The Maker’s Atelier Magazine, Autumn/Winter 18

velvet press board

Meet my beloved velvet press board, scooped up for me from a car boot sale. I barely use it but love owning it. A bit like this brass tape measure, I bought myself from the same car boot sale (different day, same venue).

What can I say? I loves me a car boot sale.

brass tape measure

I wouldn’t actually use this tape measure in my dressmaking. Woven tapes become stretched and distorted with age. But I enjoy owning it.

The Maker’s Atelier second quarterly magazine release (kindly gifted to me) inspired me to dig these items out. The theme is velvet, and what a sumptuous production this magazine is. I defy you not to utter gasps of delight as you turn the thick, snow-white pages.

makers atelier magazine autumn winter 18

makers atelier magazine velvet skirt

I’ve always wanted to sew with velvet but find myself eschewing the party dress vibe. This skirt could be the perfect casual compromise and allow me to indulge my yearning for the silk velvet I always go and stare at on Goldhawk Road.

The magazine comes with a paper pattern in ten size options for this pleated velvet skirt. Might now be my time to experiment?

The Maker’s Atelier magazine doesn’t just look beautiful – though it does look very beautiful. (Where do they find their locations? Actually, it’s the Regency Town House.) I can also spot the impeccable editing. Nary a wasted word. Editor friend, I salute you!

makers atelier mood board

These galleries are so inspiring, in such good taste… I feel instantly more sophisticated, simply reading this magazine.

The articles are proper articles. Researched, in-depth, edited. There’s one on the craft of working with leather, another on Beckford Silks, something fascinating about … No, I shan’t tell. You must buy this magazine! You shan’t regret it. A sewing pattern, a visual delight and reading material the likes of which you usually only see in your Sunday glossies. Back when there were still Sunday glossies.

I miss those days. Propped up in bed with only a stack of newspapers to cover my modesty, a long, lazy breakfast and friends to meet in the afternoon. Youth! When the order of the weekend was to do precisely nothing.

If I was to ever again in my life have an entire weekend in which to do nothing, I would devote it to reading The Maker’s Atelier magazine and then sewing the velvet skirt.

Not a bad plan for a weekend…

working with leather

Dolores Swift, interviewed about her leather business, Neoma

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9 Responses to The Maker’s Atelier Magazine, Autumn/Winter 18

  1. Catherine says:

    That looks a fabulous magazine, I really don’t need more but i’m very tempted.

  2. Kathy Lynch says:

    Oh my goodness! That brass tape measure!!!!!

  3. lauriesannie says:

    So funny. Just before we retired, I bought myself a velvet board. I figured I probably wouldn’t be willing to spring for it after I was living on a fixed income. I’ve NEVER used it. But I like to have it.

  4. In that heat I can’t imagine velvet being too appealling but DO IT!!! It’s fun to sew and I’ve given up caring that the seam allowances are uneven. I just make things where this is not a big deal. I have a gorgeous long a line cami-tunic with merino bound straps in a gorgeous rhubarb pink border print. So cosy for winter.

  5. This magazine looks amazing! I love the photography.

  6. Robin says:

    Thank you for reviewing this issue – it’s an aspirational magazine i could get excited about. Do make a panne velvet skirt. If I lived in the big smoke I would wear whatever the h*?l I wanted; if you can’t there, where would you? Just think how luscious it would be to wear a perfectly draped, color saturated velvet skirt in the middle of a London winter? It might inspire you to see a concert at the Albert Hall. Come to think of it, I will be visiting your town in October, and I think I will do just that ; ^ )

  7. Megan says:

    How lovely to be given a gift that makes you reconnect with your treasures.

  8. Erika says:

    Gorgeous tape measure! Some things don’t need an other purpose beyond filling us with delight over its existence.
    Velvet boards are highly useful! I work as a seamstress and regularly handle thick wools. When I need to press a seam apart real good in a thick coat (or mark a new length) I use a velvet board, the fabric right side down, organza press cloth and a whole lot of steam with some added pressure. Then quickly use a clothes brush to brush the wool in the direction of the nap. May make it a tad less lustrous, but avoids any dreaded press shine.
    Another use besides velvet! 😊

  9. Elizabeth Connolly says:

    I agree about the magazine. It’s a thing of beauty. I bought the spring/summer one and you’re right about feeling more sophisticated just reading it. I’m going to have to get the velvet one too.

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