Sew A One Hour Scuba Skirt – Giveaway

The One Hour Scuba Skirt

Thanks to everyone who watched my vlog interview with The Foldline and made a comment. It looks as though many of us feel the same way around sewing, and how natural fabrics can manage our internal radiators.

If you have a tendency to overheat (at any age) does this mean you’re forced to eschew fun synthetic fabrics? Hell, no! Just ask The Sewcial Studio, who recently sent me a gift of some scuba. Would you like a gift, too? Keep reading…

I used the scuba for a skirt. The pattern came from The Maker’s Atelier book though I’d suggest you could draft a similair pattern yourself. I peg mine in at the hem – 3cm at each side seam. If you don’t know what pegging is (and I didn’t!) it simply means tapering in at the hem. Stops things looking too boxy.

There’s definitely no fear of overheating armpits or a flushed throat, even whilst wearing a synthetic. I simply teamed the skirt with a stretch silk shirt. Let’s call it strategic use of natural fibres!

There’s a slight sheen to the scuba fabric, which means it doesn’t stick to bare legs or tights, and skims undergarments. Nice! I also like the combination of the shirt’s matt  colour and skirt’s sheen – this is one way to play with solid colours.

The skirt really was a one-hour make. I indulged before cooking dinner. Perfect if you’re feeling frustrated at the lack of creativity in your life and crave an instant hit.

Isn’t the fabric lush? Look at the print!

Okay, this is the bit you’ve likely scrolled straight to. Would you like to sew your own One Hour Scuba Skirt? Then The Sewcial Studio is giving away 1.5 metres to one lucky reader. All you have to do is check out the scubas on their website, then comment below with details of which scuba fabric you’d like to sew with.

This giveaway is open internationally and closes at midnight GMT Saturday 21 April. Good luck! And let me know if you have your own tips for wearing scuba.

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200 Responses to Sew A One Hour Scuba Skirt – Giveaway

  1. Julie says:

    Loving both modern art and geometric scuba – colours look great

  2. Beautiful outfit, the print on that scuba is to die for. I quite fancy the modern art scuba.

  3. Love this Skirt, I have made 2 versions already 😺 I would definitely love to be Carried by the Breeze of 1.5m of mustard scuba! Would make a lovely Tilly and the Buttons Coco

  4. Pamela Holmes says:

    All of those scuba prints are so gorgeous but I think I like your Cobra Corsage the best! A close second is the John Calder Romantica–it’s so hard to choose!

  5. Perfect wardrobe staple, only have this in boring workplace black at the moment so would be lovely to have it in the John Kaldor Romantica

  6. Ilona kish says:

    Love the mustard and the geometric – what a great idea for a quick sew!

  7. Naomi Sews says:

    I love the Romantica scuba. Tones in well with the colours I like to wear!

  8. Chris T says:

    I have the pattern and would love to team it with the John Kaldor – Romantica, although the other scubas are equally lovely.

  9. peggyleah says:

    Mustard is a must! It does make me smile to think anything can be made in a
    hour unless cutting it out isn’t included in that hour. I must be the slowest sewist

  10. Judith Staley says:

    This looks great. ..and what a great use of natural versus synthetic fabric. I have the Makers Atelier book but haven’t made the skirt yet. ..The tip about ‘pegging’ sounds ideal. I loved the first fabric I saw. ..The mustard carried away on the breeze and noone of the others topped that initial thought!

  11. Gill Troup says:

    Exciting! – I’d like copy you and use the Cobra Corsage for a skirt.

  12. Maggie Wheeler says:

    I love the green geometric print

  13. Anne Howlett says:

    I’ve never tried Scuba before but I’d love to try the Carried on the Breeze – Mustard Scuba. They all look fabulous though.

  14. Cathy Adcock says:

    Love the skirt, Such a difficult choice but the John Kaldor Romantica wins!

  15. Louise Rolfe says:

    Yes, it’s got to be the Lady McElroy Cobra Corsage – I just love the beetles!

  16. Amber says:

    How could one pass up the Cobra Corsage–flowers, insects, snakes! Divine!

  17. Magoo says:

    Ok like carried on the breeze mustard. Such a great color!

  18. Emily Handler says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! There were several nice ones, but the best one I saw was the very first – Carried on the Breeze – Mustard Scuba. I would make such a great skirt out of that!

