Cos AND Cosy

The Makers Atelier Boxy T-shirt

Brrrrrr! Jeepers, creepers. Coldest week this winter? The meteorologists ain’t kidding.

My sewing timing could not be more perfect. I’ve finished sewing this boxy T-shirt from The Maker’s Atelier magazine, just in time for our cold snap. The jersey – quilted, bouncy and structural – was bought at Guthrie & Ghani.

The top is paired with my B6178 wool culottes, which have become my emergency warm clothes for extreme temperatures. Paired with a pair of wool tights, they keep me super-cozy. The fit of these culottes is brilliant. Don’t forget – this pattern came FREE with a copy of Love Sewing magazine. Dig out your May 2017 copy.

autumn colettes

In harder weather conditions, I often wear the culottes with my V9275 bomber jacket. I’ve worn this coat – ooh – pretty much every day since I finished sewing it! A coat of uber magnificence. And so easy to sew! You really need to make one.

Not convinced? Look how much fun you can have whilst wearing it…

bomber jacket

But back to the boxy T-shirt. It’s a quick and easy, but satisfying sew that you can squeeze out of a metre of fabric. A note around fit – I lengthened mine by three whole inches. Otherwise, I cut to my measurements. I particularly love the split hem.

split hem detail

I’ve made two of these in jersey. Not the easiest item to photograph for a blog post BUT an item’s success or failure should not be judged by blogging demands alone. I love my structural top; it feels very Cos and cosy.

Now, I really want to make another boxy T-shirt in a drapey woven. It could look utterly different again. I have an entire outfit quite strongly in mind. Do you ever have that thunderbolt vision of an outfit that you’d like to sew and know in your bones could work? I’d say it only happens two or three times a year for me, but when it does happen … gotta scratch that itch!

More to come.

sleeve hem detail

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13 Responses to Cos AND Cosy

  1. Michele says:

    So timely -just about to cut out the boxy t shirt -great to see how well your’s has turned out-
    Although doing mine in a silky material 😳

  2. J K says:

    Luv all these looks!!

  3. I love the boxy top! The fabric is so gorgeous and I love the hem. The culottes and jacket also look amazing!

  4. Donnalee says:

    I love these, and I’m glad you have warm clothes to wear. It’s cold here near Woodstock NY in the US today too, and it’s really just long underwear season for months. Layers are great.

  5. Good thing that you have been sewing warm stuff as it is bloody freezing here and I am not that far from London. Your boxy top is fab. That fabric is subtly glorious and the split hem looks quite complicated. Brava on such a neat finish. Your outfits are lovely. Xx

  6. Jeanette says:

    Nice top! What is COS?

  7. Love everything you posted. I’ve been looking for something like that jersey. Will have to visit G&G’s website to see if it’s still there.

  8. Jo says:

    Just the right kind of top for this time of year, it looks great. I was out feeding sheep this morning and it was bloody cold. I had three layers of clothes on including my legs!

  9. Laura says:

    Love that! Quite timely for me as I’ve just ordered a copy of the Maker’s Atelier. Super excited about receiving that in the post.

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