Memories And Mementoes – What Are Yours?

how to sew culottes

Almost impossible to photograph culottes, don’t you find? But I love this outfit and wanted to share.

This is another version of the B6178 culottes (currently on sale!) made in a black something from TMOS. I liked the fabric because it was nicely matte. Nothing worse than shiny black fabric. It has a little stretch to it, which makes it super-comfy for wearing. The stretch does mean you need to check fit before inserting the zipper, but that’s no biggie.

I am wearing the culottes with my Liberty silk boxy T-shirt from Maker’s Atelier, along with my new favourite trainers from Air and Grace.

sewing with liberty silk

I bought the necklace from a vintage shop in San Francisco, on a trip where I was lucky enough to meet Beth of Sunny Gal Studios and Shams of Communing With Fabric. I bumped into Shams again this week, when she was in London along with Vogue sewing pattern designer, Kathryn Brenne.

It was lovely to see Shams! I vividly remember the last time we met, stood on a sun-kissed San Francisco street, laughing at the end of a happy sewing meet-up. I even remember the designer store across the road, where I went to inspect the hems and finishes of their dresses, and just round the corner the legendary Britex Fabrics.

I always love to buy a piece of jewellery on trips away. Memories warm my heart each time I drape a necklace around my throat, or slip a stud into my earlobe. Accessories really do make the best mementoes. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

Of course, now I ache to make another trip to San Francisco. Maybe I’ll sew some culottes to wear there. (I really should make a pair in chambray, don’t you think?)

Do you have favourite memories that spill out when you open your jewellery box?


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19 Responses to Memories And Mementoes – What Are Yours?

  1. LinB says:

    Yes … and sad ones.

    Mostly, though, it’s just interesting bits of metal and plastic and glass (very few actual jewels) to stick through my ears.

  2. JenL says:

    Yes! I have a particular pair of silver hoop earrings bought on a memorable trip to Tokyo. Makes me think of that time whenever I wear them.

  3. BrewerBarbara says:

    I bought a coral red statement necklace in Nuremberg and I smile and recall a wonderful holiday every time I wear it.

  4. Mary says:

    Rather than jewelry, I usually buy scarves as mementos. I wear a scarf almost every day. Fun to remember the city/country where I got them. Let’s just say I stopped counting my collection at 100…but, in a nod to decluttering, I am going to separate out my favorites in the near future and let my daughter and two DILs come over to choose their own selection from the rest. They are very excited about that prospect.

  5. judith anne cox says:

    Tea towels are my thing…..Light, small (and cheap!!!!!) and the memories they evoke help to take the drudge out of chores. 😉

  6. That is a lovely outfit. I don’t buy jewellery much at all but I do bring back a piece of fabric or sewing mag from every trip I make away if I can. You would be surprised how many airport shops sell Burda and the like. 🙂 Xx

  7. I think a chambray pair of culottes is definitely nessecasry! I absolutely love these, and they go wonderfully with your top.

  8. Shelley says:

    Jewellery and ceramics all the way! Which view of the culottes are they? Look great, I have the pattern but not sure which view to make.

  9. Silvia says:

    You’re always welcome here in San Francisco! I’ve got a spare room and spare sewing machine…just saying.

    I’m getting into this silhouette. I’m just tracing off the Dolores midi skirt to make from a dark rayon chambray. May have to make a note of the culotte version, I like taking big steps!

  10. Celia says:

    I usually buy skeins of yarn … locally produced/dyed if possible. But on a road trip in the US I bought beads in Arizona … local jade and turquoise. They were in my handbag that I accidentally dropped in an LA taxi. Three days later … long story … the bag was returned intact. I’ve now stringed the beads and added a clasp, the colours are beautiful and now the lost bag episode has faded, bring back the happy memories of the trip.

  11. Denise says:

    My beloved silver charm bracelet a present for my 21st birthday from my Mother in Law. There are charms on it from Norway, Holland & other countries. It also rekindles memories of friends & family (some no longer with us) who gave me charms as presents. I have had it for 41 years & it’s the first thing I would save if the house was on fire.

  12. Robin says:

    I used to travel a lot and still have many many mementos. Now I go for something small and simple. On my last trip to Cancun, the rubber squeaking frog with the resort’s name printed on it, and the little handmade “worry” doll left by the hotel staff are more than enough (and I am still using the wonderful rose scented soap from there as well). Though I usually look for fabric if not too much trouble, as a souvenir is my perfect excuse to add to the stash, and my area has no fabric stores worth mentioning.

  13. liamarcoux says:

    I don’t tend to buy physical objects when travelling, but I like to try a new (ideally local) food in a new place, then anytime I eat it again it’s a memory of that first experience.

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