  19. Anna-Marie says:

    Great use of the scuba to make a skirt and you’ve teamed it beautifully with your silk shirt. If I’m lucky enough to be chosen, I’d love Camilla Embers please; it’s such a pretty print.

  20. John3-16 says:

    I fancy the black ponte roma. I love ponte roma for pants and there is always a new pattern to try and who doesn’t love to try a new fabric too. thanks for the heads up!

  21. Karen says:

    Yours is gorgeous. Torn between that, the mustard and the modern art. Thanks for the chance K xXx

  22. Caroline Kell says:

    I’m still a sewing novice so have never used scuba – I love the look of Camellia Embers though. I think it would make a beautiful skirt!

  23. Moira says:

    I love the cobra corsage but I think I’d choose modern art

  24. Liz Thompson says:

    I totally love the John Calder Romantica scuba with the rich dark blue and beautiful blooms. I am LOVING sewing with scuba and would love to make something from this one. Thanks for the chance to compete.

  25. Aleta says:

    Carried on the breeze – mustard scuba would be great!

  26. Marion says:

    I love the romantica. Think it would make a stunning skirt

  27. mutleybates says:

    Love the mustard one (I’d choose yours but I have that design in cotton lawn!). Looks fab on you and love the tights!

  28. Sara Santos says:

    One hour really seems a fast make!
    I really like the Lady McElroy Scuba-Camellia Embers. So pretty!

  29. Mary Hammond says:

    I would love some of the Cobra Corsage scuba – this print is just gorgeous and your skirt shows it off perfectly!

  30. My choice is the John Kaldor Romantica.
    Would have enough for a skirt and a bunch of bras.

  31. Carol Bowron says:

    The Carried on the Breeze mustard scuba is gorgeous!

  32. amcclure2014 says:

    Wow. An hour! I like the Lady McElroy scuba – Modern Art. Thank you

  33. Rosemary says:

    Oh wow I love the SHERIDAN NOIR -JACQUARD PONTE ROMA . Trying to get more solids in my wardrobe but love the textured look of this.

  34. Tracey Mayhead says:

    The carried on the breeze – mustard scuba is lovely.

  35. Lisa says:

    I love a stretch skirt – Modern Art or Carried on the Breeze are lovely

  36. MaryEllen Pendleton says:

    The picture postcard scuba would make such a fun skirt ! Thanks

  37. donnyb54 says:

    I’ve never tried scuba before so the chance to try would be amazing. I am particularly partial to the JOHN KALDOR- ROMANTICA scuba. Lyn

  38. Betty Wershing says:

    LOVE the John Kaldor- Romantica!

  39. Rita says:

    I love the postcard scuba. What a wonderful addition to my travel clothes.

  40. Sarah Walshe says:

    Your version is beautiful. I Love the cobra corsair scuba. It would make a lovely pencil skirt.

  41. Rachel says:

    You’re outfit looks great. I’ve never seen with or worn with scuba so no tips from me! I’d love to try something with the geo emerald diamonds.

  42. Anni says:

    Oh wow! A pair of culottes in Cobra Corsage for me, please.

  43. Kim Watson says:

    I love the cobra corsage, and think it would be fun to make a skirt in this material. Plus it’s my birthday and it would make a lovely present.

  44. Evija says:

    I have never used scube,but would love to tyr… and your skirt is absolutely beautiful. I would choose CAMELLIA EMBERS, these are such a great summer colors… Thanks for the chance!

  45. Lorinda says:

    The Cobra Corsage scuba is beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before. I would love a skirt in that fabric.

  46. Eve N says:

    The Lady McElroy Scuba-Modern Art print would be perfect.

  47. Nita says:

    I would make a skirt from the Romantica print. I’ve actually been looking around at skirts…I like the idea of an easy one-hour pull on skirt such as yours. Easy to wear with tights or bare legs depending on the season.

  48. Mary Deeter says:

    John Kaldor Romantica grabbed my attention…beautiful!

  49. Annie says:

    This outfit is excactly what I need right know. Cool natural fibre on top and color for the bottom. Totally love how you styled it. I would like to make my skirt out of the Kaldor Romantica.

  50. Gillian Omar says:

    I would love the mustard scuba, Carried On the Breeze as I have never used this type of fabric.

  51. Liz says:

    Love the skirt!

    I’d like to sew with the geo emerald diamonds scuba jersey – I’m thinking 3/4 length leggings.

