Five Ways To Spread Sewing Happiness

On #bluemonday, how can you use your sewing to make the world a happier place?

Fund Raising Initiative

made up initiative

I remain very proud of the Made Up Initiative, which raised over £3000 for The National Literacy Trust. All it took was an idea, a sewalong deadline, a chosen charity and a Just Giving page.

Hint – choose your charity ahead of launch and make sure everyone understands where their hard-earned money is going.

Organise A Sewing Meet Up

meet up instagram ii

Easy enough to do. Pick a venue, stab a pin at a date in your calendar and tell everyone where to meet via email or social media. Don’t worry about numbers – the best meet ups can be intimate. Whatever the size, everyone goes home smiling.

Host A Hashtag Sewalong

I love the weekly and monthly themed hashtags over on Instagram, from #molliemakersweek to #2018makenine to #sewphotohop. Such a great way to make friends and share an interest.

Sew A Gift


Awwwww. Some of us are generous souls who sew for other people. It makes people feel good about themselves – so I’m told. 😉 Here‘s one of the few times I did this.

Sew For Yourself

The best love is self-love and the best self-love is sewn! Was this dress really made three years ago? Looks like I need to indulge in some more self-love sharpish!

Lace Dress

Any hints of your own for how sewing can help with #bluemonday?

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6 Responses to Five Ways To Spread Sewing Happiness

  1. Katie M says:

    I started my own sewing group in Singapore. I just wanted some friends to sew with, and help out with fitting. Unfortunately everyone who wanted to join had never sewn before, so I’ve ended up teaching them all. It’s slow progress, but people are starting to move onto their own projects. I’m looking forward to the day when I actually get time to do my own sewing during one of our meetups.

  2. J K Willliams says:

    Generous idea!!
    I think I missed a key concept though. Possibly because it’s 0546 and we’ve been up all night watching the snow. It hasn’t snowed here in several years so it’s quite the event 🌃
    Where does the fund raising part come in?

  3. me pendleton says:

    Great post ! Charity sewing is a huge part of my sewing but I often forget that simple things are equally important .

  4. LinB says:

    Sew “pillow case” dresses for little girls in Africa. Sew a quilt and auction/raffle it off for hunger-prevention programs. Sew fleece into chemo caps for cancer patients. Sew smocks or aprons for kindergartners to wear while painting pretty pictures. Sew aprons, hot pads, and oven mitts for local soup kitchens.

    Even if your “wadder” does not satisfy you because of color, style, or fit, finish the garment and donate it to a local charity. Someone can wear it, or use it for a theatrical or Halloween costume, surely.

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