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ogden cami & culottes

I met up with a couple of friends recently, and one of them wore a pair of really cool fringed trousers from & Other Stories. I wanted a pair and left my friends with a promise I’d make some.

Here they are! But you try photographing black silk. Even better, try photographing a black dog sat beside some black silk. Welcome to the vortex, friends! This photo makes me laugh so much.

black dog black silk

I bought my fringing off Walthamstow market. There are lots of ebay and Amazon sources, but I found them all really tricky to judge so I’m not going to link here. The good stuff doesn’t come cheap at £5 a metre. I used two. (Read to the end of this blog post for a potential free source!)

The ends of the tassels are basted together with white thread that is easily removed once you pinch an end and pull. There’s a cool video of this in action on my Instagram stories.

removing basting from tassles

The trousers are sewn from the same silk I used for a recent Ogden cami. This silk is so beautiful to wear and doesn’t crease much. It’s from The Man Outside Sainsburys. He has some lovely silks and a white eyelet cotton that I think I need to go back for.

how to sew with fringing

How To Sew With Fringe

  • Pin and baste your fringing along a raw seam, with the tassels facing in to your piece.
  • Be careful not to stretch out the fringing tape as you baste or this shall make the final seam line pucker.
  • Unless you want your tassels hanging below the hem of your make, finish them above the hem line to allow for drape.
  • Sew your seams as you would normally and press open.

fringed trousers

Obviously, you’ll need to be careful not to catch the ends of your fringing in any sewing, but that’s nowhere near as tricky as it sounds. Here’s where my fringed seam meets the waistband.

sewing a waistband

Okay, that’s your lot! Except… Are you inspired to sew your own fringed trousers? I have two metres of this fringing left. If you’d like a chance to win it, all you need to do is sign up to my newsletter for behind-the-scenes fortnightly updates. Seriously, it’s the best club in town! You have until midnight GMT Wednesday 18 July. This giveaway is open internationally.

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8 Responses to How To Sew With Fringe & Giveaway

  1. J. R Hartley says:

    Having looked at the link of the ‘off the peg’ trousers…i think the ones you have created are far superior. The fringing you have chosen looks better the floral version pulled out of shape at the seam. Nice work!

  2. These are so cool! I love the culottes and the fringing makes them even more awesome.

  3. Chris says:

    thank you!
    I’ve had some good quality black fringe in my stash forever and never knew quite what to do with it. so, I love seeing your cool trousers…

  4. Great post! I am on an Ogden Cami kick and love what you have made! I have also credited your post as inspiration and information about this awesome pattern. Your silk pants are awesome! <3

  5. MrsC says:

    I heart fringing so much, being a big stage wear and lampshade maker! If you use colours, two colours layered looks amazing, especially with shot fabrics

  6. Sandra says:

    Cool trousers! I have a question. Years back i had a nice scarf with a fringed hem. After washing I spend several hours to disconnect the little fringes from each other. Do you have the same problem with yours on your trousers (okay, they are of silk, so you probably won`t wash them)? Or maybe the fringe you used are from better quality as those on my scarf and they tangle not so much to each other. The tangling-problem kept me away using fringe in my sewing so far.

    Greetings from sunny Trondheim,
    Sandra 🙂

  7. Jo says:

    They look really great – now get back there and get that white fabric! Jo x

  8. bracken says:

    Hi, Yes I am very inspired by these. Great idea. I am bored with frills too so makes a lovely embellishment change if you know what I mean. I would have signed up for the prize draw, but I already am on your list. Never mind.

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