  52. Meta says:

    I’ve never sewed with scuba before, so I’d love to try it! I love the mustard scuba – Carried on the Breeze.

  53. Tracey Bingham says:

    The picture postcard scuba would make a fun skirt

  54. Janet says:

    They are all lovely fabrics, but I think the Cobra Corsage is my favourite, closely followed by Romantica, although i already have a flowery pencil skirt, made by me in a cotton satin with a slight stretch. I’ve not yet tried sewing with scuba,but there’s a first time for everything.

  55. Moira Callan says:

    Love at first sight with the Mustard, Carried on the breeze, and what could be more tempting than a one hour skirt in scuba, everyones favourite quick sew.

  56. What a great little skirt!
    I love the insects on the Cobra Corsage, but I think I’d have to go with the Sheridan Noir quilted scuba if I won. I’ve been really curious to sew with quilted fabric.

  57. Lynda Embleton says:

    Your skirt looks great I would love the ‘Carried on the breeze mustard scuba. Never seen with scuba before so it would be a first.

  58. kjn09705 says:

    I know this post was about your skirt, but I’m wondering about your top. Did you make it and if so, what pattern? Very nice outfit.

  59. Astrid says:

    I think you picked the best one – those bugs are lovely!! I may even be a copy-cat and also make a skirt, though perhaps a circle one as I reckon you’d get really nice volume with a scuba!

  60. Anne says:

    Camellia embers is beautiful. I’ve never tried scuba, or really thought to try it to be honest, but would definitely give it a go if I won!

  61. kitty0313 says:

    Your Cobra Corsage is amazing – such a lush colour combination and a deliciously sinister undertone among the gorgeous blooms! This vies for first choice, though, with the clarity, vitality and rich palette of Modern Art. Thank you for drawing our attention to these lovely fabrics.

  62. Carol M Johnson says:

    I love the picture postcard scuba!!

  63. Torn between Cobra Corsage and Camellia Embers. I love the stag beatle in Cobra Corsage though, so that is my choice!

  64. Caroline T says:

    Hi Karen! I love your outfit. I’d love to sew a scuba skirt. My choice would be the beautiful Camellia Embers. I love the contrasting colours – great for spring! 🙂

  65. I love the Lady McElroy Modern Art scuba, I would wear a skirt of that all the time.

  66. Ann Christansen says:

    Definitely Carried on the Breeze. I’ve never sewn with scuba but that’s the print that’s going to get me trying it.

  67. Marie says:

    Definately cobra corsage hands down for an hour skirt but then may just have to buy some more for a bomber style jacket!

  68. Avril Corbett says:

    Cobra corsage for me too. I love the realism of digital prints

  69. I’d pick the emerald green geometric for a funky 70s vibe!

  70. Oh, I love the modern art scuba – that’s definitely what I’d pick!

  71. Jane says:

    The John Kaldor bloom scuba would be my choice. It’s beautiful.

  72. Pretty fabric. Plus, scuba material has always been one of my faves!

  73. Amy Loegering says:

    I love the picture postcard scuba

  74. Pam Green says:

    What a great giveaway – it would be a hard choice, but either Modern Art, it’s out of my comfort zone or Carried on the Breeze, just lovely 😊

  75. Brandi E Duff says:

    I quite like the Lady McElroy Scuba-Modern Art.😀

  76. Angel says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love the Carried on the Breeze mustard scuba.

  77. Chris says:

    Cobra corsage, mustard and modern art are lovely.

  78. Sarah says:

    I think the geo emerald diamonds scuba would make an awesome skirt. And can I ask what pattern you used for your skirt?

  79. Manju says:

    Cobra corsage for me so I can be your twin 🙂

  80. Gillian Anderson says:

    I’ve never sewed with scuba (the name scares the pants off me) but if I were to try it, it’d be Modern Art for sure.
    Loving the skirt – and now I know about pegging. Yay!

  81. Your outfit is beautiful. I love that silk shirt and the print on your skirt so it has to be the Cobra Scuba. Goth enough to keep me happy, floral enough to wear to work. 🙂 Xx

  82. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Thank you for arranging this, Karen, and for giving some details on wearing scuba. Didn’t realise it wouldn’t cling – a real problem with synthetics over here in over-heated winter buildings. I wandered over to take a peek and couldn’t resist that emerald green diamond pattern.
    Your interview was most interesting, and your willingness to go on record is courageous and much appreciated! As a higher and higher percentage of the entire world matures beyond 50 years its amazing they haven’t more clout in all areas, including pattern design. Let’s hope that changes!

