Naked Sewing

kimono close up

Phewee! It’s a heat wave and no mistake. Right now, lifting a little finger involves breaking out in a profound sweat. I applaud anyone who’s managing to sew. Are you down to your underwear yet?

I’m not above sewing in my bra and knickers – either because of the heat or constant trying on of a work in progress. Sometimes the constant rigmarole of climbing back into my day clothes feels like one step too many, especially when I know I’ll be wriggling back into a dress in a moment.

Why bother getting changed? Why not just sew in my knickers?

I have heard of sewing injuries to delicate parts of the body, but am glad to report that hasn’t happened to me – yet.

And sewing classes don’t guarantee modesty. I’ve changed in toilet cubicles, in front of the mirror, in an office and – my proudest moment yet – before a bay window as the light was fading and the sewing class was lit up like a beacon!

Do you indulge in naked sewing and when have you been most shameless?

Disclaimer: No eyeballs were scarred in the writing of this blog post. I kept my clothes on.

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28 Responses to Naked Sewing

  1. where2wearit says:

    A hot evening at one of my pattern cutting classes at Ray Stitch and 6 students including one very pregnant lady sat in their underwear making toiles for their stretch patterns – it was an evening class so the shop upstairs was locked. The new shop has windows to the street in the classroom so we have to keep our clothes on – but it is the coolest space in London.

  2. Pam G says:

    To be honest – I cannot decipher at the moment whether it’s the heat or a hot flush – but at least with it being so warm, I’m not getting the shivers after a flush 🤣🤣

  3. Moke says:

    I have been caught out by being in a loose nightdress over undies many a time. But easier for trying on while retaining the semblance of modesty…the postman may disagree! Moke

  4. artofabe says:

    I must confess I have no problem sewing without my shirt on.I’m not sure I could get down to just my undies, and full commando VERY doubtful.

  5. You’re not wrong! The heat has been full-on this week. I’ve managed to do nothing other than drag myself to work and back each day, but with my son staying overnight at a friends I have finally managed to do some sewing in my bikini, which is pretty much all I’m been wearing outside work! As opposed to wearing undies I can kid myself that this is attire I don’t mind people seeing me in!

  6. Tiger Lily says:

    One Saturday morning I decided to make a dress for a wedding at 3 o’clock that afternoon so like you I was sewing in my underwear to save precious time undressing each time I tried on my creation. All went well until my son walked in with his new girlfriend. Sadly that relationship didn’t last very long – I do hope I wasn’t the cause of it’s early demise.

  7. Lori says:

    I was just sewing in my undies this morning actually and last night. Too darn hot!!! The temperature not me. Lol. It sure makes it handy for fitting as I’m with you – changing back into street clothes or day clothes is just too Tim consuming and when it’s this sticky out it’s just downright annoying. I’ve even seen completely in the buff once st home when I was alone. I live on a farm back quite far from the road so very little chance of getting caught. Thanks for the awesome topic!

  8. Karin says:

    Hahaha! I’m often lazy in the morning so I sew in my nightie and robe. But both are rather low cut and I forget to cover myself properly when I’m concentrated…

  9. auntiedini says:

    Yup, done that. Bit of a panic when the doorbell rang, though.

  10. Emily Kitsch says:

    This was totally me last night! So glad to know I’m not alone! It has just been way too hot the last few days and I’d rather sew in my undergarments than feel like my brain is melting from the heat. 😉

  11. garnet128 says:

    My sewing room is on the ground level on the front of our house with 2 large windows that I leave the blinds open to let in good light. Although somewhat private, there is a teenage neighbor boy that passes through my yard frequently and can look right in. On the occasions that I have removed my shirt to try on something in the making is when either he walks by or the mailman or UPS guy chooses to deliver. Really? Timing! Now I walk around the corner into the laundry room. Not far but not as convenient. My set up is definitely not conducive to naked sewing. I wish! Not to mention that If I sewed naked (or nearly) I wouldn’t get much sewing done cause the hubs would always be hanging around…know what I mean? Teehee.

