Happy Autumnal Sewing

tilly and the buttons cleo dungarees in jumbo cord

Is there anything more delicious for autumn than a new Tilly And The Buttons Cleo dungaree dress sewn in jumbo cord?

Answer: Yes!

New woollen tights to match the top stitching.

mustard tights

Buttons bought on a long-ago trip to Hay on Wye:

buttons on dungaree dress

And a Tilly And The Buttons Agnes top in bird and butterfly print jersey to go with your dress:

bird jersey close up

jumbo cord

The jumbo cord is from Saeeds on Walthamstow market, £10 a metre and comes in a range of delicious colours.

The jersey is from TMOS at, if memory serves, about £2 a metre.

The tights are from Fat Face.

The happiness is from life.

sewing a dungaree dress

Top Tip: if adding buttonholes to your dungaree dress, position the front bib on your sewing machine as pictured above. This way, your sewing machine foot has a good amount of smooth fabric to grip onto as it begins sewing the buttonhole.

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21 Responses to Happy Autumnal Sewing

  1. Julie Terry says:

    😊I thought that was a furry button on your knee til I realised it was Ella’s paw! Lovely outfit.

  2. Karen Minet says:

    That look is SO YOU. The turquoise is lovely and that jersey is the prettiest. What is TMOS? You look beautiful Karen.

  3. I love the whole outfit too! The colour of your Cleo with those amazing birds and gray background of your Agnes is perfect. You do look amazing!

  4. Claire says:

    I had to google TMOS and got the answer and laughed! The man outside Sainsbury’s (Walthamstow market) , everyone talks about him. I live near Aberdeen but next trip to London I hope to go – any tips as to best days to go? I went to Goldhawk Road last time and had a great time.

  5. Elaine says:

    What a lovely outfit on you Karen! Don’t you love it when all the details just work? It’s interesting to see your comments on the buttonhole as I’d noticed that they work better in that direction on my shirt sleeve tabs but I didn’t know why. You look great in the turquoise cord. It’s a beautiful colour!

  6. Karen Dodgson says:

    How lovely! And it made me laugh as I’ve just come back from Leeds with…..a pair of identical woolly mustard tights to match ny black cord Cleo, and tomorrow I’ll be starting to sew a cardi in the same colour with hot dogs on!! Happy Autumn days indeed!

  7. Christa Mulligan says:


  8. Hannah says:

    Love the dungaree dress and top, I bought some of that fabric from the stall outside Sainsburys too! Though not sure it was outside Sainsburys on a week day. Might make a jersey dress from it.

  9. What a perfect autumn outfit! I love the fabrics, and they go beautifully together,

  10. What a gorgeous outfit. The turquoise is beautiful. I thought that Ella’s paw was a furry pom-pom when I first saw your photo. You bird print top is really lovely too. Can’t wait to go back down to Walthamstow market for a proper look this time. I was in fabric shopping heaven. Don’t think that I made it into Saeed’s though will make a point of it next time I am there. Xx

  11. Lovely colors! The turquoise and mustard together are calling my name.

  12. Fantastic Outfit! You look awesome in it. I too thought Ella’s paw was a furry something?? I love the choice of color and fabric. Beautiful bird fabric. You always look so stunning in everything you make!!

  13. Wondered if that was a wooly caterpillar for a minute. Hello Ella! Lovely turquoise in your outfit.

  14. Ella’s paw in that photo made my day. Love your outfit too.

  15. Roobeedoo says:

    “Happiness from life” LOVE IT!
    And the dress obvs 🙂

  16. Caroline says:

    An amazing and vibrant Cleo. I am also a Cleo fan (having made 3), although I do think that I need one made from jumbo cord!

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