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how to sew a seat pad

Are you one of those people who rescues furniture from the street? I am! Here is my ancient wooden chair, adopted years ago and given a slap of paint. Now, it’s the item I throw my PJs onto each morning when I climb in the shower.

I recently sewed a new seat pad for it, using my BRILLIANT HAPPY fabric bought ages ago from TMOS, along with some RIDICULOUSLY giant pom poms.

I’m not sure I’ve used enough capital letters in that sentence.

seat pad


Paper, pencil and ruler

Quilt batting

Your chosen fabric

Mega Giant pom poms

Grosgrain ribbon

Quilting foot and zipper foot (non essential)

Wonder Clips

wonder clips


Trace a template around the edge of your seat with pencil and paper

Add 15 mm seam allowance

Cut your template out of the paper

Cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of batting to the template

Trace quilting lines on one piece of fabric

Using the quilting foot on your machine, quilt the batting to the underside of your fabric

Baste two lengths of ribbon to either top edge of your quilted seat pad

Baste the pom pom trim to the outer edge of your other seat pad, with the pom poms facing in to your make

Right sides together, pin or wonder clip your two seat pads together

Sew with a 15 mm seam allowance, leaving an opening at the top of the seat pad

Trim raw seams and turn seat pad inside out

Press and hand stitch the open seam closed

Attach to your seat – and you’re done!

ribbons on seat pad

Don’t you just love this fabric?

dawn porter fabric

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17 Responses to Sew Yourself Happy

  1. Allison says:

    So cute!!! Chair pads are one of those super easy “fixes” that can change the whole look!

  2. Julia Droy says:

    We are doing the same thing with a chair for my new sewing room, love the colour.

  3. Victoria says:

    My tendency to bring things home from the side of the road means that my partner speeds up when things come into sight. He prefers driving his car, partly because it’s tiny and I can’t get furniture in the back 😉

  4. Jo says:

    Cool bananas. Jo xxx

  5. Jeanette says:

    They really look nice. What kind of fabric do you recommend for the seat cover? What weight, etc.? Thanks.

  6. These are awesome! The Pom poms are perfect

  7. Janie says:

    Hi I’m interested in that fabric. Janie

  8. Katie M says:

    I love the idea of rescuing and rehabilitating furniture. The pompoms and very cute, but aren’t they uncomfortable to sit on?

    • didyoumakethat says:

      I never sit on this chair! I throw my PJs on it when I’m getting in the shower. I don’t think they would be uncomfortable per se, but this treatment probably isn’t that practical for a chair that was getting everyday use.

  9. Eirian says:

    When you say quilting foot, would a walking foot do? Or is there a special kind of quilting foot I’ve missed out on?

  10. This is the best make ever! I have a chair that I dump my clothes on too and I never sit on it either. I need to pimp it now that I’ve seen this!

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