Lisa Comfort Magazine – The One Where Lisa Takes Over The World!

Lisa Comfort Magazine

Recently, an author said to me, ‘Why should I let a publisher sell my books and give me a few pence a copy, when I can publish, market and sell books myself for £1 a copy?’

She has a point. Has she been talking to Lisa Comfort?

Did any of us see this five, six, eight years ago? A sewing pattern designer who would go on to produce and sell her own ebooks and magazines? Along with Tokaree bags, vlogs, two stores, a baby and lord knows what else in the pipeline!

As the diner said in When Harry Met Sally, ‘I’ll have some of what she’s having.’

Lisa Comfort Magazine Inside Spread

Of course, anyone can self publish – but can they self publish well? Lisa can. She’s been generous in thanking and acknowledging the team of contributors around the Lisa Comfort magazine, and professionalism sings from the pages. Nary a typo in sight, high quality page design, illustration, photos and writing. The girl done good.

A sewing pattern comes with the magazine, although with a cover price of £14.99 Lisa doesn’t try to claim it’s a FREE pattern. And why would you? This magazine is about the covetable and aspirational rather than the bargain basement. (I shan’t be stretching my own budget to the £132 necklace featured, but that’s rather the point – I can dream of stretching my budget. And there are plenty of affordable items featured, too.)

I LOVE the Cocoon Coat sewing pattern. No pockets, but easy enough to add. In order to make the coat, you’ll need to keep hold of the magazine, as the sewing instructions feature in its pages. Clever. No one’s going to toss issues in the trash. Collectible as well as covetable.

cocoon coat lisa comfort

I think the quarterly release is spot on. Enough to keep this as a treat; not so much that Lisa’s brand burns out.

The magazine is inevitably pretty UK specific and in the first issue London specific – on one spread, at least. Looking forward to seeing where else is featured in future issues!

lisa comfort magazine issue 1

I didn’t immediately spot that there was an exclusive Youtube video linked to the Party Ready spread – that maybe could do with better highlighting. Other than that…

Lisa, I salute you!

And judging by the rapid reprint to satisfy customer demand, it looks like I’m not alone.

Do you have your copy yet? And what do you think? If I was a traditional sewing magazine publisher, I might be feeling a bit twitchy … ooh, about now.

With thanks to Lisa Comfort for sending me an issue.

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14 Responses to Lisa Comfort Magazine – The One Where Lisa Takes Over The World!

  1. Interesting- but doesn’t really appeal to me. I don’t bother buying magazines at all any more, unless I’m going on a train journey…and sewing magazines feature low on my horizon. The only places I want to read about sewing are, well, blogs. It does look well done though. She’d need to be bang on my style, EVERY issue, for it to be worth the outlay. I suppose this might work for some people who buy into a whole look [seems to work for Tilly and her ilk], which is cool.

    • oona says:

      SOI is not exactly my style, but I appreciate Lisa’s amazing talent and hustle. How she gets so much done? The new magazine feels like something between an indie pattern and one of those big sewing magazines for the price of a printed pattern – love it.

  2. I agree it’s a great concept beautifully produced. Definitely a treat purchase, will definitely look out for the next issue 😺

  3. Robin says:

    I feel ‘good on her’ – I admire the energy and ego that must go into producing the final product, as well as maintenance of the brand. I also have to say though, not for me. I shy away from personality based products, and whilst there may be plenty of content, at the same time it all seems a bit frivolous. Still I hope she finds her audience and does well.

  4. Good idea, and fair play it must be a stupendous amount of work on top of everything else, but I am definitely not in the demographic for this mag. It is far too covetable and aspirational for my budget. 🙂 Looks a very slick and polished product though and I wish it well. I have not found a sewing mag that I really like except for Burda and Ottobre. Nice touch that the pattern is included rather than traced. That is not much fun. Xx

  5. Jen says:

    I’ve just ordered a copy for myself this morning – and at a cost of $37 it’s definitely not cheap. I’m interested in looking at it and admire Lisa’s determination and drive for her business. I’m pretty sure I’m not her target demographic and don’t fit her size range (as yet – maybe next year 😀) , but I love sewing magazines and get ideas & inspiration from each one. I like the look of the Cocoon coat pattern that is included and I also look forward to learning and seeing about London also!

  6. Eliz~ says:

    LOVE this! I am addicted to sewing publications. I don’t subscribe to many. But I give them a try and subscribe to the few with the best info. for my needs. I’ll have to try Lisa’s. Even if it doesn’t make my long term subscription list it’s absolutely beautiful and I’ll certainly enjoy it! Good for Lisa! When I can I love supporting entreprenuers! :o)
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hmm, I feel like the odd one out a little, but I wasn’t that keen. I found it a bit light and fluffy and thought 24 pages (I think it was 24?) for £14.99 was rather a lot. I admire Lisa and I know how much work it is to produce a magazine, but it’s not the mag for me. The production on it is sound – it has that “branded lifestyle” feel, but like someone else mentioned, I’m still looking for that ideal sewing read. 😊

  8. Ann says:

    I bought the magazine mainly to get the pattern which I’m pleased with, even though the pattern envelope looks like it’s a photocopy. Flicking through it I was a little disappointed with the content, I’m sure I’ve seen the London article on Lisa’s blog and apart from the pattern instructions there wasn’t anything else that I thought ‘I must read that’,

    • Sheryl says:

      I agree with you Ann. I found the magazine disappointing- but I did originally buy it for the coat pattern so I was pleased with that. It was like a pattern with a free mag. Probably a bit annoying for those that have paid for the class.

      • didyoumakethat says:

        Hi Sheyl – A class is a totally different experience though, isn’t it? I wouldn’t take a class only to get my hands on a pattern – that would make for a very expensive pattern.

  9. I didn’t buy it because with the CDN $, shipping costs etc. it probably would have been $37! I think you’re right too that it’s very London-centred so wouldn’t have a lot that would benefit me and for that cost I can buy 2 patterns! 🙂 Glad you liked it and that Lisa has found it success – she DOES deserve that after all the work she’s put into it 🙂

  10. Monica says:

    This concept isn’t new in the Knitting world. There you have PomPom quarterly, Laine Magazine with its scandi themes and knitting patterns,, Making magazine a US based production. All lovely covetable patterns, recipes and Making magazine also includes some sewing patterns too. I have ordered a copy of Lisa’s magazine because of the pattern mainly.

  11. Patricia M Ferrito says:

    I am thinking about getting a digital copy of the magazine just so I can have the coat pattern. The digital magazine is 1/2 the price. It’s my only option because shipping to the US would be ridiculous.

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