International Women’s Day – What You Can Sew Do

international womens day

tilly and the buttons

Today is International Women’s Day, a great reason to celebrate female solidarity! Here’s a list of inspiration for you, plus thoughts on what you can do to support womankind.

Today is publication day for Tilly and the Button‘s Stretch! – already a bestseller. This new mother and entrepreneur might look as though she has it all, but there’s one key way you can support Tilly – by leaving an Amazon review of the book. Amazon reviews mean a lot to publishers and to Amazon rankings (and therefore to authors!) – which means you can make a real difference to one woman’s success.

Are you aware of Otegha Uwagba who spearheads #womenwho, a community for creative working women? I have her Little Black Book in permanent position beside my desk and recently went to one of her workshops. She’s intelligent, inspiring, optimistic and a brilliant hustler. You can check out her latest inspiring podcast here. If you enjoy it, why don’t you share with a friend?


‘Trust me, the retreat shall change your writing life.’

What does friendship look like to you? For me, it looks like the above – three great friends with whom I organise the Book Bound weekend writers’ retreat in Kent (a few places still available!). We’ve seen some phenomenal success from previous attendees. For this retreat to exist, all it took was four mates who had a shared vision. If we can do this, so can you! What secret plans are you hatching with your friends? Or what plans could you hatch? Be brave – reach out.

Made Up Meet Up Collage15% of adults in the UK have literacy below that of an 11-year-old. My Made Up Initiative allowed a bunch of sewing pals to get together and raise over £3000 for The National Literacy Trust. If you can sew, you can change lives – it really is that simple.

When you choose to pick up a needle, you choose to be powerful. Use that power! I promise you’ll feel good about yourself, you’ll make new and lifelong friends and you’ll have done something to improve the world around you. How awesome is that?

Happy International Women’s Day! How do you plan to celebrate? I’ll be supporting an indie pattern business by sewing another boxy T-shirt!

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17 Responses to International Women’s Day – What You Can Sew Do

  1. Jane says:

    Thank you Karen for such an inspiring post. By the way, I love the dress you’re wearing, it’s beautiful.

  2. Julia Droy says:

    How do you get an invite or find out about these events pleas.

    • didyoumakethat says:

      A good way of keeping on top of sewing events and meet ups is via The Foldline as they regularly update.

  3. Great to see a pic of you with the Book Bound gang. You’re such a fab crew. And if anyone’s reading this and thinking of signing up, I haven’t ever attended a Book Bound retreat, but I’ve attended workshops by these ladies and they’re absolutely fantastic!

  4. Sheena Tait says:

    Hi Karen, did you know the podcast link isn’t working?

  5. rapunzel says:

    Who is that brunette in the velvet dress, and did she make that, and what pattern is it?

  6. Nina says:

    What a fantastic post – thank you. I’m totally inspired by your Book Bound retreat and trying to work out if I could possibly apply …

    • didyoumakethat says:

      It’s a great retreat, not gonna lie!

      • Nina says:

        It sounds amazing. But as someone who has written a lot but never actually shared it, it would be the next step up in being brave …

    • didyoumakethat says:

      We always read submissions sensitively and if you were accepted on the retreat you would be in very safe and supportive hands. Drop me an email if you’d like to chat over – didyoumakethat[at]fastmail[dot]fm

  7. Great post dear 😊😊 I love the velvet dress. So beautiful and adorable x x

  8. ROBYN A. WEINBAUM says:

    in your email you asked about an italian drink. maybe it was a negroni or a campari and soda? love your blog!

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