Tips For The Tilly And The Buttons Freya Sweater

Tilly And The Buttons Freya Top

I couldn’t resist. Couldn’t resist those ruffles, even though they took some time and care. Look how cute they are!

How To Sew The Freya Top

This is the second item I’ve sewn from Tilly And The Button’s Stretch!. Such a sweet pattern. I used a lovely soft striped jersey from TMOS – he has loads of jerseys in right now, so it’s worth paying him a visit.

pinning ruffles freya top

A few tips for the Freya top:

1. I found it useful to drape jersey over a tailor’s ham when pinning the ruffle into place. Anything that echoes the curves of a human body is good at such times. Even so, my placement wasn’t all it could have been and I had to restitch a section. Accuracy is definitely needed.

2. If this is your first time attaching a ruffle to the Freya top, I wouldn’t advise working with a solid colour –  no matter how tempting the lovely mustard dress in Tilly’s book. You’ll want a nice, disguising print as you learn your technique.

3. I trimmed 1cm from each sleeve side seam to make the sleeves a little snugger against my arms.

4. Tilly provides a guide to measuring and cutting the length for your ruffle strip. Ignore it. Just cut yourself a really, really long section of fabric and work with that. (I sewed three strips together to be certain of enough.) Why? If you don’t make your ruffles to exactly the same 2cm depth as Tilly’s, there shall be variance. My original strip came out too short, which was … annoying.

5. When attaching the ruffle, sew in the same direction as the folds.

sewing ruffles

6. A dressmaker’s dummy comes in useful when you’re pinning a ribbon guide for the ruffle attachment.

ribbon guide for freya top

What I love about sewing is that it makes you question your preconceptions. I would never have shop-bought a roll neck top, convinced that I don’t need a neckline so close to my round face. But this kind of works!

What is it about sewing that allows me to take risks?

Sewing is more think-ey.

I’d dismiss a rack of clothes in a shop in 0.5 seconds. Mind closed. No, not for me. But with sewing, I’m forced to think a bit more. Consider. Doubt my preconceptions. Throw caution to the wind. It’s only fabric, after all.

And what lovely fabric this is.

freya top and culottes tilly and the buttons

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29 Responses to Tips For The Tilly And The Buttons Freya Sweater

  1. Karen Elizabeth Minet says:

    Yours is the only Freya I think looks really nice. The stripe really works on you. Nice job.

  2. I definitely would never buy a high necked to either but I love my freya! Definitely a game changer for me! Love your version too – the ruffles look great! 😍😍😍

  3. Alison G says:

    Would definitely not wear a high neck either but I think because it’s slightly looser it’s ok. I live very close to Walthamstow but only been to the market on a Saturday. Is it on everyday or just Saturday?

  4. Linda Hinds says:

    I’ve never been a fan of ruffles, I feel they would swamp me as I’m only 5’1″, but everyones makes look so tempting!

  5. Philippa says:

    Ooh that is so cute! Great tips too, especially about the ruffle length. I would not have thought of that.

  6. Caroline Joynson says:

    Loving the bold stripe + ruffle combo! Fab x

  7. Allison says:

    Looks really nice! You did a great job!

  8. Eliz~ says:

    I love everything about your top! Thank You for the tips on adding the ruffle. I was a teen in the 70’s; so frilly ruffles, lace, you can never have too much in my mind! :o)

  9. Polo necks used to be my favourite style…until I got busty…They definitely only work for me now if there’s a nice complicated outline-blurring print going on. Ruffles however…nope. On a skirt, to excess, but not around my excessive chest and middle! Yours looks fun though. [I must admit, I only have to see the name ‘Tilly’ to think uh-uh, not for me.]

  10. Denise Kerrigan says:

    I love your version. I am large busted, DD, do you think it would work on me or would it look like I have ruffles bunching up on my chest?

  11. PsychicSewerKathleen says:

    I don’t have my copy of Stretch yet but I’m itching to make one of these! Yours is lovely in that black & white stripe! Dramatic and feminine – a really flexible wardrobe staple to wear with almost anything. Thank you for the recommendations re making the ruffle super long to start with – you’re right nothing worse than running out of ruffle at that stage!

  12. Sarah says:

    That looks fab! I adore a ruffle. And I love the complete outfit too.

  13. What a gorgeous top. Those stripes are wonderful and it was well worth a punt in making. It looks great on you. would never, ever sew something with a roll neck as I am way to busty to get away with it, I have no neck as it is. I love it paired with your culottes. Was so disappointed last time I went to Walthamstow as TMOS wasn’t there (it was mid-week). but I didi go to Saeed’s for jersey ribbing and bought a lot of wax prints. It is my new happy place. Xx

  14. Deirdre says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  15. Jo says:

    You are so right – I probably would not pick this up in a shop but it looks so good on you. Jo x

  16. Claire says:

    I love your version of this. It’s the best I’ve seen so far. You could add a ruffle to any simple top pattern to have the same effect.
    Your whole outfit is fab. Loving your white socks!

    • didyoumakethat says:

      I honestly don’t know – why don’t you try it out? I would suggest you don’t let the ruffles go too far down your chest – check out how others have placed their ruffles.

  17. This is gorgeous! It looks wonderful in a stripy as well as a plain fabric. I’m glad too see you’re wearing your Freya with a pair of culottes too!

  18. Sarah says:

    You look amazing!!!

  19. Sew2smile says:

    Oh, that stripy ruffle! It really, really works. I’ll be honest, I cringed when I first saw this pattern. Just not me, not with that weird ruffle. But having seen your stripes I’ve completed changed my mind. And your final ensemble… just gorgeous. Do keep taking sewing risks, it clearly pays off!

    • spikeabell says:

      I thought something quite similar Sew2smile … a ruffle *above* my bust AND over my shoulders…um? But that looks ace Karen!

  20. Jas Wade says:

    Your Stockings/sock really brought this together for me. What a lovely make! You did a great job!

  21. Cornelia Lehane says:

    I love it. How playful!

  22. Megan says:

    Such a lovely top. You would think it quite unflattering with the horizontal stripes and the ruffles, but it looks so good on you. I don’t know why you think the neckline might have been a problem, I think you have a lovely face and this top looks grand!

  23. Melanie says:

    i really like the look with the bold stripe and the ruffle. Did you make the trousers too? What pattern are those? i have quite a strange figure but would like to try out some different shapes.

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