I Had To Google Parallelogram

How To Knit A Shawl

Look at that beautiful snaking curl of shawl!

My Bernina is serviced and ready to pick up! But how have I occupied myself whilst we’ve been apart?

I’ve been knitting. My Heaven And Space shawl definitely wins the award for most alien-like.

I knit this on the tube. As soon as the knitting emerges, I sense the intense prickle of scrutiny as any mathematicians or coders stare hard, trying to work out the formula for what I’m creating. I keep my eyes down!

Isn’t it a wonderful pattern? All or some of that 3D texture shall melt away when the piece is blocked. What shall be left are parallelograms of neatest, repeating delight.

Heaven And Space Shawl

I have also been prepping a coat. Which side of the fabric would you use as the right side? I’d love to think I might finish this in time to do battle with Siberian winters.

cutting out wool fabric

For extra warmth, I’m hoping to use a quilted lining bought from Stoff & Stil.

quilted lining fabric

But mainly, I have been using the time to think and take stock. Which we all need to do, now and then. What have you been up to, friends?

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14 Responses to I Had To Google Parallelogram

  1. Colleen says:

    Hard one. On balance the dark grid would be my choice I think. A bit of a 1930s vibe going on.

    In between other demands, I’ve been working on a 1940s Sew Over It Wrap dress using an up compliant light silk / wool? blend I bought from TMOS a good while ago in a dark teal and navy wonky grid. Definitely a project that can’t be rushed so it may take some time.

  2. Sheree says:

    My choice would be the lighter side.
    As for what I have been sewing – just finished a Blackwood cardigan and almost there on a boiled wool Burda coat that has been a challenge to say the least. Unlined, so no good for Siberian winters, and should have been straightforward but those instructions!

  3. Lynn Roberts says:

    I’d say lighter side also! Make you more visible in the dark winter days to come,
    will keep you and Sir Petster safer!

  4. That shawl you’re knitting looks SO super cool!

    I can’t decide which side of the fabric I’d use for the right side, both sides are so neat – I’d almost want to use a mix of both sides!

  5. oooooh don’t press out that wondrous 3D insanity- wear it as it is!

  6. Jean says:

    What a gorgeous piece of fabric. I like the side which shows the lighter lines. I would somehow use the darker side for contrast like at the collar, cuffs, or facing. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Jean

  7. Anne says:

    Darker side, I think! It’s lovely fabric.

  8. Robin says:

    My pick is the light side. It reminds me of a Man Ray photograph.

    The knitting is really beautiful as is. You have an eye for beauty.

    I am currently in beween projects. This is the time I scan the sewing room for repairs and odd projects to work on. The zipper for my work sweater, part of a uniform, broke and since I can’t return it (more than 90 days from date of purchase!), I am working on inserting a placket with buttons in its place. Can’t wait for an inspector to write me up for lack of conformity to the dress code. Can you say fast fashion?

  9. Dianne says:

    Love the shawl and I’m just reading a book on patterns in nature ‘The Beauty of Numbers in Nature’ so your shawl was another beautiful bit of maths. I would choose the dark side of the fabric for the coat. Just last week I finished a dress in Broderie Anglaise with a lining and today I’m making another long sleeved top, I also have a couple of metres of black velvet to make up for a Minerva post.

  10. What an absolutely beautiful shawl. I love that gorgeous pattern and the colour. It looks great as it. I hope that it doesn’t become completely flat.The shape is glorious. I also like both side of the fabric so am no use. Could you combine them, even having the alternate side as a facing so it just peeks out now and again? I have been sewing blouses, K6471 for the Sewcialist’s TNT Month. It has been a good kick to get something done. Xx

  11. Denise W says:

    I think the darker side will go better with the dark padded lining.

  12. Oh yes lots of thinking and taking stock going on down here! As for the alien, scrummy. And the coat? Can you really resist using both? CAN YOU??? It needs a coat with a big turn back collar in the darker one while the body is the squares because they are so early Doctor Who, it’s obvious. It just is, because rules. 😉

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