  12. Lesley says:

    My sewing space is a shed and normally I go inside to check out if my new make fits but sometimes I can’t be arsed. That always seems to correlate with the time my lumbering male neighbour wanders out to feed their guinea pigs. Coincidence? Hmmmm…

  13. Fiona says:

    I’m so pleased to hear that I’m not the only one at my machine in my undies this weekend.
    Just a word of warning, as a teenager I sewed in front of my bedroom window and one day my brother came into my room, took one look at our neighbour watching me from a window opposite and was swore loudly….the neighbour was performing a lewd act whilst watching me…. I was too immature to realise what he was doing but after that I moved my sewing table.

  14. Audrey says:

    Yes, I sew in my undies, espeially when tweaking the fit on a garment. i also used to iron in the same state of undress until I came too close to the iron one day and burned my upper leg. i don’t do that anymore.

  15. Truth be told I rather enjoy natural sewing on super hot days! I am straight back in the woods with complete privacy and can hear in time to regroup if a car drives up. The ONLY real problem I have is my hubby becoming completely distracted by my quest to sew comfortably. We get a lot of mileage out of the humor of it, but the need to sew usually takes precedent over any other need! 😉 Funny topic, but very realistic!

  16. Jenny says:

    I first learnt to sew on a machine from the 1950s complete with a fantastic old manual, which started off with the advice, ‘before you sit down to sew, wear a dress that is pretty and practical, and put your lipstick on – after all, what if someone comes calling, or your husband were to come home early? You want to look at your best even when you’re sewing – having to try things on is no excuse!’ – or something to that effect. Hilarious.

    Needless to say, it’s not advice I have ever followed! I’m usually dressed, but not averse to being less than ready to greet unexpected callers/early husbands!

  17. Tracy SF says:

    This did make me giggle as this was exactly what I was doing on Sunday, sewing away in a sheer ill-fitting dressing gown and pants. I didn’t even have the trying on excuse, I was shortening a dress for someone else! I was just too hot! My children are used to the sight these days. I just have to remember to put a towel on the chair so my legs don’t stick!

  18. KS Sews says:

    I have teens so am often clothes while sewing but they also know I may strip down at any moment and have had their poor eyeballs seared a time or two!! Now, because they are (older; 18 & 19) teens, they sleep late and sometimes come in late. There is zero guarantee that I’ll be wearing pants if I’m sewing in the morning. Just saying 🙂

    We have central air so I don’t have to worry about it being too hot to sew, thankfully!

  19. Ros says:

    I frequently end up sewing in my underwear because of the trying-on issues. I’ve never had any unfortunate incidents. Not yet, at least!

  20. Jo says:

    Knicker sewing for me too but my top floor view means I am only scaring pigeons in great numbers! Jo x

  21. LinB says:

    Best/worst part about sewing topless: that frisson of chill when your back hits the chilly pleather on the back of the office chair in which one rolls around the sewing room (central air AND a ceiling fan running in our home from about April-December).

    Worst part about sewing topless: that dreadful squelching sound as your flesh peels away from the now-too-hot back of the rolly chair where you’ve been sitting for far too long at the sewing machine.

  22. MrsC says:

    totally an underwear sewer! I also hope at least some of that warm holds on into October November when I visit the UK as I am frozen to the bone here!

  23. Janet says:

    Couldn’t possibly say! Although Pants for Real People specifically recommends sewing in your underwear, so I’m certain it’s completely legit…

  24. liamarcoux says:

    Undies sometimes, PJs often, one shoe on/one shoe off non-negotiable!

  25. Linnea says:

    As often as I possibly can🙈 For a person so interested in sewing clothes – I sure am naked a lot. I want to give my body – both dressing it in home-made, nice-looking and comfortable clothes and allowing it to float freely😍👌🏾

  26. Liana says:

    Definitely. It’s hot! and sewing is hard work! 🙂

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