Sew Yourself Kind

sewing kindness

I’ve been mulling kindness lately. To me, this photo represents:

  • Sewing gifts made to me
  • Sewing gifts I have failed to make (baby quilt, I am looking at you!)
  • Sewing gifts from me to me (the best kind?)
  • Gifts yet to be handed over
  • Secondhand gifts
  • Gifts that have nothing to do with sewing but make me happy

Kindness is contagious, we all know that. It’s also good for our minds and bodies, releasing all sorts of chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins and oxycodone.

Making makes us kinder. Actually, I think I stole that theory from Almond Rock, but it’s a great theory. There’s all sorts of evidence, from sewalongs to grief quilts, to sewing a wedding dress for your best friend, to the fabulous Knitted Knockers that a reader brought my attention to.

Do you use sewing to show kindness, or has anyone gifted kindness to you with a needle and thread? I’d love to hear.

I need to be kind to myself with some more sewing. I miss sewing right now!

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14 Responses to Sew Yourself Kind

  1. Mertxe says:

    Sewig is an extremely personal business… so I am not sure about sewing gifts… my neighbour is obsessed with sewing patchwork cactus and cats, I have 2 of each, which I find hideous, but I love my neighbour… Two years ago I made this small, practical, lovely backpack for a friend of mine. I have never seen her wearing it, so she probably finds it as hideous as I find my neighbour’s patchwork cat….

  2. ROBYN A. WEINBAUM says:

    i spent a lot of time crocheting a baby blanket and hat for my friend’s first grandchild. never got a thank you. on the other hand, another friend’s grandson was obsessed with dinosaurs. i gave her 2 dinosaur quilts i’d made years before for my kids, some stuffed dinosaurs [also made by me] and some dinosaur books. she sent me tons of photos of julian snugging with the stuffies, sleeping with the quilts, chewing the books. i felt so good seeing how happy that little boy was! another friend, i crocheted a baby quilt and hat. big sister took possession of the hat [she was 7] and texted me a picture of herself. so i made another one for the baby and then i got pics of both of them in their hats. i love those smiling faces. that’s why we do it. for the smiles.

  3. CurlsnSkirls says:

    A dear lady from over your way totally surprised me with a parcel containing a beautiful patchwork needle case which I love. It’s bright colours and embroidery are a delight to look at, and infect me with a bit of her happy personality each time I open it.

  4. Janet Hasselblad says:

    Almost everything I make is a gift to someone. Lately, pillowcases, as simplistic as they are, have been a fun thing to make and give. My friends and family love the gorgeous colors and patterns. Thankfully, I usually get a positive response for my gifts. Otherwise, no more sewing gifts from me! 😉

  5. I love the knitted knockers project! What a great idea!

  6. Phyllis says:

    Thank you for mentioning Knitted Knockers!! We need more knitters everywhere!

  7. I absolutely sew for kindness. In fact I ONLY sew for kindness. Once, a coworker heard I’d made Fowler girl dresses for my cousins’ little girls and asked what I’d charge to make some for her — I told her I only sew for love and politely declined. There’s nothing better than be able (and happy) to make for those in need/you care about. Selfishly, ive also come to realize that sewing (or making anything really) is an act of kindness for myself as well.

  8. I sew and crochet a lot of gifts but you have to love the person and know that they are the sort of bod to like handmade things – choose wisely I say! Jo x

  9. Chris Griffin says:

    I’m reading this while snuggled up to a blanket my grandmother made, leaning against a pillow my mother made and the quilt a friend made for my wedding is over the chair. Made gifts are a big thing in my family. Last year I took up embroidery and made ornaments for the family!
    One of the best gifts is my mom’s help. We muslined ginger jeans for me (5 toiles!!) and now I make jeans that fit *me*. We went shopping many years ago and I tried on over 50 pairs of trousers to find a single pair that fit. Now I can cut and sew a pair in 2 days.
    Plus, the quiet sanity of knitting or embroidery is a great way to calm the busy mind 🙂
    Making is SO kind!!

  10. Robin says:

    I have a friend I used to work with. I really admire her. She retired last year from the Army, where she spent decades in uniforms. For her retirement, I made her a fleece scarf with very colorful Day of the Dead skulls on it – she loved it! Then I made her a beautiful thick knit wool sweater lined in silk, which she thought boutique-worthy, and I was so glad she liked it. So for me I have to love the person, and in this case I made her two surprise gifts that were perfect for her, which is rare. I made my niece a lovely tunic, which she also liked, and a work colleague knits for me while I sew knit dresses for her. What helps is being selective. Otherwise, I am just as happy to only see for myself.

    I am afraid my husband of 32 years is just a little too fussy about what he wants. I used to make his dress shirts when we were courting though.

  11. Your newest follower – so glad i found you. Love your words, they resonate so strongly with me.

  12. Miga says:

    I sew for a group on Facebook called Mastectomy Machinists Fighting Cancer One Stitch At A Time. The group sends bags to ladies (and men) undergoing chemo who would like to cover their chemo bags in something nice. It is a great way to use up fabric and help others at the same time. As well as bags, they need pillows and headscarves. I also sew for myself, but a lot less these days. I love being able to send the bags to the group so that someone gets to use the lovely fabrics, rather than them languishing in my cupboard at home.

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