  83. Rhian Craig says:

    I’ve never used scuba before but Lady McElroy Scuba-Camellia Embers is beautiful

  84. Koot says:

    I would love to try scuba, I think the Lady McElroy – Cobra Corsage looks great!

  85. Alice says:

    I would go for the carried on the breeze print – I like the modern aesthetic a

  86. Ruth Dejam says:

    Oh my god! I saw that Picture Postcard-Scuba and quickly glanced through the rest because I fell in love at first sight!

  87. indigorchid says:

    I just wanted to comment to say that your outfit is perfection! Best of luck to everyone on the giveaway!

  88. mumokio says:

    I adore that Cobra Corsage print, in fact I’ve made a pair of Fifi pyjamas and a short sleeved shirt from the cream version. Your skirt is awesome ! Lady McElroy – Modern art for something different !

  89. Stella says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I like the John Kaldor – Romantica.

  90. Christina says:

    What a great skirt! Makes me want to make one with the Lady McElroy Scuba-Camellia Embers scuba 🙂

  91. laglov says:

    Your skirt is perfection! I have been dreaming of making the Inari tee dress in the Lady McElroy Scuba-Camellia Embers, but restraining myself. I’d love to do it guilt-free! Thanks.

  92. joanne says:

    Rather like the postcards print – and I think that it might tempt me to dip my toe – carefully – into making a skirt (my legs rarely see the light of day…). I can see this with a black polo neck sweater, flat black pumps, opaque tights and plenty of Audrey Hepburn attitude. (all the above will be challenging for a 50-summat jeans’n’tee-shirt-holic.).

  93. Cazzie Young says:

    Of course I love the Lady McElroy cobra corsage – doesn’t everyone. But the John Kaldor “Romantica” is equally gorgeous 😍🍀

  94. katja says:

    I would choose the Cobra Corsage or the Modern Art.

  95. Kath says:

    Fantastic giveaway Karen. I haven’t sewn with scuba yet so have no tips. It would be fantastic as a work skirt. My choice would also be the cobra corsage scuba.

  96. Linda Hinds says:

    I’d love some of the cobra corsage!

  97. Claire says:

    Cobra Corsage would be my choice. I’ve made several skirts like this. I just pin it inside out to my shape. I made one for a friend – she was so surprised how quick it was to put together.

  98. Sofya Gollan says:

    I love the cobra corsage – wearing beetles and snakes gives it the modern edge off the romanticsm of the flowers. Love how you styled it! the white tights and yellow shoes give it a pop!

  99. Sarah says:

    I love the picture post card scuba. You could travel the world in a skirt made out of that!

  100. suchwildlove says:

    I love the Modern Art and also the Mustard version. Either would be great in my wardrobe.

  101. trl710 says:

    I like the Mustard scuba or the picture postcard scuba

  102. SewingElle says:

    Oh so hard to pick! The postcard one is gorgeous, but so are so many others!

  103. Helen Jones says:

    There are some beautiful fabrics to choose from, but I think for me it would have to be the John Kaldor – Romantica, the flowers are stunning! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  104. Fiona says:

    I love Modern Art but it’s now ‘low stock’ so my second choice is Romantica

  105. Tanya says:

    The cobra corsage is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve always been a bit scared of scuba’s heat trap potential, but I’d love to give it a try

  106. Nina Virgo says:

    I have loved that cobra corsage scuba since I first saw it. I would totally copy your skirt!

  107. Jenny Larking says:

    My favourite is the John Kaldor Romantica.

  108. Karen M says:

    You know when you’ve seen THE fabric and you just can’t unsee it? Lady McElroy Camellia Embers is going to keep popping into my head when I’m at work/doing the weekly shop/watching TV…… Oh no, what have you done! 🙂

  109. Jackie Nixon says:

    Hi I love the Geo Emerald Diamonds. Would suit my colouring and has a cool sixties vibe. Would also match some lovely wall paper we have!

  110. Shelley says:

    I have never sewn with scuba or even worn it. The name conjures up visions of oerculiar wetsuits. I really like the cobra corsage print as a top could be worn in one of the brighter colours which might balance out my sizeable bum. I really like the shape of your skirt – would it work for pears? Great giveaway – a chance to try something new. Thanks, Shelley.

