just proved my point!

  10. Elaine says:

    Thank you for your thoughts in the first paragraph. I share your sadness.

    It’s always a pleasure to see what you’ve been making and read your​ words Karen. It’s very interesting to see variations of favourite patterns in different fabrics. I have made multiples of favourite patterns and, as a beginner who has only been sewing for a year, I feel more confident about cutting into good fabric if I’ve made the pattern before. I’ve learnt a lot about fitting this way!
    Maybe I should be more adventurous but all
    in good time!
    Best wishes to you.

  11. Jo says:

    This is my favourite one so far. Stride out with pride lady! Jo x

  12. Jill says:

    I don’t mean this as a criticism, just as a sad commentary…how quickly you transitioned from mentioning (yet another) bombing tragedy to something fun like your sewing. We’ve gotten like that in the States, too. “Did you hear about the bomb in San Berndadino? Hey what’s for dinner tonight?” Like a day with a bomb is just another day.

    Which is why I sew. It’s my meditation, my escape, my little bit of putting something creative and beautiful back into this sometimes-horrible world we live in. Manchester is most definitely in our thoughts here in the States! And your blog is a welcome distraction.

    • I apologise if I have offended you or made you feel sad. Every word here and the balance of content is carefully considered. Have a great evening and I hope you and yours feel safe and loved.

  13. Sule says:

    Beautiful dress!

    Just wondering if is that you on Tasha’s picture taken in front of a store posted at


  14. Sam says:

    So sad for you all over there. Sending kind thoughts.
    Love the colour combination in the flattering frock.
    Sam the Aussie

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