Winter Culottes

autumn colettes

Can you wear culottes in the winter? I think so. Pair wool and chiffon? Definitely!

This is my third pair of B6178 worn with my chiffon Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse. The culottes are a dream to wear, sewn from uber high quality men’s wool suiting bought from TMOS. The selvedge tells me the fabric was originally made for All Saints and I could definitely feel the quality. In fact, once I googled the suppliers – Fox Brothers – I felt a bit intimidated. What had I stumbled across? Maybe I shouldn’t sew with this beautiful fabric? Nah, crack on!

There is a minuscule violet and minuscule coral stripe running through the fabric. Delicious.

all saints wool

I assumed that matching the check would be a headache but actually it was fine – just like matching stripes. Lots of pins, no biggie.

The pattern instructions suggest a hook and eye or button for the waistband. I ignore that and take the zip all the way up through the waistband for a neater finish. I often do this and have never dealt with a zip working its way loose.

zip in culottes

culottes wool rear

I do love the centre rear zip for a really clean finish. Shame my vest and blouse are disrupting the lay of the fabric against my rear! You can also see that the rise on this is a touch too high, despite shaving off a centimetre at the waist. The crotch is really deep on this pattern, which makes it comfortable to wear but high on the waist!

I lengthened the trousers by a couple of inches for confident wintry wearing with knee-length opaque pop socks.

I fancy twinning these culottes with a deep V jumper – which I’ll probably buy rather than sew. Do let me know if you recommend any patterns, though!

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31 Responses to Winter Culottes

  1. Debby58 says:

    I think it’s a lovely combination and one which i may also have tip make this winter😊

  2. These are lovely! Perfect inspiration for autumn/winter wardrobe

  3. I love wearing culottes in Winter and love how you styled yours. I also wear knee high boots with mine. The fabric you used sounds divine and they look great!

  4. DebJules says:

    They look great. I need to make some culottes! I bought McCalls 7445 Melissa Watson pattern which has a nice V neck jumper styled with the wide cropped trousers. Its on my to-do list 😊

  5. Amy Thomas says:

    The pattern that keeps on giving! Why not try the sew house seven jumper patterna

  6. What a lovely outfit. Those culottes are gorgeous as is your blouse. I recently bought Vogue 9075 which has a sort of culotte jumpsuit option. It was so bonkers that I really wanted to give it a go but have been sitting on the fence. Your culottes are really inspiring, they look fab. Xx

  7. A really gorgeous outfit, it is perfect for the colder months!

  8. dkswife says:

    I love the outfit. T s beautiful.

  9. Manju says:

    Great outfit Karen. Very stylish but easy to wear.

  10. Carol S says:

    i had one zip going to the top that wasn’t staying up so I just put a tab and boon on the inside, Doesn’t show and now stays up.

  11. Kristie says:

    Your outfit is superb!! The melon & gray contrast, the chiffon & wool contrast, and the delicate pussy bow blouse with the tailored culottes-are all so exciting! Well done on your makes and style.

  12. Caroline J says:

    A fab combination Karen! It was lovely to meet you at SOI on Friday night.

  13. bellecitadel says:

    Oh, I just finished making these too, in a black linen. I was very pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to make any adjustments! I was thinking about making another winter pair and have some thicker fabric in mind, so your lovely culottes have just helped confirm my decision. 🙂 Thanks for the tip about the full length zip – that hadn’t occurred to me and I hate sewing on hooks and eyes.

  14. Roni Arbel says:

    What is the difference between a jumper and a pullover? What about the Lark tee by grainline made in great thicker fabric?

  15. Julie says:

    Oh, these are lovely. I’ve never ever worn culottes but they look so classy. I’m thinking I might need to give them a try.

  16. Mags says:

    It was lovely to meet you briefly on Saturday. Love this combination. I bought some heavy crepe at the Silk STore for these culottes on Sat. I particularly like this pattern because there are no pleats on the stomach. I’m making them to wear with a thicker chiffon pussybow blouse …. great minds!

  17. Roobeedoo says:

    Ooh yes – lovely! A caramel cord pair would just do me fine 🙂

  18. Robin says:

    What about Grainline Studio’s Hemlock T? I think this slouchy t in a sweater knit would work well contrasted with your tailored trousers.

  19. I think because I looked frightful in culottes in the 80’s (they were briefly called gaucho pants-yes, honestly) I still can’t bring myself to give them another try now. This pattern looks great on you, I like the CB zip so maybe this is the one to tempt me back into the water culotte-wise…Lovely to meet you on Saturday too

  20. Susan Child says:

    Love the outfit. I too take the zip through the waistband.

  21. Caroline says:

    Wonderful winter culottes. Very smart. Mine are Burda Style.

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  24. Liana says:

    You’ve inspired me to make these and I love the way the leg fits but I find them too high waistedto be flattering. Any tips for modifying them to be lower rise?

    • didyoumakethat says:

      I found them high waisted too. This is a super-easy adjustment – simply chop some fabric off the top of the culottes at the waist before attaching the waistband!

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