  111. Bridget says:

    While I love the picture postcard I think it had to be the cobra corsage

  112. Oooh I think that it would have to be Camilla Embers – so pretty.

  113. debs2748 says:

    CARRIED ON THE BREEZE – MUSTARD SCUBA would be my preference. Though I have never been able to wear synthetics. Could possibly get away as second layer, but haven’t tried scuba for this reason. being given some could let me try before I buy.

  114. Betty Biscuit says:

    Thanks for offering the giveaway. I love Modern Art and Cobra Corsage most, but they’re all very beautiful.

  115. Love this whole look – and thanks for the tip about a matt shirt, too. I’m a recent convert to scuba but love it and use the Maker’s Atelier pattern, pegged as well – although I didn’t know that term. I’d definitely make a skirt from the John Kaldor Portia – imagine walking around wearing a flowerbed – gorgeous!

  116. Hayley says:

    Modern art with a close second cobra corsage. Your whole outfit is just lovely.

  117. Jenni says:

    The John Kalder Romantica or the green geometric diamonds 😀

  118. Sarah says:

    Modern art would be my first pick followed by the jacquard ponte roma.

  119. Virginia says:


  120. Charlotte says:

    I love the vintage Postcards. I am leaning towards using it for the flap of a big shoulder bag with the rest made from leather. A few zip cosmetic cases, a tablet case both trimmed in leather to finish them off. Maybe enough for a small crossbody bag too!

  121. Laura A. says:

    I love the modern art print. I haven’t sewn with scuba yet but I’d like to try!

  122. Penelope Jimenez says:

    I love the Lady Macelroy modern art fabric or maybe the gray fabric with the flowers as my second choice.

  123. Ainslie says:

    John Kaldor Romantiqa!!

  124. Ginger Nelson says:

    Camilla Embers would be my first choice followed by Romantica. Very lovely! !

  125. ROBYN A. WEINBAUM says:

    Picture Postcard-Scuba the postcard print is making me swoon! love all your makes!

  126. LADY McELROY -COBRA CORSAGE SCUBA is the one for me.

  127. Ramona says:

    Oh my, the Carried on the Breeze Mustard Scuba takes my breathe away!

  128. Lenore E Allen says:

    Geo emerald diamonds. Love the colors.

  129. Janey Millar says:

    Looks fab and what a fun mix of Scuba Fabrics they carry! Loving the mustard Carried on the Bees!!

  130. /anne... says:

    They are all so gorgeous, but JOHN KALDOR- ROMANTICA is my favourite! I can’t resist a dark background digital floral 🙂

  131. KaSchu says:

    I have never used scuba but would love to try it. I like the Modern Art print.

  132. Fliss says:

    Oooh the John Kaldor Romantica! Or the Lady McElroy Cobra Corsage, both so gorgeous

  133. Jennifer says:

    It is hard to pick just one – I like almost all of them. Let’s go with the geo emerald diamonds ☺️ Thanks for the chance!

  134. Sam says:

    Great idea making a pencil skirt, I have a small piece that I was wondering what to do with. I love the Lady McElroy Camellia Embers, I can see a lovely summer dress in it, I’ve used scuba before with a woven pattern & just gone down a size & omitted zips, it’s very easy to work with

  135. Karen Greenhalgh says:

    I’d love to make a skirt out of Lady McElroy Scuba-Camellia the colour and design of that one

  136. Jo W says:

    I love the Lady McElroy Modern Art. I’ve not seen that design before, but it’s Gorgeous! (And also apt as I own an art gallery!)

  137. lulusews says:

    Carried on the Breeze – Mustard Scuba looks lovely. would make a great skirt.

  138. Rachel says:

    The cobra corsage – very cool! I am a bit weary of drawing that much attention to my lower half but yours looks good.

  139. Heidi Potter says:

    I’m loving the picture postcard scuba – it’d make a fabulous skirt. But the Cobra Corsage looks wonderful too. Have never sewed with scuba, so if it worked out I can see I’d be back to try some of the other great designs

  140. Nikki says:

    What a lovely skirt!! I’ve been thinking of doing some new skirts with scuba. Would definitely love to try out that camellia embers fabroc, such wonderful colour combinations!

  141. Teresa Jackson says:

    Awesome giveaway! Carried on the Breeze – Mustard is gorgeous

  142. Heather says:

    I love this look of yours head to toe. The whole thing is put together so well. The Cobra Scuba is awesome!

