The Maker’s Atelier Boxy T-Shirt In Silk

The Makers Atelier Boxy T Shirt

The Boxy T-shirt from Maker’s Atelier magazine is drafted for stretch fabrics, but could you make it in a woven? With a little bit of tweaking, YES!

The Makers Atelier

The short version of amends:

  • I went down a size in the body of the T-shirt
  • But I extended the width of the sleeves (the pattern encourages you to check your bicep measurements if you want to make this in a woven)
  • I lengthened the body by three inches
  • I drafted facings for the neckline

So remember. Go down a size on the body and grade up on the sleeves.

That’s it!

Isn’t the Liberty silk beautiful? The print is inspired by parrots at Mount Stewart Castle in Scotland and sadly I can’t find any online links. Shout below if you can find any!

sewing with liberty silk.jpg

The top is twinned with my The Maker’s Atelier stretch pencil skirt from their book. The skirt is made from a stretch fabric, which is both insane AND awesome – you can see a few more details here. I REALLY recommend this pattern and intend to make more iterations.

stretch pencil skirt

A few tips for sewing with silk:

Okay, over to you guys! Are you tempted to make a silk top from a pattern drafted for jersey? Honestly, I recommend it.

silk detail

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25 Responses to The Maker’s Atelier Boxy T-Shirt In Silk

  1. Very nice- love that fabric. I just whiled away some time looking for ‘Mount Stewart’ + ‘parrots’…only to realise after many clicks and scrolls that I was looking at an IRISH Mount Stewart, the Scottish one is Mount STUART apparently. Maybe we’ll find it now? lol

  2. Janet says:

    Beautiful fabric – there should clearly be more parrot-inspired prints. And I really like the more structured shape the woven fabric gives here – this top would be perfect for work. I have the Liesl and Co Chai Tee on my to-sew list at the moment, which is also designed to work in either knits or wovens, and now I’m thinking it needs to be in silk…

  3. Ah, this looks wonderful! I love how it looks with your skirt too.

  4. lynl says:

    Karen, I’m confused. You said go DOWN a size from a jersey (stretch) pattern to a silk (non-stretch, woven)-right? How does that work? Is silk stretchy? Did you cut on the bias? I get that it’s boxy but I don’t understand why you are decreasing ease in the woven. What am I missing? Thx

    • didyoumakethat says:

      Well, it’s a really roomy make! So whilst I’m happy to accommodate that room in a structural jersey, with a fabric as drapey as silk I didn’t want it hanging from me like a sack – so I sized down.

  5. Denise says:

    Both makes look FAB. Where did you buy the fabric for your skirt?

  6. Michele says:

    Thank you Karen -my first make for this was in woven -also to go with skirt -and it did just not hang properly – now I know why! Yours looks fab – so will try again taking on board your tweaks.

  7. Rosie says:

    Gorgeous top – perfect fabric!

  8. robyn says:

    gorgeous, just gorgeous! love it!

  9. Oh Karen, it’s really lovely, very sophisticated paired with your skirt and aubergine tights. Thanks for the tips on sewing silk. I am planning to sew a shirt in navy blue silk crepe and I am a bit worried about the whole thing. I’ll make sure to follow your advice!

  10. Yvette Warren says:

    Beautiful! The Liberty print is called ‘Saxby’ I think but a quick search shows its sold out (anywhere I’ve seen it, at least). Clearly lots of people have good taste like you, Karen!

  11. stitchedupsam says:

    This is beautiful Karen, I’m definitely going to follow your lead and make this pattern up in a drapey woven. Doesn’t hurt that you’ve used one of my favourite Liberty prints for yours!

    I’m going to be really cheeky now and ask if you have any scraps of the fabric you’d be prepared to part with – I’d happily pay for them. I’ve been using this print as ‘hair’ in some of my free motion embroidered portraits and the small amount I had is running seriously low. I haven’t been able to find any more of this colourway anywhere.

    • didyoumakethat says:

      Sure – though we are literally talking scraps! Very little fabric left, but happy to pop it in the post. Drop me an email on didyoumakethat[at]fastmail[dot]fm

  12. Lorraine says:

    I love the silk top. I’m about to trace off the pattern for this, but I plan on using linen. Wish me luck!

  13. Su says:

    That top suits you so well, so smart and sophisticated! Didn’t realise your MOS had such luxe fabric.

  14. Sewingbyletters says:

    The Maker’s Atelier patterns are really nice! Unfortunately, the one-off patterns are waaaaay beyond my budget, but the book has a lot of nice options for a budget-friendly outlay. The skirt fits so we’ll. I have two, and I’m thinking about a third.

  15. I see someone has already said that the castle in Scotland is Mount Stuart. Its a beautiful place on the Isle of Bute…I know because I’ve been there on holiday! Sadly though, I didn’t see any parrots while I was there, and there’s no mention of them on the website. Never mind, it’s still an amazing place…and your top is pretty fabulous too!

  16. Karine says:

    Beautiful top. I bought the same fabric a few months ago, there :

  17. MrsC says:

    That’s a very smart top indeed!

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