  143. Rachel M says:

    I’d normally go for dark colours, but something about the Lady McElroy Scuba-Camellia Embers
    is calling to me!

  144. susancarey says:

    Fabulous, thank you for the inspiring blog! I would choose the fabric you have chosen, the snakes and beetles make it edgy. Re tips wearing scuba, I bought a mid-season dress a few seasons ago which has central panels of scuba and sides and sleeves are cotton tricot so I never have hot flushes in it. Strategic placing of scuba is important to avoid hormonal over-heating!

  145. Bridget Murphy says:

    The John Kaldor-Romantica is just gorgeous!

  146. Sharyn says:

    That Modern art scuba is fab!!

  147. Sara Dickson says:

    I absolutely adore the cosage cobra scuba – I love Karen’s skirt but it would also make a terrific skater skirt with enough fabric. It would go with any of the plain shades in the fabric maybe a chartreuse blouse? Mmm lovely!

  148. Lady McElroy Cobra or John Kaldor Romantica

  149. Summerflies says:

    I’m loving the simple skirt too. I love John Kaldor Romantica or the Camelias.

  150. Mary Armstrong says:

    I have The Maker’s Atelier book and keep looking at the skirt pattern, don’t know what’s stopped me making it, I can see the Carried on the Breeze scuba as a fantastic option to make that skirt and start my scuba sewing life

  151. Irene Baskouta says:

    Camellia Embers has fantastic colours, but I also like the emerald diamonds one

  152. Fleur says:

    It must be the John Kaldor Romantica – it’s gorgeous. I’d make a super-elegant skirt like yours or maybe a zipped short jacket? Thanks for all the work you put into your inspiring and fun-to-read blog.

  153. Mojca says:

    Nothing beats a simple skirt or dress. Your “Lady McElroy- Cobra Corsage” Scuba is lovely, but since the weather has turned all summery something lighter and brighter might be better… So I’d go for “Lady McElroy Scuba-Camellia Embers” Scuba.

  154. Helen says:

    I have been dying to get my hands on some cobra corsage! That would def be my top choice and your skirt looks gorgeous!

  155. littlepostcards says:

    Oh gosh I love the Cobra Corsage! Quite smitten with the Modern Art as well.

  156. Anne says:

    I like simple shapes too as they are more versatile for me and less likely to catch on furniture, etc. Of the scuba fabrics, my favourite is the John Kaldor Romantica. My second choice would be the Lady McElroy Camelia Embers.

  157. Marian Allen says:

    I love the Cobra Corsage – it looks great on you!

  158. bracken says:

    Yes, like a lot of others, I also like the Cobra Corsage tho the Picture Postcard comes a close second to me and I would love either. It looks like a wearable work skirt too which is a bonus for me right now since I am attempting to make an entire working wardrobe.

  159. K Babster says:

    I’d also choose the fabric you have made your skirt from. I’m not normally one for anything flowery but think the snakes make it a little edgier.

  160. Wendy says:

    I, too, like the Cobra Corsage and the Mustard….imagine the possibilities…!!

  161. sewingaddict says:

    I love the John Kaldor Romantica – it is really beautiful. I like your idea of making it into a skirt in order to avoid the overheating issues I am experiencing as of late. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  162. Fab skirt! I like the cobra corsage too

  163. Karen says:

    Absolutely love that John Kaldor Romantica scuba! There’s something about those blue leaves…

  164. Katharine Macey says:

    The camelia embers looks nice. Video interview was interesting.

  165. Sarah Cross says:

    oooh, I like that Mustard Scuba!

  166. Lenore E Allen says:

    I like carried on the breeze. Would make a shirt.

  167. sewsew2015 says:

    I’d choose the Cobra Corsage as it is such an interesting print wih so many possibilities.

  168. Anna says:

    Most definitely the LADY McELROY -COBRA CORSAGE SCUBA, I think it’s the one you used for your amazing skirt as well?

  169. Lee Ann says:

    Your skirt looks great – I like the cobra corsage scuba

  170. Colleen says:

    I hate to be a copycat but that Cobra Corsage makes such a beautiful skirt! And….I wonder if you read this if you can tell me what is the pattern for your top? I love that, too!

  171. AnnieS says:

    I love them all but will choose either Mustard breeze and or Postcards as my faves. Loving th skirt and thanks for the chance to win such a fab prize. AnnieS.

  172. Fiona McGuckin says:

    Carried on the breeze mustard here! A second Coco, or a pencil skirt 🙂

  173. Sam says:

    Love the skirt! The mustard Carried on the Breeze scuba is crying out to be made into a panelled dress alongside a black knit fabric.

  174. Megan says:

    Well you have broadened my horizons Karen, I had never heard of Scuba as I mostly buy natural fibres. I have to say I love The Carried on the Breeze – mustard scuba but also love the Camellia pattern and the one you used is that the Cobra Corsage? I love the beetles. I am very impressed you managed to run it up before cooking dinner, congratulations.

  175. Robin says:

    Modern Art, and I would make pants! I have the perfect pattern already, too. Thanks for hosting the giveaway Karen. Your skirt is lovely.

  176. I love the color and pattern of Carried on the Breeze – Mustard Scuba! The others were nice, but didn’t scream out to ME personally! I have NEVER worked with scuba so thanks for hosting this give-away and writing this post!

    Your skirt looks so well made with the “peg at the hem”! I just learned that! Thanks!

    <3 <3 <3

  177. Lindsey says:

    Loving that postcard scuba

  178. Kathy E. says:

    My favorite is Carried on the Breeze Mustard. The color is so pleasing and would match many other pieces of my wardrobe!

  179. Sharon says:

    Wow – so many beautiful choices. I think I’d like to be Carried on the Breeze – that mustard is such a great colour. Thanks for your article – so much to learn about so many new kinds of fabrics…

  180. Jenny says:

    I love the postcards but think it has to be Carried on the breeze please x

  181. sewwatts says:

    Wow lots of entries! It has to be the mustard colour carried on the breeze. Although the snakes were a close second

  182. Elizabeth W says:

    I love love love your skirt! As the weather is warming up, I’m envisaging a long line pencil skirt made from Camellia Embers. Beautiful.

  183. Mags says:

    I’d go for the modern art, something modern and funky!

  184. Fiona says:

    I’m a total novice with knits but the cobra corsage looks amazing, also love the camellia pattern. They would both make a lovely skirt for work that’s a bit different.

  185. Ann Marshall says:

    Thank you for hosting this fabulous giveaway Karen. It is hard to choose a favourite as they are all so lovely but I think I would go for the Lady McElroy Modern Art to make myself a pencil skirt.

  186. Liz says:

    OOooo I also love the Lady McElroy Modern Art, I think this would actually be a near-neutral in that the colours would mean it could go with so many things!

  187. Laureen Larrison says:

    It’s hard to choose! But if I have to the Romantica is my fave!

  188. Susan Bedzis says:

    The cobra corsage, a hidden bite in the fabric. Love the ide of a skirt

  189. Love the skirt! I have to say it’s got to be Carried On A Breeze Mustard Scuba – mustard is my fav colour!

  190. Sarah says:

    All lovely fabrics – Sheridan Noir takes my fancy though 🙂

  191. Jenny Lester says:

    The Carried in the Breeze Mustard scuba for me please! It’s the colour of the season. As for using scuba I think that the design of the garment needs to be simple to show off the gorgeous pattern and colours. Fewer seams the better! That’s my tip!

  192. Jenny Lester says:

    Is this the stretch pencil skirt from the Makers Atelier Book? And tell me that you didn’t buy the V neck silk top from Winster @£130!!!!!,

  193. Denise says:

    Fabulous skirt Karen, in an hour, it would take me that long to thread the machine.
    John Kaldor portia is my favourite print. Fingers crossed.

  194. Terry Baker says:

    It’s got to be the Modern Art – what a terrific print! and a huge relief to realise that scuba isn’t some horrible neoprene type stuff. Looks like about a 500 to 1 chance but hey, here goes!

  195. Nina says:

    Out of time for the giveaway, but interested in scuba. I’ve made one top (TATB Coco) in a scuba in a lovely colour, but I rarely wear it because of the texture. Making a skirt in it is such a sensible solution – and there are so many lovely scuba prints out there, I’m inspired. Thank you.

  196. Jess says:

    Mine would be the modern art or – since its low stock – the geometric. No tips as never seen with scuba before, but with two tiny kids sewing a skirt in one hour is about as much as I can hope for at the moment!

  197. Sandeep Beep says:

    I love the John Kaldor- Romantica! The florals are beautiful and I’d be tempted to make a fitted skirt plus underwear with the remnants.

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